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1 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Abbreviations & Contact Address Abbreviations used in this document: ICC:– International Cricket Council CTCL:– Central.

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1 1 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Abbreviations & Contact Address Abbreviations used in this document: ICC:– International Cricket Council CTCL:– Central Texas Cricket League CTCL-DC:– Central Texas Cricket League- Disciplinary Committee CTCL-EC:– Central Texas Cricket League-Executive Committee LPC:– CTCL League Play Committee QCC:– CTCL Quality of Cricket Committee CoC:– Code of Conduct CTCL Contacts: President: Vice President: BOD: CTCL: General:

2 2 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rules & Regulations The CTCL 20-20 League will be organized by the CTCL-LPC. Any rule clarifications or issues must be notified to the LPC. 20-20 League Chair : Guru Krish LPC Members: Michael Gale, Akbar Lalani, Satish Patel, Umesh Murthy, Ravi Krishnamoorthy. LPC Email:

3 3 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 All games will be played according to ICC Laws of Cricket, 2000 code 2 nd edition-2003. Apart from the ICC rules, below CTCL rules will be followed in this league. If the issue is explained in CTCL rules then it shall be followed or else ICC rules will be referred. Responsibility of captains: The captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play Is conducted within the Spirit of the Game as well as within the Laws. Player's conduct: In the event of a player failing to comply with instructions by an umpire, or criticizing by word or action the decisions of an umpire, or showing dissent, or generally behaving in a manner which might bring the game into disrepute, the umpire concerned shall in the first place report the matter to the player's captain, and instruct the latter to take action. Umpire/captains shall report to CTCL depending on the issue. Fair and unfair play: According to the Laws the umpires are the sole judges of fair and unfair play. The umpires may intervene at any time and it is the responsibility of the captain to take action where required. Violence: There is no place for any act of violence on the field of play.

4 4 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rule 1: A match is played between two teams, each team shall bat for 20 over's. A team consists of 11 players and captain shall nominate his players in writing to the umpire before the toss. Team with 7 players can take the field. Players joining the game late can bowl/bat/field right away. a) Start time: Every game shall start at 9AM (if both the teams and umpire are from same city) or 9.30AM(if one team or umpire is from different city). 20 mins break time after the first innings. b) Captains should have a hardcopy of CTCL rules, ICC rules and CoC (provided by CTCL) during game day. Rule 2: Neutral Umpire: a) One umpire shall be appointed by LPC for each game (who shall be the main umpire). b) Umpire shall collect the roster from captains before toss. c) Umpires shall toss 15 mins before the actual start time of the game. d) Umpires shall be paid by CTCL, 40$ if the umpire is from same city as the game and 60$ in other city. Checks will be made out to the Team Captains the 15 th of every month. e) Umpires need to attend/go through umpire clinic materials. f) Captains responsibility to send his players for umpiring during the allotted game. Umpires who doesn’t show up for the game, his team will be penalized with 3 pts. g) If the umpire doesn’t show up for the game, captains shall report to CTCL-DC and both captains shall agree to self-umpiring for the game.

5 5 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rule 3: Schedule and Teams: a) 12 teams participating in 20/20 league is divided in to “A League” and “B League”. “A League” has 5 teams, “B League” has 7 teams. Teams are divided in leagues based on previous league performance and experience. b) CTCL is very thankful to clubs for sharing their ground facilities. HCCG will be used on Sundays only and for games involving HCCA teams only (per restrictions from HCCA). CPCG available only on Sundays per the city restrictions. RRCG/SCG/ACG grounds available both days. Rule 4: League will have 2-phases: Qualifying Phase: Each team shall play 6 league games. Some games in League A shall be repeated to reach a total of 6 per team. Knock-Out Phase: Each team shall play 1 or 2 games. Matches shall be conducted to resolve a final standing in each league. Total of 7 to 8 games per team shall be played in this league. League placement game: The team finishing last in “A League” shall play the team winning “B League”. The results of this game can be used to determine league compositions for future leagues. League ALeague B HCCA FalconsHCCA Hawks SACC Super XILCC Bats HCCA EaglesCPCC Lagaan XI AlamoCC AlamoHCCA Merlins RRCC TigersUCC Excaliburs Longhorn CC

6 6 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rule 5: Point System: a) Win – 6pts, b) No Result – 3pts, c) Umpire No-Show Penalty – (-3pts) d) Team No-Show Penalty – (-3 pts) If the umpire does not show up, his team will lose 3 points. If a team does not show & did not call to cancel the previous day, the team will lose 3 points. Rule 6: Each team in the league shall be ranked based on the following order. Top 3 teams from “A league” and top 4 teams from “B league” shall play the top order knock out phase. a) Total Points. b) Points from game’s within Zone. c) Head2Head match up d) Net Run-Rate. e) Toss of a Coin. Rule 7: League Fee: 500$. Student discount of 200$ will be given to appropriate teams. Rule 8: Balls & Clothing: White clothing. CTCL official red balls, CTCL will distribute 10 balls & MoM trophies to each captain prior to the start of the league for the entire league. Each captain is responsible for preserving used match balls for replacing lost balls in future games.

