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An american hero flies again

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1 An american hero flies again

2 OBJECTIVES TODAY WE WILL…. Analyze text structure
Identify problems and solutions Use academic language: text structure, problem, solution 3/25/2017

3 Free PowerPoint Template from
VOCABULARY REVIEW Historical Something that happened or existed in the past Dispute A disagreement or difference of opinion Automatically Something done without a person’s control Requirements Things that must be done Standards hat must be met 3/25/2017 Free PowerPoint Template from

4 STRATEGY Analyze Text Structure
Text structure is the way writers organize information in nonfiction This will help you understand and remember what you have read. 3/25/2017

5 SKILL: Problem and Solution
Problem and solution is one type of text structure The writer describes a problem and then gives steps to solve that problem You can look for signal words that show a problem or solution such as: So As a result Therefore 3/25/2017

6 PREVIEW & PREDICT When I say “Go”, take 1 minute to preview the illustrations. Skim text when previewing Ask questions before reading Use section headers to make predictions Ask yourself: How do photographs and sections headers help to make predictions? On your index card, write your predictions about the events or characters in the story. After we listen to the story, we will check your predictions.

7 FOCUS QUESTION Read to find out…
How did one astronaut help science twice? 3/25/2017


9 Let’s Check our Predictions!
Share with your criss-cross/shoulder partner your predictions. Were they correct? Did you learn how one astronaut helped science twice? Discuss. TOMORROW WE WILL… Use our “Problem and Solution” chart to help answer the “Think and Compare” questions on page 353. 3/25/2017

If you could go anywhere is space, where would you go? 3/25/2017

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