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Deepak Mani Dhital Acting General Manager Nepal Television 1.

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1 Deepak Mani Dhital Acting General Manager Nepal Television 1

2  Country status  Broadcasting and Telecommunication Policies in Nepal  Digitization progress in Broadcasting  Related useful websites 2

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4 Located between longitude 80 o 4' & 88 o 12' and between latitude 26 o 22' & 30 o 27'. Nepal borders with the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People's Republic of China in the North and India in the East, South and West respectively. Nepal is land locked country. Nepal has been a member of SAARC(South Asian Association for regional Cooperation) since  Official name: Nepal.  Population: million, around 3.5 millions in Kathmandu.  Capital: Kathmandu.  Area: 1,47,181 sq. km.  Religion: 90 % Hindu  Government type: Democratic  Democracy day: Falgun 7 (Feb)  Official Language: Nepali 4

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7 7 Office of Prime Minister Mount Everest Parliament Bouddha Nath Pashupatinath Lumbini


9  Nepal is among the lowest in Per-Capita GDP terms and least developed countries with almost one-third of its general population living under the poverty line.  Nepal has considerable scope for exploiting its potential in hydropower and tourism.  Natural Resources: quartz, timber, hydropower, tourism beauty, small deposits of lignite, copper, cobalt, iron  Currency: Neplese Rupees 1USD = NRS  GDP Growth (Constant Prices, National Currency) % GDP Growth (Constant Prices, National Currency)  GDP (Current Prices, US Dollars) US$ Billion GDP (Current Prices, US Dollars)  GDP Deflator (Index, Base Year as per country's accounts = 100) GDP Deflator  GDP Per Capita (Current Prices, US Dollars) US$ GDP Per Capita (Current Prices, US Dollars) 9

10  GDP (PPP), US Dollars US$ Billion GDP (PPP), US Dollars  GDP Share of World Total (PPP) %DP Per Capita (PPP), US Dollars US$ 1, GDP Share of World Total (PPP)DP Per Capita (PPP), US Dollars  Implied PPP Conversion Rate Implied PPP Conversion Rate  Inflation, Average Consumer Prices (Indexed to Year 2000) (Index, Base Year 2000 = 100) Inflation, Average Consumer Prices (Indexed to Year 2000)  Inflation (Average Consumer Price Change %) % Inflation (Average Consumer Price Change %)  Inflation, End of Year (Indexed to Year 2000) (Index, Base Year 2000 = 100) Inflation, End of Year (Indexed to Year 2000)  Inflation (End of Year Change % Inflation (End of Year Change  Current Account Balance (US Dollars) US$ Billion Current Account Balance (US Dollars)  Current Account Balance (% GDP) % Current Account Balance (% GDP) 10

11 11 SOURCE: NTA,April  Fixed Line:826,571(PSTN 581,699,WLL 244,372)  Mobile:6,828,468 (GSM 6,150,305,CDMA 678,163  Limited Mobility: 332,808  GMPCS:1,742  WCDMA,3G:1,925  Total :7,991,014

12  Peneration rate:  Fixed Line:2.95%  Mobile:24.35%  Others:1.20%  Total Penetration rate:28.50 % 12

13  Dialup (PSTN+ISDN)28863  Wireless, Optical Fiber13000  Cable Internet32500  ADSL33780  GPRS  CDMA 1X85160  Total

14  Rural PCO 1,989  No. of Unserved Village Development Committee (VDC) 235  No. of Served Village Development Committee (VDC) 3,680 14

15  Millions of dollars were invested in Telecomm.  40% of households have telephony service, fixed and/or mobile service.  5 % of households have Internet service. Standard speed is 128 Kbps, cost it from USD 10 to 15 monthly.  8 % of households have at least one computer.  There are 235 VDC, still there are not telecom services. 15 */ Figures in nominal US dollars.

16 16

17  Nepal Telecommunication Authority is responsible for making policies for telecommunication.  Ministry of Information and Communication is acting as the Broadcasting authority.  Digital switchover date has been proposed for 2015 in Nepal.  Some of the policies implemented by NTA are -Universal Access to the Telecommunication Service 17

18  Universal Service Obligation  Development of Corporate Service  Liberalization of the Telecommunication Sector  Open Licensing Regime to be Applied  Private Sector's Participation to Be Encouraged  To enter into Information Society 18

19  Appropriate Information and Communication Technology for the Users of Rural areas  Persons Who Have Engaged in the Development Activities Shall Be Caused to Use Information and Communication Technology Fully  Commercialization of the Nepal Telecommunication Corporation 19

20  Institutional Development of Implementation of Policy  Economic Efficiency of the Telecommunication Sector 20

21 21

22  It has been proposed to adopt DVB-T for digital terrestrial transmission, DVB-C for digital cable and DVB-S for satellite transmission. 22

23 Cable TV  There is around 400 cable TV provider in the country.  Major Cable TV provider of the country has already started digital cable as a test transmission.  Their target is to switchover completely within 2 years 23

24 Radio  There is around 200 FM Radio stations and only national AM radio in the country.  Radio Nepal has regional radio transmission throughout the country.  Radio has been proposed to switchover to DAB and they are working on it. 24

25 Televisions  There are around 15 satellite channels,2 regional terrestrial channels in the country.  National television channel, Nepal Television has terrestrial transmission through VHF band covering 72% of the people and 50% of the land, Second channel of Nepal television (NTV Plus) is also expanding its terrestrial coverage.  Some Private channels also has terrestrial transmission through UHF band but they are limited to certain region 25


27  ITU is assisting Nepal for switchover from analog to digital terrestrial transmission.  Experts team from ITU is visiting Nepal in near future  It has been proposed to start digital terrestrial transmission from phulchowki by the end of 2011as a test transmission.  This will cover Kathmandu valley and surroundings which will be around 20% of the population . 27

28  It has been planned to switchover all analog transmission in the phased manner by the end of December

29  Television Channels in Nepal are going to change analog workflow to digital tapeless workflow in the phased manner.  Private channels of the country has already started semi tapeless workflow environment  Nepal Television has planned to acquire complete tapeless workflow within 3 years  Nepal television will implement ingest system, storage system and playout system by the end of this year

30  Media Asset Management, digital achieves, Automation, Server based editing system will be implemented next year  NRCS and complete tapeless workflow will be implemented by the end of 2013, Camcorders will be updated to storage card based recording system. 30

31 31

32  Ministry of Information Communications ◦  National Information technology Center: ◦  High Level Committee for information technology   Nepal Telecommunication Authrity: ◦  Broadcasting and Telecommunication Companies: ◦ ◦ ◦ 32

33 Thank You

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