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Who was to blame for the start of World War One?

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1 Who was to blame for the start of World War One?

2 Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand
 Lesson overview Historians have several theories about what caused the start of WWI, which they often group into 3 categories: trigger events, short-term & long-term causes. Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand Alliance system Military build-up

3 Why was the Archduke assassinated?
 LOs L0s To identify 3 mains causes of the outbreak of WWI To write a newspaper account of the outbreak

4 Who was the Archduke? How far is this empire from East to West?
What problems might an emperor have in controlling his empire?

5 Film clip of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife Sophie taken moments before his death

6 What happened on 28 June 1914? On a bright summer’s day, 28 June 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie, heirs to one of the wealthiest empires in Europe got into their car and drove through the elegant streets of Sarajevo in Bosnia. The couple were extremely happy that day – it was their wedding anniversary.

7 Map showing the Archduke’s journey through Sarajevo

8 Artist’s impression of the moment when Gavrilo Princip stepped forward to the car and shots the Archduke in the chest, and Sophie in the stomach.

9 Gavrilo Princip, Serbian terrorist
Both died within minutes from their wounds. Two bullets were about to lead to the deaths of a further 20 million men! Gavrilo Princip, Serbian terrorist Archduke’s bloodstained jacket

10 How did the Alliance system lead to war?
Triple Entente Triple Alliance Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia Russia mobilises its army & declares war on Austria-Hungary Germany helps its ally, Austria-Hungary & declares war on Russia France & Britain help their allies and declare war on Germany & Austria-Hungary …. Germany Austria-Hungary Italy Britain Russia France & Serbia

11 How did military build-up cause war?
Some historians think the causes of World War One go back even further, to the late nineteenth century when countries like Germany & Britain were building up their empires and their armies and were determined to show the world who was boss!

12  Extension task Discuss with your partner what you think was the most significant cause of the war.

13  Your task You are going to hold a debate on who or what was most to blame for starting the First World War. Divide into 7 groups. Nominate a person who will be your representative in the debate. 1 group will suggest the assassination was the cause, another group will argue it was the alliance system, the other groups will suggest it was the military build-up and political ambitions of their opponents.

14  starter activity You are about to hold a class debate on who was to blame for the start of World War One. How can you ensure your team wins the debate?

15 Possible ways Make sure everyone in the team is clear about their role
Make your points using clear and convincing language Use lots of factual examples to back up your points Think about what points your opponents may use to undermine your arguments and have ready-made responses

16  Homework Produce a newspaper front page describing the outbreak of WWI. Decide if you are a quality or tabloid newspaper. Refer to all 3 major causes and indicate you think most explains why was has broken out. You may wish to include interviews with eye-witnesses or refer to background events in the news too.

17 OK – but you’ve still got a way to go
Getting better – but still room for improvement WOW factor! You outline the basic story of the assassination of the Archduke You have set your work out as a newspaper You include references to the alliance networks and military build-up as well as the assassination. Effective use of ICT, but there may still be space for more detail. Excellent factual details and full range of causes. Written in a clear and appropriate register. Effective use of ICT, e.g. catchy headline, images and references to background events. No blank spaces

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