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Introduction to LogicBlox Presented by: ConfluentMinds Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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1 Introduction to LogicBlox Presented by: ConfluentMinds Solutions Pvt Ltd

2 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge LogicBlox LogicBlox is a Knowledge Organizer which lets the Enterprises understand How Stuff Works in Precise and Quick manner. Precise way of communicating how a Business function works by depicting the actual Process flow in visual form. Quick way to allow users navigating from Summary to Detailed Level from a Knowledge One View.

3 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge Resignation Recruitment Process Knowledge Transfer Sessions Understanding the Biz Environment Carrying out desired activities efficiently Do People-problems cause you Sleepless nights? Organizations Challenge

4 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge Paper Documents Electronic Documents stored haphazardly Centralized but ambiguous 1.Sequence of Documents 2.Document dependencies 3.People struggle to find and fetch the nitty gritties Document Management System Paper Document Folders Existing Systems – More Pain than Gain

5 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge The Root Problem Knowledge Acquisition Knowledge Storage Knowledge Comprehension Knowledge Search Knowledge Exploration Knowledge Security KM Woes

6 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge The LogicBlox Solution LogicBlox Centralized Knowledge Base Hierarchical depiction of Process Groups from Top Drill down or drill up the Process Groups Pictorial presentation of Leaf level Process with Task details Auto creation of Process Group Diagrams Role based Access to Business Processes

7 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge The LogicBlox Solution LogicBlox Centralized Knowledge Base Hierarchical representation of IT Applications Grouping Application s Layers/components and Elements within these Pictorial representation of Routines as Logic Flow diagrams Hierarchical Linking of execution Routines & Sub-Routines Enhanced Search pointing to relevant Logic flow diagrams Role based Access to IT Applications

8 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge The Solution - Benefits Savings $$

9 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge The Solution - Value Proposition Properly linked process and sub-processes thus allowing to drill down and up thru the process flow hierarchy. Depiction of processes in flow chart form which enables easy visualization. Permanent storage of knowledge at a single, centrally accessible point. Faster Knowledge Transition of Business process flows. Easily multi skilling the Team LogicBlox

10 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge SlFeature Analysis LogicBlox Share Point 1 Uploading Business Process documents by Team Members Yes 2Approval mechanism to validate the contentYes 3Storing and Sharing it centrally.Yes 4 Ability to know the Start and End processes with guided NavigationYesNo 5Ability to drill down or up from any level.YesNo 6Ability to comprehend a Process with visual flow chartsYesNo 7Ability to link to Document repositoriesYesNo 6Secured or Global access to ContentYes 7Search Ability to find a specific process flowYesNo Competitive Feature Analysis

11 LogicBlox, Organizing Knowledge 11 Brahmi Confidential Case - IS Department Singareni Colleries, AP (LogicBlox) Background Different Platforms & Complex Processes High Support Costs Heavy Communication Overheads, Knowledge Acquisition and Transition Overheads High Solution Impact Developed one single knowledge platform for consolidation Increased Controllership, Transparency Solution Provided Created Single IS Metadata/Knowledge Platform on ADF LogicBlox integrated with an Oracle DB Unified the support database for increased controllership and reduced redundancy Pro-active monitoring of the integration touch-points for plumbing issues, agent based alerts and issue resolution Seamless knowledge routing to all stakeholders based on access-level >60% offshore leverage for implementations On Target for reducing new-hire ramp-up time by 30% and single KM/Innovation/Support Analytics platform

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