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Faculty and Tk20 Getting Started. What is Tk20?  Online assessment system  Commercially developed.

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1 Faculty and Tk20 Getting Started

2 What is Tk20?  Online assessment system  Commercially developed

3 Why we use Tk20  New day in Teacher Preparation Assessment  Must be prepared to show off our students  Mandated by 2007 NCATE Accreditation  Tk20 allowed us to be recommended for “Target” level in latest accreditation visit

4 Students  Must purchase Tk20 subscription before admittance to teacher education  Will upload certain “key assessment” assignments  Advisors can now see their data  All other student information can be found here: s/tk20/onlinetraining.htm s/tk20/onlinetraining.htm

5 Faculty: Logging in to Tk20  Login to MyNW  Follow Tk20 logo on two consecutive pages

6 If you cannot login to Tk20  MyNW passwords reset every 3 months  Reset sswords/changepasswords.htm sswords/changepasswords.htm  Doesn’t work? 660-562-1634 for new MyNW password  If you can log in to MyNW but can’t access Tk20

7 What Will I Need to Do?

8 Checklist for Faculty  Check Courses  Check Enrollment  Create Assignments  Send Assignments  Score Assignments

9 Creating, Sending and Scoring on Tk20

10 Directions  See faculty handout  Copies available soon: tk20/faculty.htm tk20/faculty.htm

11 Which Assignments Are In Tk20?  Just send me an email if you don’t know  Should be listed in your syllabi as well  I can send them if you like

12 Other Options  MoPTA Scoring  Faculty may be asked to score these for teacher candidates  Red Flag Dispositions  Newest release, 10-1-14

13 Scoring the MoPTA  “Save” each MoPTA rubric after scoring each task  Use of artifact templates and file size restrictions will speed the process

14 Latest Info on MoPTA  dentteach/mopta.htm dentteach/mopta.htm

15 Other MEGA questions?  ga.htm ga.htm

16 Red Flag Disposition  If a student does something exceptionally bad or good  Results reviewed every Tuesday morning and sent to Asst Director of Teacher Ed and the student’s advisor  Steps taken

17 Red Flag Disposition  Courses  Library  Assessment Tools  Check “Red Flag Disposition”  “Make available to me”

18 Red Flag Disposition  Courses  Coursework  Observations  Assess

19 Red Flag Disposition, cont.  Template “Red Flag Assessment”  Select course  Select student  Complete form  Submit  Results seen by advisor, report created by administrator

20 Latest Release  More information coming soon online….  Annotations in assignments

21 Communication

22  Lack of communication previously  First stop: s/tk20/faculty.htm s/tk20/faculty.htm  Second:  Third: Call 660-562-1089

23 Tidbits

24  Always Google Chrome  Don’t hit backspace on browser

25 Tidbits  Using an iPad with Tk20  Log in here first: ered/  Then, login through MyNW  If this does not work, contact

26 Tidbits  Can’t see Tk20 material due to a split screen?  Your mouse can pull the mid-line to enlarge your space

27 Upcoming  Training materials available on tk20 website : s/tk20/faculty.htm s/tk20/faculty.htm  Advisor section  Video component  Diversity data  Dispositions

28 Wrap Up  Northwest values your work and your studentss experiences  Tk20 enriches this experience  You are going to do great!

29 Contact Information  Mike McBride  660-562-1089 

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