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Independent Economic Development Task Force Meeting #14 November 20, 2013 K. Gleasman.

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1 Independent Economic Development Task Force Meeting #14 November 20, 2013 K. Gleasman

2 Agenda Review and approve meeting notes from Mtg #13 Update Roadmap Evaluate Jeannette Goldsmith EDO construct Finalize prep for J. Goldsmith visit 12/4 Review conclusions from questions 1 – 22 - all Finalize approach for full day 12/6 meeting Other topics from task force Public Comment –Summarized Input Adjourn 11/20/20132

3 Review and approve meeting notes from Mtg #12 11/20/20133

4 Roadmap to complete 3 tasks Have brainstormed list of 27 targeted industries Reviewed and modified: TC Assets TC Challenges Targeted companies profile Approach to econ development Branding Marketing 11/20/20134 9/11/20 13

5 Evaluate J. Goldsmith EDO Construct Create a new public-private EDO; merging the following: 1.TC Office of Planning & Economic Development 2.Transylvania Partnership 3.Economic Development Advisory Board 4.Transylvania Chamber of Commerce 5.Tourism Development Authority* * Continues as entity 6.Heart of Brevard Rationale: leverage public sector funding with private investements and merge duplicative efforts 11/20/20135

6 Evaluate J. Goldsmith EDO Construct Mission: attract, retain, and create quality jobs for TC Develop needed community assets to maximize opportunities for investment and quality job creation Six functions 1.Lead in designing and executing marketing strategy 2.Primary point of contact, create relationships, assist prospects 3.Lead support network for existing employers 4.Product and community development (HOB, Tourism, Business Park) 5.Tourism 6.Marketing and Research including web page and social media 11/20/20136

7 Evaluate J. Goldsmith EDO Construct Funding: Public Sector 70% (City of Brevard, TC, and Town of Rosman) Private Sector 30% (memberships, sponsorships) Governance: Two boards comprised of same individuals comprising 501(c) 6 to allow for lobby and advocacy 501 (c ) 3 to enhance fundraising 11/20/20137 11 Board Members City of Brevard (2)Business (4) Transylvania County (2)Heart of Brevard (1) Town of Rosman (1)Tourism (1)

8 Evaluate J. Goldsmith EDO Construct Staffing: CEO/President VP of Economic Development VP of Membership and Investor Relations Project Manager – Economic Development Project Manager – Product Development Visitor Center/ Tourism Coordinator Marketing Coordinator 11/20/20138

9 Evaluate J. Goldsmith EDO Construct Budget: $700K in Yr1 to $825K in Yr 5 Includes: Salaries, supplies, travel/membership/conferences, outside services, events, rent/utilities 11/20/20139

10 Finalize prep for J. Goldsmith visit 12/4 J. Goldsmith questions (modified 11/20): Why no mention of land use planning in county? How did you conclude: Significant economic development overlap amongst organizations $750K was the right budget No product available Why little mention of tremendous volunteerism? What are good measures for economic development success? How sensitive is Transylvania County competitiveness to tax rate? How do we push quality of place higher on selection criteria for incoming companies? What else can we do to reduce risk – i.e. keep companies in funnel longer? How do you connect org structure to deficits of TC Economic Development? Prioritize site selection criteria for us. How does 70% econ growth coming existing business jive with recommended org structure? 11/20/201310

11 Review conclusions from questions 1 – 22 - all 11/20/201311

12 Perceptions of Current Effort – Reasons for Success 11/20/201312 TCPEDStaffed Working with individual businesses Strategic plan Well connected beyond and within TC Clear role as entry point of new businesses Focus - investment and business growth TDAFunding Measurable results Marketing Professional support Legally prescribed, clear purpose Grants to promote tourism TPNon-gov't (can buy drinks) Sole purpose Quick response Does not have to be public Funded - not publicly funded Conduit role HOBLeverages sense of place Collaborates with city & COC Funded by 16 block tax Clear purpose - 16 block main St program Vested interest in success

13 Perceptions of Current Effort – Reasons for Lack of Success 11/20/201313

14 Perceptions of Current Effort Off the mark because:Lack of unity Fractured Nobody says TC is doing well Results are poor or average at best 11/20/201314 OverlapsSeveral organizations leverage positive tone of sense of place Strategic plan Several organizations take on referral role for new businesses Networking support of existing businesses GapsNo one great at economic development Workforce development absent Not obvious who new businesses should approach No widespread engagement of community Missing creation of funding of start-ups Lacking a start-up community

15 Perceptions of Current Effort 11/20/201315 TC is competitive withBeautiful place Quality of place School quality Not competive due toAttitude of facilitation High cost of housing High cost of land Water & sewer outside of city Perception of no available product Perception that UDO is burdensome Workforce Lack of land use policy/zoning Speed of response Total of what you should expect relative to ED Most appeal messagesQuality of place Small town charm with big city amenities Arts, culture, recreation Safety Family friendly TC AdvantagesPlace - nature, culture, family friendly relative to WNCLow taxes Airport and highways Proximity to other cities Low energy cost Regional hospital Schools You can be a big fish in a small pond

16 HOW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WORKS TODAY Is ED role valuedED is high priority for all organizations surveyed CollaborationContractual City w/ COC, HOB,TCARTS, TDA w/ COC Formal County w/ EDAB EDAB/COC/HOB ex officio relationships with all groups Gaps No common calendar 11/20/201316 TDPEDTDATPEDABHOBBrev Recruitmentxxxx(x) Existing business suppxxxxxx SMBxxxxxx Entrepreneurialxxxxx(x) Culturexxxxx Workforce*xx * Inadvertently not included on survey

