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OCE Vouchers & New Program Portfolio April 29, 2013 page 1.

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1 OCE Vouchers & New Program Portfolio April 29, 2013 page 1

2 NEW PROGRAM PORTFOLIO OVERVIEW 1.Vouchers 2.Market Readiness 3.Collaborative Research 4.Entrepreneurship 5.Technology Transfer 6.Federal programs > SmartStart (FedDev) page 2

3 VOUCHERS A truly “whole-of-government” approach

4 128 - $20K INNOVATION AND PRODUCTIVITY VOUCHER Replaces existing Technical Problem Solving (TPS) program Open to entrepreneurs and SMEs ; colleges and universities are primary knowledge providers $20K to address technical challenges that will have a commercial impact; improve productivity; develop business strategy or export development plan Minimum matching cash contribution of $5,000 from the SME Partner leverage:  Connect Canada graduate student internship add-on of $5,000  NSERC Engage add-on of $20K for first time collaborations between PI and SME  IRAP add-on of up to $20K for access non-academic expertise/service providers - 100% of projects will have at least one internship - 50% of projects will be first time collaborations - 25% of projects will need access to non-academic expertise (e.g. IRAP support) page 4 IndustryConnect Canada*NSERC*IRAP*Total Leverage per voucher5K 20K 50K *Subject to partner discussions

5 60 - $50K COMMERCIALIZATION VOUCHER Open to university spin-offs and start-ups; tech transfer offices Prototyping and related commercialization activities; establish proof of commercial concept; product design; scope market size and profitability; plan business case and path to commercialization 25% match Two streams:  Up to $50K from OCE to incorporated spin-offs or spin-ins  Up to $35K from OCE for commercialization activities and $15K from NSERC for market assessment to principle investigator (not incorporated) - 25% of projects will be eligible for NSERC support page 5 IndustryNSERC*Total Leverage per voucher12.5K**15K27.5K *Subject to partner discussions **25% of 50K

6 E-BUSINESS VOUCHER INITIATIVE WITH COLLEGES Target “main street” SMEs with a focus on e-business, digital and social media adoption to drive market expansion including exports (e.g. assistance to set up a web-site/on-line platform for international sales) Colleges would be primary knowledge provider Delivery through CONII to develop standard packages to lower administration costs and drive high volume Total Budget $250K page 6

7 $1.5M $500K) INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION R&D VOUCHER CHALLENGE Indirectly support start-ups, SMEs and larger firms through their industry associations Industry association identifies problem or challenge Call goes out and academic institutions in partnership with SME end-users respond with proposals for projects that address the problem and provide a benefit to all (most) SMEs in that sector Typical funding $500K per voucher; requires matching industry funds Partner leverage: It is anticipated NSERC and IRAP will participate in each industry association voucher round page 7 IndustryNSERC*IRAP*Total Leverage1,000K500K 2,000K *Subject to partner discussions

8 TOTAL PARTNER LEVERAGE FOR VOUCHERS page 8 VouchersOCEIndustryConnect CanadaNSERCIRAPTotal Total contributions8,060K4,390K640K3,005K2,140K18,235K Single application to OCE and one review process will be used for Vouchers to access funding from all partners: -OCE -Connect Canada internship program (Auto21) -NSERC Engage, ARD, and I2I -IRAP funding to SMEs to access non-academic expertise

9 MARKET READINESS - $3M Helps move promising technologies developed in Ontario colleges, universities, and research hospitals out of the lab and into the marketplace Supports the launch and growth of sustainable spin-offs Follow-on support for $50K commercialization vouchers Two phases

10 COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH - $6M + Supports industry-academic R&D projects that address problems and challenges identified by industry; high commercialization potential and market pull Includes sector thrusts (e.g. mining, energy) Industry matching Federal leverage through NSERC CRD program for sector strategy initiatives page 10

11 ENTREPRENEURSHIP - $6M Experiential Learning Program (ELP) Funding to academic institutions for entrepreneurship programming that supports the entrepreneurial aspirations of Ontario’s students and helps them get the real-world experience they need to launch new ventures Entrepreneurship Fellowships Help students and recent graduates commercialize their inventions and launch start-up companies Strategic sectors:

12 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER Technology Transfer Networks wind-down No infrastructure (people and operating costs) funding post June 30, 2013 Central POP funding available via Voucher and Market Readiness Programs  FY12-13 central and institutional budget was $2.8M  FY13-14 central budget $4.5M ($50K commercialization vouchers - $3M and Life Sciences $1.5M) page 12

13 FEDERAL PROGRAMS FedDev SmartStart Approved student- or recent graduate-led start-ups receive up to $30K in seed funding to be matched by at least one other private investor Up to $5K for business skills training Private sector leverage through partnership with Extreme Startups FY13-14 $500K page 13

14 DRAFT PROGRAM SUMMARY (ANNUAL) (Confidential – under discussion) page 14 ProgramOCE ($ million)Matching ($ million)Total ($ million) Vouchers81018 Market Readiness Collaborative Research81422 Entrepreneurship6511 Other including: -IBM SOSCIP -Energy Fund -CONII -Life Sciences POP -MTO -Total Total$37 million$76.5 million$113.5 million

15 PROGRAM CHANGES page 15 Current ProgramOCE Cash Industry CashIn-kindTotalO/H TPS$25,000$5,000$20,000$50,000Yes Market Readiness 1$50,000$12,500$62,500Yes New ProgramOCE Cash Industry CashIn-kindTotalO/H $20K voucher$20,000$5,000$15,000$40,000No $50K voucher$50,000$12,500$62,500No

16 PROJECTED OVERHEAD TO INSTITUTIONS (FY13-14) page 16 (000')OCE InvestmentPartner Leverage* Overhead on OCE Funds Only IACP Programs Status Quo24,91925,0063,511 New IACP Programs with Vouchers25,41929,0294,057** * including cash & in-kind and from Industry, IRAP, NSERC, Connect Canada etc. ** does not include any Partner Leverage O/H collected at institutions on $4M in incremental leverage Additional overhead to universities from non-IACP programs such as ELP and others.

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