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T HE G RADUATE S CHOOL A DMISSIONS Fall 2014 Anne Lanzit Shirley Fiasconaro Meg Buckley Holly Becker.

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1 T HE G RADUATE S CHOOL A DMISSIONS Fall 2014 Anne Lanzit Shirley Fiasconaro Meg Buckley Holly Becker

2 The Graduate School Admission Stats In Academic Year 13-14: Total of 10,236 applications received Total of 5,457 domestic applicants and 4,779 international applicants 2,682 domestic/1,385 international students admitted 2,073 domestic/833 international matriculations Fall 2014: 710 international students matriculated needing visas sponsored by ISSS

3 The Graduate School Admission Stats SepOctNovDecJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugTotal Applications1804051,2662,4403,0191,24463228022618518817110,236 Admissions56901261692197171,0456984142161531644,067 Matriculations558274113931365385365663451801882,906

4 Admissions FAQs 1.) I cannot find my applicant by searching by his name, how else can I find it?

5 Admissions FAQs 2.) How can I tell if my applicant’s letters of recommendation have been received? *Offline recommendations received must be entered by the departments, they are not entered by The Graduate School.*

6 Admissions FAQs 3.) How do I waive letters of recommendation/ have my applicants waive them? 4.) My department does not require GRE scores- how do I waive them?

7 Admissions FAQs 5.) My applicant’s TOEFL scores should be waived, how can I make sure they are waived? *Departments should NEVER waive the TOEFL requirement on their own, always contact * POLICY ON WAIVERS

8 Admissions FAQs 6.) How can I tell if my applicant’s transcripts/ diplomas are received? *Once an applicant is admitted they must send in their official transcripts for all course work, including classes they are currently enrolled in.*

9 Admissions FAQs 7.) Does my applicant need to send transcripts if they haven’t received a conferred degree yet? 8.) My International applicant only has original copies of their transcript/ diploma- can they send copies? 9.) What happens when applicants do not send their final official transcripts/ diplomas for courses/ degrees they were enrolled in at the time of application?

10 Questions? Questions?

11 Admissions FAQs 10.) My International applicant was matriculated- where is their I-20? 11.) What does “ADMT/GREG” in Hobson’s mean? *Applicants will not be matriculated until they have accepted the offer in Hobson’s, and submitted all required documentation. *

12 Admissions FAQs 12.) How can I tell if an applicant has accepted enrollment? 13.) What does “DEIN/ GPAS” in Hobson’s mean?

13 Admissions FAQs 14.) Why can’t I see the admit letter when it shows “DEIN/ GPAS” in Hobson’s? Once an applicant has been matriculated, the system of record is SA and NOT Hobson’s. Any changes made for a student after matriculation should NOT be made in Hobson’s. 15.) Why hasn’t my applicant been matriculated?

14 Admissions FAQs 16.) How do I track what my applicant is missing in their application for matriculation when they are “DEIN missing materials”?

15 Other Questions?

16 ISSS Changes To separate two distinctive qualification assessments o Academic admission o Immigration eligibility To provide a communication tool for students on I-20 status To increase efficiency during I-20 processing

17 Non U.S. citizens in “Apply Yourself”

18 Admission Notice in Application

19 Steps to Receive I-20 or DS-2019 Student receives two e-mails from UITS at the time of admission regarding their NetID and how to activate their NetID Student activates their NetID – NetID and password are needed to request an I-20

20 Steps to Receive I-20 or DS-2019 Student “accepts” the admission offer via “Enrollment Form” link in the admission decision letter in application Enrollment form link in e-mail WILL disappear AFTER December 19, 2014 for Spring 2015 admission and AFTER July 31, 2015 for Fall 2015 admission The Graduate School forwards ISSS admission packet electronically

21 Steps to Receive I-20 or DS-2019 Student submits their I-20 requests directly to ISSS via I-20 online request form (indicated in the admission email notice) – using their NetID & password. I-20 online request form Student receives confirmation email at their UCONN account with a note that ISSS will contact with further instructions later

22 Steps to Receive I-20 or DS-2019 ISSS’ normal processing time is 2 weeks after the ISSS file is in order. ISSS processes files on a first-come, first-served basis. Upon issuance of I-20, o It is forwarded to The Graduate School for distribution. o Student receives a pre-arrival instruction email from ISSS.

23 Steps to Receive I-20 or DS-2019 The Graduate School matriculates student receipt of pending OFFICIAL documents from students (if applicable). The Graduate School notifies departments for distribution of matriculation packet with I-20. Departments pick up the packets at The Graduate School. Departments double check correct mailing addresses with students. Departments add any of their own materials and expedite mail to students.


25 Questions?

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