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Congratulations, Course 20! Well wishes and advice from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation LEAD Network.

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1 Congratulations, Course 20! Well wishes and advice from the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation LEAD Network

2 “Congratulations! I wish you all the very best as the new Australian Rural Leaders. You have world class leadership skills, new experiences and can connect with 500 fellows to help you. You have the choice to identify real solutions, harness your passion and make Australia better. Follow your vision, take risks, communicate to inspire others, and have fun.” Adam Smith, Townsville QLD Course 15

3 “Welcome ARLP Course 20 graduates to a new beginning where you will be recognised and supported by the ARLP and partners to create better change.” Stanley R Nangala, Adelaide SA Course 3

4 “Remember to back yourself, but be prepared to listen to other views and take them on board. Don’t be welded to your own in the light of information or additional view points. Keep an open mind.” Alister Trier, Darwin NT Course 8

5 “Congratulations! Enjoy the day and use the opportunities.” Sally Banfield, Alice Springs NT TRAIL 2012

6 “I felt so much happiness to come through the whole process at my own graduation. It involved some of the best times of my life, but it was also quite challenging, but that’s the reality of leadership. Remember to be open to maintaining contacts – you will have made some great connections.” Rowan Foley, Alice Springs NT Course 14

7 “My advice to Course 20, upon their graduation, is to remember the lessons learnt in the Kimberley where the onion layers were peeled back to reveal the real you, warts and all, and apply them in your leadership challenges. Also keep up the network with your ARLP colleagues as they are a treasure trove of experience, influence and advice. My graduation was memorable as we had bonded so well, especially after our experiences on the overseas session in Brazil. Our presentation to sponsors and family was passionate and made us take stock of our 12 month long experience and really feel gratitude for the opportunity given to us by our sponsors and the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation.” Annette Burke, Darwin NT Course 12

8 “For Course 20 graduating in the beautiful surrounds of Darwin, the completion of their Program is a significant milestone and the start to a leadership journey with purpose. I would say to them - enjoy the final session and the opportunity to have fierce, stimulating conversations with your fellow graduates and former graduates who attend your graduation.” Katherine Winchester, Darwin NT Course 19

9 “The advice I would have for Course 20 as they graduate is: Dare to be different. It's quite okay not to be the norm (whatever that is). Trust and believe in yourself and walk your talk. Find like minded people who accept you as you are; allow you to develop, learn, and who bring out the best in you. Don't try to be who you're not, it’s too much hard work. Stay positive and enjoy what you do and where you do it. Remember that change is constant, and it is okay. My own graduation was characterised by reunion; reflection and rewards …. Thanks and appreciation to my sponsor News Limited, and to ALL sponsors for the opportunity.” Clair O’Brien, Mataranka NT Course 9

10 “The ARLP provides us with memories, learning and friendships that will stay with us for the rest of our lives. Use what you have learned to enhance your life and the lives of those around you, be it at home, work and within your local community more broadly. You are soon to be part of an alumni of amazing people, with various skills and networks across the country, be sure to utilise it, not just within your course but also with those that have gone before you.” Brooke Rankmore, Darwin NT Course 16

11 “Dream Dream large Dream long Dream powerfully And then enact that dream with the urgency, force and passion that comes from the knowledge that today this is your last and only opportunity to live that dream. All the best graduates of Course 20.” Gavin Whiteley, Bungendore NSW Course 3

12 “My sincere congratulations to all the Course 20 participants and wish them a wonderful graduation and I shall look forward to meeting with them on future occasions!” Kate Brooks, Prahan VIC Course 19

13 “Leadership is a journey within.” Ele Cook, Coolah NSW ARLP 15

14 "Congratulations on your graduation. Don't let your leadership development stop here. Make learning, growing and reflecting a part of your everyday life." Sarah Sammon, Swan Hill VIC Course 17

15 “Am I to be a pebble cast in life's vast pool my ripples to spread and disappear like any other fool? Err… yes. Don’t get too cocky.” Kim Russell, Canberra ACT Course 2

16 “A hearty congratulations to our cotton industry graduates; we welcome your energy, vision, and leadership. Well done, our bright, shining stars!” Barb Grey, Mungindi QLD Course 15

17 “Connecting with like minded people is king as they will have your back going forward but it's the stranger cats in the group that will teach you more about yourself. Feel strong, think big. Congratulations.” Kelly Drysdale, Tighes Hill NSW Course 17

18 "You are more awesome than you think. The world needs you, just as you are." Zoe Routh, Canberra ACT former ALRF Program Manager

19 “I didn’t know much about the ARLP and was flat out just working on my own business in the fishing industry. But I was nominated to do the program and once I’d done it, I had a feeling that I needed to pay back the fishing industry that had sponsored me. I had a sense of obligation to use my new found knowledge of life in leadership roles. Invariably I was recruited into more responsibility and with a definite commitment to make a difference, I took on more and more.” Nigel Scullion, Darwin NT Course 2

20 “What you have just learnt, experienced, seen and grown by is just the beginning. It’s all just knowledge – what you do with that knowledge is what will make you a better leader in the future.” Mike Mooney, Mildura Vic Course 16

21 “ ‘Going forward’....... The structure of the ARLP with 6 sessions over 2 years successfully develops and motivates us to not slip back into our day to day rut. Going forward, the challenge for graduating leaders who are still ‘riding the wave’ of leadership development and motivation, is to set up ways to continue to progress your leadership journey. Books and readings (Jenny is great on these) are great as well as practising and experimenting with your work teams. Stay motivated and hungry for that which will continue your progression to be a more successful and influential leader. Congratulations on your completion of the ARLP as I know it is an amazing feeling of accomplishment!” Mick Swiney, Tumblong NSW Course 17

22 “Course 20 – Congratulations on your graduation. As a graduate of the ARLP – you will cross paths with many other graduates and colleagues of graduates – the network that this program offers you will be invaluable as you continue in your rural leadership roles. Your fellow graduates are always willing to lend a hand, spread the word or offer support and guidance in your pursuits of supporting Rural, Regional and Remote Australia.” Jennifer Jeffrey, Tamworth NSW Course 15

23 “To the graduates of Course 20, Well it’s 5 years on for me, and I’m still reminding myself that each of my current challenges in my work and personal life ‘is just another hill’, and that I will get to the top and down the other side with my staff, my stakeholders or my kids, and try to enjoy the journey in the meantime. I have the resilience to know it will work out ok, and I can reassure others of that. Remind yourself that you can do anything. I proved this to myself by drinking my own urine in a dire moment at the top of one of those hills (when we realised it was the wrong one), much to everyone’s amusement when we found water half an hour later!! You have grown from the investment of your sponsor. Use your leadership to ‘give back’ within your own communities, not just your industry. Rural and Regional Australia needs you to create sustainable development and help solve complex social dilemmas. Good luck. Go forth.” Jacqui Bramwell, Bairnsdale, Vic Course 15

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