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Odyssey 17-20.

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1 Odyssey 17-20

2 Book XVII

3 Telemachus arrives home first to speak to Penelope about his travels
Theoclymenos predicts that Odysseus is already on Ithaca and “he breeds evil for all the suitors”. Odysseus and Eumaeus meet Melanthios the goatherd of the house Odysseus and Eumaeus arrive at the door and Argos recognizes his master, then dies The suitors treat Odysseus badly

4 Book XVIII – Beggars’ Quarrel

5 Odysseus and Iros (another Ithaca beggar) fight to the amusement of the suitors
Penelope appears, beautified by Athene Suitors send for gifts to give her Melantho, maid who sleeps with a suitor, insults Odysseus

6 Odysseus’ evening conversation with Penelope
Eurycleia recognizes Odysseus by his scar (and the story of how he got it) Gates of Dreams—Horn and Ivory All go to bed

7 Book XIX Eurycleia, Penelope’s aged servant, recognizes Odysseus by his scar, but he keeps her from crying out.

8 Book XX – Morning

9 Athene reassures Odysseus that she will stand by him
Eumaeus returns with pigs for day’s food Goatherd Melanthios brings in food for suitors Herdsman of oxen, Philoitios, comes – he proves loyal to Odysseus Athene encourages the suitors to further outrages Suitors laugh and Theoclymenos sees a vision of tears and blood, and he leaves the house

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