17 HOW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WORKS TODAY Success measuresStatisticsBuilding permits Tax revenue Membership Non statistical accomplishment of strategic gpals BIG opportunity to get ED measures more effective InquiriesMostly directed to Mark Burrows HOB works within 16 block purview Mark Burrows responds promptly then refers generally felt to be under funded and less than fully effective Should we develop "realtor" qualification type process to determine initial response 11/20/201317

18 HOW ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WORKS TODAY From outside TCState and Nat'l Main St programs leveraged Networking with state and Advantage West Could/should be leveraged more requiring strategic specificity and advocacy FundingCollaboration would improve outcomes Most of funding from tax dollars Private $ small HOB$115K $30K TCPEDSalaries $10K TDA$400K 11/20/201318 Helpful local resourcesEON TCPED Brochure & Guide SCORE Mtn Biz Works Partnership HOB Private investors BR Entre Council BR Angel Investment Network (BRAIN) BRCC Local banks, realtors COC TCPED Mtn workforce advisory board City of Brevard Lots others

19 HOW TO IMPROVE 11/20/201319 Barriers to successLeadership Trust/ "followership" Obvious "product" Clear definition of where we are going To improve:Collaboration Increase funding Consistent/focused message Improved processes New structure?Clear definition of roles Structure follows intent Greater tax dollars & supplemental revenue Alignment of purpose New org with increased energy could help Environmental changes?Land use planning Infrastructure expansion Common mission, vision, brand Shovel ready product Share financials?Yes; requires trust Public/Private/bothCollaborative Non-partisan Public funded - joint responsibility Publicly recognize/value all successes, large and small

20 HOW TO IMPROVE 11/20/201320 How big of a budget?Intent before funding Efficient use of existing funding TrendsDon't expect large industry - why? Need to answer Individual affinity to "place" - act on it Green industry Improved connectivity to the world Preserve opportunity for children who grow up here to work here NIMBY Lots of willing participants

21 Finalize approach for full day 12/6 meeting 1.Each task force member presents top 1 – 5 organization construct options 2.We will combine like options and give each a name 3.Form 2 groups, one with 4 members the other with 3 members 4.Round 1: Each group will evaluate 1/2 of the options a.What’s “good” about this option b.What’s “bad” about this option c.Suggest tweak to improve option 5.As a full team we will look for themes in the feedback and establish common principles for the organization structure 6.Start at Step 2 and repeat if it makes sense, with the tweaked structures 11/20/201321

22 Other topics from task force members 11/20/201322

23 Public Comment – summarized input Please send public comment to: o email address: Or provide in writing prior to or after each meeting. New email will be accessible to all task force members Karen Gleasman will ensure written comments are passed on to all task force members  No input received last week 11/20/201323

24 Adjourn 11/20/201324

25 Mission statements 11/20/201325

26 Targeted completion date – after upgrade Oct 23, 2013: propose process to analyze agency data Oct 30, 2013: finalize process to analyze agency data (retreats?) October 31, 2013: most all agency input received November (with holidays): analyze data December: propose/evaluate organization construct alternatives End of January: Interim report to community – Brand, mission, vision, brainstormed list of targeted businesses, and EDO construct(s) Feb 12 – finalize org construct, brand, mission, vision March – Select targeted businesses, develop initial marketing plan March – Final report prepared/presented to community and commissioners 11/20/201326

27 Definition of Economic Development “Economic development is a process by which a community creates, retains, and reinvests wealth, and improves the quality of life.” David Dodson, MDC Inc, Chapel Hill, NC 11/20/201327

28 Decision criteria for EDO decision 1.Economic development is a process by which a community creates, retains, and reinvests wealth, and improves the quality of life 2.Covers all seven elements of solid approach to economic development a.Recruitment – soliciting companies to come or start here, includes marketing b.Existing Industry Effort c.Small Business Development d.Entrepreneurial Development e.Workforce Development – EDO consolidates needs and facilitates solutions f.Economic Culture Creation g.New business “ambassador” to smooth way with permitting, regulations h.Vision/Leadership/Accountability – includes metrics related to mission and funding 3.Anticipated good return on financial investment 4.Great utilization of human capital including terrific volunteer base 5.User friendly – east to access, explain, and understand 6.Active engagement of the whole of the county 7.Clear communication and cooperation amongst parts 11/20/201328

29 Targeted industry brainstormed list 10/9/2013 Goldsmith Industries Industries Target Company Profile NutraceuticalsAerospace industry partsCut & SewMedical care recovery Rev range: $50K - $50M Outdoor Recreation EquipmentComposites3D Printing Number of employees: 1-150 Food and Beverage Consider methods of mfg: e.g. precision maching, web based Environmental industries, e.g. recycled matls -> t-shirts Retention/expansion of current businesses Automotive PartsBrevard CollegeBRCC Quality of place is big draw Sports, Health, and WellnessBambooCamps Potential for above average pay Solo WorkerDestination spaMedical equipment TourismDestination health clubLabs e.g. biomedical Research lab: e.g. farm/agriBuild musical instruments Food processing, e.g. applesMore movies here Artisanal agriculture, e.g. mustards, Do More barsMusic recording studios Expansion of TVSEvents Parts/supplies for existing comp., e.g. cans for OSKAR BLUESContinuing care More like Everett Farms, Busy Bee NOT in conflict with quality of place 11/20/201329

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