7 7 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rule 9: All games are planned to last 4 hours. ( 9am to 1pm or 9:30am to 1:30pm ). There shall be only 1 game played per day on any ground. Rule 10: Late Start Penalty: Teams responsible for late starts shall be penalized 1 over for every 5 minutes, until the commencement of the game. The 1st delivery bowled shall mark the commencement of the game. The umpire shall decide on the number of overs to be batted by each side. a) If a team doesn’t show up or didn’t have 7 players even after 30 mins of the scheduled time then Umpire shall award the points to the opponent team with 7 players. If both team didn’t have 7 players, the game is considered as No Result. b) Rule 10 will be implemented for the second innings of the games. Rule 11: Weather rules: a) Delays due to weather need the agreement from both the captains to start the game. b) Cancellations due to weather has to be agreed upon by both captains prior to the start of the game. In case of disagreement between the captains, the umpires decision is final. If no cancellation agreement has been reached, both teams are expected to come to the field. c) No team can be forced to stay an hour past the expected end time for the match. i.e. 2 p.m. for local games or 2:30 for games with an out-of-town team.

8 8 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 d) Cancelled games shall NOT be rescheduled. e) If a game is cancelled due to weather, points will be divided in the Qualifying phase and toss will be done in the knock-out phase. f) Game shall be considered No Result, if minimum of 10 over's per team is not played. Rule 12: Player Portability: This option should be used in the right spirit of the game. a) Max of 4 players are allowed to be ported per game per team. 2 restricted and 2 non-restricted players. Restricted players will be decided by the CTCL (based on performance from current/previous leagues) from each team with the help of QCC & captain’s. Max of 4 players can be restricted from a team. b) 4 players shall be chosen as explained: [0-4]NR/0R:- a team can have 0-4 non-restricted and 0 restricted players or [1-3]NR/1R – 1-3 non-restricted & 1 restricted, 2NR/2R – 2 restricted & 2 non- restricted players. Always no. of non restricted players shall be equal or greater than restricted players. CTCL discourages portability unless used to prevent matches from being cancelled. Rule 13: Field Restrictions: 2 players outside the 30 yard circle for first 5 over's. For remaining 15 over’s, 4 players inside the 30 yard circle. a) Maximum of 4 over’s per bowler. b) LBW is included in this league.

9 9 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rule 14: Updating Scorecard: Winning team will update the scoreboard on the website. CTCL Quality of Cricket committee may contact captains and umpires to get more information to keep track of performance, which will be used in future, for playing QCC games and selecting teams for CW cup and other Inter-League tournaments. a) Teams not updating the scorecard by Thursday 5 p.m. following the game can be assessed a 2 point penalty by the CTCL. Rule 15: During play off games, teams with more points will get preference on the ground for their games in knock out phase, subject to the permission of the clubs owning the ground. Rule 16: No reschedule of games in this league. Only the CTCL reserves the right to reschedule games - location or date or time. We do not intend to do so, but there may be unavoidable circumstances beyond our control like the City/County officials scheduling other events on our grounds. Rule 17: The CoC document shall be followed to encourage desired behaviors on the field. A CTCL-DC shall be appointed to handle any reports. CTCL-DC for this league shall comprise of a 3 member panel from among John Thickett, Majad Ahmed, Akbar Lalani, Guru Krish and Ram Narayan. For each disciplinary issue that is reported during the league, The CTCL President shall assign 3 members from this team to that issue.

10 10 CTCL 20-20 League Aug-Nov, 2006 Rule 18: Failure to follow any rules and regulations will result in penalty and offences. Umpires & captains can report any relevant incident to CTCL-DC using CTCL Report form. It is imperative that all captains/representative and umpires should read the CoC for players, captains & umpires, General rules and Amendments for this league.. Rule 19: CTCL EC has the right to make changes to the rules & schedules during the season. It is not anticipated, but if this happened, we shall communicate to all captains. Rule 20: Trophies: (there shall be a trophy ceremony after each final.) League A – winner and runner League B – winner and runner Man of the match for each game. Best Batsmen, Best Bowler, Best All rounder and more.. CTCL thanks each club for their participation in the 2020 league and support.

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