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Change Since 1960 Unit 8, SSWH 20 a , c, d

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1 Change Since 1960 Unit 8, SSWH 20 a , c, d

2 20 a. Identify ethnic conflicts and new nationalisms; include pan-Africanism, pan- Arabism, and the conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Rwanda. c. Analyze terrorism as a form of warfare in the 20th century; include Shining Path, Red Brigade, Hamas, and Al Qaeda; and analyze the impact of terrorism on daily life; include travel, world energy supplies, and financial markets. d. Examine the rise of women as major world leaders; include Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher.

3 Pan-Africanism 1920s movement for nationalism, emphasized the unity of Africans & descendents Marcus Garvey, leader, demanded end to colonial rule Movement met resistance p

4 Pan-Arabism Arab nationalism grew after WWII, developed from Arabian Peninsula to North Africa Recalled the Golden Age of Arab Civilization Felt betrayed after Arabs didn’t gain independence after WWI 1920s-30s Arabs angry over Western imperialism p. 862

5 Bosnia-Herzegovina 1992: Civil war among Bosniaks, Serbs & Croats
Bosnian Serbs ethnic cleansing (killing people from other ethnic groups/removal) 1000s brutalized/killed NATO air strikes forced warring group to peace, Dayton Accords signed – ended war 1995 p. 1046, 1097

6 Rwanda 1994: genocide, Hutus vs. Tutsis (800,000 killed)
Leaders die suspiciously, Hutu officials urged to turn on Tutsis World reacts slowly to genocide, by July Tutsi exile Hutus & set up government p. 1051

7 Terrorism Use of violence by groups of extremists to achieve political goals (bombed buildings, assassinations, etc.) 1990s: Increased terrorism has led to greater international cooperation between world governments to prevent further attacks

8 Shining Path Red Brigade
South American terrorist group in Peru who used kidnappings, murder, & bombings to overthrow national governments (sold drug for $) p. 1116 Red Brigade 1950s-60s, communist group in Italy used violence in an attempt to gain power

9 Hamas Rebel group: wanted to estab. Palestinian State & the destruction of Israel, practiced terror to achieve goals (suicide bombers used to attack Israeli targets) p. 1117

10 Al Qaeda “the Base” Founder: Osama Bin Laden
Islamic terrorists, overthrow “un-Islamic” gov. & expell non-Muslims from Muslim countries 1990s – 2000s: Numerous attacks on American involvement throughout world p. 1117

11 Response to Terrorism U.S. has made national security top priority
Reorganized intelligence services & new counter terrorism laws Rigorous security in air ports & public buildings Measures to cut off terrorists’ $ money supply & limiting their activities Some people believed the fed. Gov. is using the threat of terrorism to increase its power & violate the constitutional rights & freedoms of its citizens

12 Golda Meir Israeli’s 1st woman prime minister, former ambassador to Soviet Union 1973: launched a counter-attack against the Arab-Israeli conflict & regained most of the last territory lost in ’67 p. 1055

13 Margaret Thatcher 1979 British Conservative Party leader
Denounced the welfare state as costly & inefficient Reduced social welfare programs & returned gov owned industries to private control p. 982

14 Write down one question you have about today’s lesson.
Burning Question Write down one question you have about today’s lesson. You have one minute. Be prepared to share.

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