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Chapter 20 Section 2 The New Frontier.

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1 Chapter 20 Section 2 The New Frontier

2 The Camelot Years Kennedy inauguration
Set tone for new era in White House Grace Elegance Wit

3 The Camelot Years Gave an inspiring speech- “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” During his term recognized art and culture and appeared frequently on TV

4 Kennedy Mystique Critics said he was all style with no substance
But 1st family fascinated the public After learning JFK could read 1,600 wpm Thousands enrolled in speed reading courses

5 Kennedy Mystique 1st lady had influence on fashion and culture
Media fascinated with Kennedy children 1st family’s glamour seemed like a fairy tale JFK & his advisors reminded many of a modern day Camelot

6 The Best and the Brightest
JFK surrounded himself with young intellectuals and business people Media called them the “Best and the Brightest”

7 The Best and the Brightest
McGeorge Bundy National Security Advisor

8 The Best and the Brightest
Robert McNamara Secretary of Defense

9 The Best and the Brightest
Dean Rusk Secretary of State

10 The Best and the Brightest
Robert Kennedy Brother 35 years old Attorney General

11 The Promise of Progress
New Frontier-JFK’s legislative agenda Called on Americans to be “new pioneers” and explore “uncharted areas of science and space…unconquered pockets of ignorance and prejudice, unanswered questions of poverty and surplus.”

12 The Promise of Progress
JFK had a hard time turning his New Frontier into reality Showed little skill in pushing his domestic reforms through Congress Lacked a mandate- a clear indication that voters approved of his plans

13 The Promise of Progress
As a result of not having a mandate, JFK played it safe Was able to persuade Congress to enact measures to Boost economy Build national defense Provide international aid Fund a massive space program

14 Stimulating the Economy
US stuck in a recession by 1960 Unemployment at 6% JFK criticized Eisenhower for not doing more to stimulate the economy

15 Stimulating the Economy
Advocated deficit spending Felt economy would grow with a mixture of government spending and lower taxes

16 Stimulating the Economy
Dept. of Defense budget increased by 20% New nuclear missiles Nuclear submarines Expansion of armed services

17 Stimulating the Economy
Congress increased minimum wage to $1.25/ hour Extended unemployment insurance Provide assistance to cities with high unemployment

18 Addressing Poverty Abroad
Created Peace Corps- volunteer assistance to developing nations of Latin America, Asia, and Africa

19 Addressing Poverty Abroad
Critics referred to the fact that the volunteers were so young Many foreigners questioned whether Americans understood other cultures

20 Addressing Poverty Abroad
Peace Corps became a huge success People of all ages and backgrounds signed up to work as Agricultural advisors Teachers Health aides

21 Addressing Poverty Abroad
By 1968 – more than 35,000 volunteers served in more than 60 nations

22 Addressing Poverty Abroad
Alliance for Progress- offered economic and technical assistance to help Latin American nations Meant to spread of communism

23 Addressing Poverty Abroad
Alliance for Progress Built schools Houses Sanitation facilities Encouraged economic reforms Between 1961 and 1969 the US invested almost $12 billion in Latin America

24 Race to the Moon April 12, 1961- Soviets launched 1st man into space
Yuri Gagarin Americans stunned JFK saw this as a challenge that had to be met

25 Race to the Moon JFK set goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth To be achieved by the end of the decade (1960s) Within weeks NASA began building new launch facilities

26 Race to the Moon February 20, Colonel John Glenn orbited earth 3 times Later that year- satellite Telstar relayed live TV pictures across the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Europe

27 Race to the Moon July 20, U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the 1st man to walk on the moon

28 Race to the Moon Space race impacted many parts of society Education
Science and technology Computers Miniaturized electronics

29 New Domestic Agenda 1962- problem of poverty came to national attention The Other America by Michael Harrington used govmt stats to profile 42 million Americans that made less than $1000/year

30 New Domestic Agenda Mass movement against segregation also emerged
JFK pushed for legislation dealing with poverty and civil rights

31 Tragedy in Dallas Fall 1963 JFK had popular support
60% of the public approved of him

32 Four Days in November November 22, 1963
In Dallas to repair relationship with Texas Democratic party

33 Four Days in November Sat next to his wife in an open air limousine
Texas Governor John Connally sat in front of him Car approached Texas School Book Depository

34 Four Days in November Kennedy shot in the head Rushed to hospital
JFK died less than an hour after he had been shot




38 Four Days in November Lyndon Baines Johnson becomes new President

39 Four Days in November Dallas police charge Lee Harvey Oswald with the murder of JFK Oswald’s palm print on the rifle used to kill the President Former Marine sniper Dishonorably discharged Lived briefly in the Soviet Union Active supporter of Fidel Castro

40 Four Days in November November 24, 1963
Oswald being transferred from one prison to another – on live TV Shot by Dallas night club owner Jack Ruby Oswald died less than an hour later

41 Four Days in November November 25, 1963
JFK buried at Arlington National Cemetary


43 Unanswered Questions Many wondered if Oswald acted as part of a conspiracy Commission presided by Chief Justice Earl Warren conducted an extensive 10 month investigation

44 Unanswered Questions Warren Commission- concluded that Oswald did shoot JFK and acted on his own However, in a 1979 congressional committee- they concluded that…

45 Unanswered Questions Oswald probably shot Kennedy
But in conspiracy with unknown people Possible that 2 people fired at the President

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