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TOP 20 TEACHERS Chapters 5 & 6 Presented by Nelda Calderon & Sonia M. Ramos.

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1 TOP 20 TEACHERS Chapters 5 & 6 Presented by Nelda Calderon & Sonia M. Ramos


3 MOST POWERFUL A “belief” in the potential of their students, their belief that their students can learn.

4 TWO TYPES OF BELIEF  Potential Activating Beliefs  Potential Limiting Beliefs

5 BELIEFS ARE FORMED  Remain outside messages until we accept them as true.

6 CIRCUMFERENCE MESSAGES  Other People’s Opinions  Other People’s Expectations  Other People’s Agenda

7 TOP 20 TEACHER’S RESPONSIBILITY  To have OPINIONS that recognize the true identity and worth of a child,  To have EXPECTATIONS that draw forth the unique potential of a child,  To have an AGENDA that empowers a child to become his True Self.

8 POWER OF MESSAGES & BELIEF  3 core messages – intended to direct the individual's life towards fulfillment. Identity  It is the “uniqueness” each individual’s essence Worth  A person’s self value Purpose  Be your true self

9 LAWS OF BELIEF  Law of beliefs Whatever we believe is real for us  The Law of “I AM” Whatever we say after we say “I AM” is what we will become or experience  The Law of Conviction The more we believe something to be true, the more real it feels for us

10 REDUCING THE POWER  Name it (+ change)  Claim it (responsibility)  Tame it (weaken the conviction)

11 TAME IT? An “INTENTIONAL” effort to go from a higher conviction to a lower conviction Easing UP  Say “Not Now”Say “Maybe”  State the “Opposite”Look for “Evidence”  Fake it till you “Make It”

12 TOP 20 TEACHERS REALIZE  The most powerful thing they bring to the classroom each day are the beliefs they have about their students and the messages they communicate.

13 CHAPTER 6  CREATE CONNECTIONS – “The revolution in our classrooms will not require more books, computers or smart boards. Top 20 Teachers know three more valuable resources that are crucial to student learning:  NAME  VOICE  BELONGING”

14 NAME  If a student hears their name throughout the day in a respectful manner they are beyond present they are engaged  It communicates you are somebody, you are valued, you matter  Students are more than a category, PEIMS coding etc. they are people, they are individuals

15 VOICE  He/she is saying I am here and represents their presence  The longer a student’s voice is not heard the more disengaged they are and disappear into the background  There voice is important, they have things to contribute, and Teachers must create a platform for this

16 BELONGING  Belonging occurs when we are part of something larger than ourselves  Creating an environment of risk taking and safety  If a student perceives they are not in a safe environment they withdraw into self preservation and disengage  Belonging matters

17 “The message needs to be sent: You matter to me as a person first, a learner second.”

18 Top 20 teachers deliberately prepare a student for learning by intentionally creating safety in the classroom. This occurs when emotional connections are made. It occurs when name, voice and belonging matter.

19 People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. – John Maxwell

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