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An Introduction to Mine Labour Protection Campaign 19/9 B Choupasni Housing Board, Jodhpur, Rajasthan – 342008, India Phone: +91-291-2703160 Fax: +91-291-2703956.

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1 An Introduction to Mine Labour Protection Campaign 19/9 B Choupasni Housing Board, Jodhpur, Rajasthan – 342008, India Phone: +91-291-2703160 Fax: +91-291-2703956 Email: Website:

2 Largest state in India, it encompasses most of the area of the large, inhospitable Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert), and shares international border with Pakistan Rajasthan covers an area of 132,150 sq mi or 342,239 km². Has a population of 68.6m (2011) Rajasthan is one of the largest producers of minerals and stones in India. It produces 10% of the worlds and 70% of Indias output of sandstone and is home to the famous Makrana marble mines. Rajasthan

3 The value of mineral production in Rajasthan during 2009-10 at INR 71.6 Bn. As per the data provided in Mineral Royalties issued by Controller General, Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur, January 2011, Royalty Collections for Major Minerals (excluding coal & lignite) during 2009-10 for Important Mineral Producing States is highest in the state of Rajasthan, at INR987.31 crores. Royalty Accrual for Minor Minerals During in 2009-10 is also one of the highest in Rajasthan at INR50277.05 lakhs as per the information. It is the sole producer of lead concentrate, zinc concentrate, calcite and wollastonite. Almost the entire production of silver, Ochre and mineral gypsum in the country was reported from the State (Govt. Website). Mining Revenue

4 It has the highest number of mine leases in the country – 2587 leases for major minerals (24.67%), 10,851 for minor minerals and 19,251 quarry licenses for mining stones Apart from Corporate Mining, Rajasthan largely has Artisanal mining Unregulated legal mining and rampant illegal mining in Rajasthan has systematically destroyed forests, devastated the Aravallis, and played havoc with the water resources of the state, says Centre for Science and Environments Sixth State of Indias Environment report, Rich Lands, Poor People Rajasthan has thousands of unorganised mines, which can be as small as one-twentieth of a hectare. They fall out of the purview of government control and there are no accounts of these mines. Mining in Rajasthan

5 Estimated 2.5 million mine workers employed in over 30,000 small and large mines as daily wage workers Estimated Ninety-eight percent of this workforce is tribal or dalit (belonging to the erstwhile untouchable class), which places them among the most marginalized of Indias poor According to Anti-Slavery International, approximately 1 million children do extremely dangerous work in Indias stone quarries. The low wages of parents (a daily average of INR 40 to 50) (US90¢ to US$1.12) is the primary reason for child labour No employment proof, no labour rights, systematically deprived of their proper wages and state-sponsored welfare and social security schemes. No leave, no fixed hours of working, no retirement or pension, and health benefits. Livelihood

6 We work on Labour Rights - Struggle to provide them with an identity – Survey and Submission to concerned labour department Access to Government schemes Safety Helpline Cooperatives – mine workers cooperative Prevention of next generation of exploited labourers – day care centres Policy and Advocacy Media Involvement Intervention

7 Mines and quarries abandoned and left as open pits High levels of dust pollution Environmental laws – there has to be plantation on 33% of the mining area within 5 years High incidence of silicosis and asbestosis Recently state government has allocated INR 25 crore 60 lakhs (approximately $ 5000000) to be spent through the Rajasthan Environment Health Administration Board Environment and Health

8 Restoration of mined lands through MNREGA – Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme – providing livelihood and reclamation of the land Bio remedial measure for prevention of asbestosis Watchdog to ensure that the allotted budget is judiciously spent Diagnosis of occupational diseases to prove its existence Strategy for legal recourse for compensation Advocating for the Rajasthan State Pneumoconiosis Board Intervention

9 In terms of stone type, India is world export leader in limestone and sandstone slabs India is a global leader in terms of granite exports - mainly granite cut blocks, granite slabs and tiles On average over 10% of the natural stone traded on the world market comes from India The annual export growth rate has been around 10 % to 15 % over the last decade European companies like Marshall, Beltrami and Lithos source stones from India and label them as ethical stones Export of Stones

10 Some of the hurdles for setting standards based on whatever mechanisms are as follows: 1. Un-identified workers 2. Small-scale quarries (more than 90 per cent) 3. Piece-rate wage and temporary employment 4. Contract labour 5. Inability of small quarry owners to meet the compliance cost 6. Reluctant approach to community based development and services ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION and DEVELOPMENT (OECD) Guidelines in Supply Chain Setting Code of Conduct

11 Mine Labour Protection Campaign ( Investigating an illegal mine A mine workers hut Women who received compensation A Mine Workers Cooperative fair price shop MLPC meeting in progress THANK YOU

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