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20:1 Fraternity Sexual Assault Education Program BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY COUNSELING CENTER DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS LN 1202607-777-2772

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1 20:1 Fraternity Sexual Assault Education Program BINGHAMTON UNIVERSITY COUNSELING CENTER DIVISION OF STUDENT AFFAIRS LN Presented by: Pete Pandazis Richard Reynoso Juan Rosario Dara Raboy-Picciano, LCSW This project was supported by Grant No WA-VS-0019 awarded by the Violence Against Women Office, Office of Justice Program, U.S. Department of Justice. Points of view in this document are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position of policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.


3 How we got started: Reports from Hospitals Focus Groups with Sorority Leaders Focus Groups with Fraternity Leaders Setting up the Peer Education Program

4 20:1 FALL 2004: COMMUNITY OUTCRY Series of Sexual Assaults Similar Stories Many Involved Fraternities BU Reacts

5 20:1 FRATERNITY FOCUS GROUP: Focus Group Goal: To plan a sexual assault education program for fraternities that is meaningful to fraternity men and to gain an understanding of the fraternity male perception of the sexual assault problem on this campus.

6 20:1 FOCUS GROUP QUESTIONS: Do you think sexual assault is a problem on BU campus? How is it a problem and how pervasive? How do you believe the idea of consent is understood? How do members of a fraternity express dissatisfaction with one another? How do they stand up to each other? If you were to design an effective sexual assault prevention program what would it look like? Do you think men can play an important role in this process?

7 20:1 WHAT WAS LEARNED: Men don’t understand consent. Fraternities want to address bystander behavior. Fraternity men will listen to fraternity men, especially fraternity leaders. Educate in small groups. Keep fraternities separate, to promote in-depth conversation.

8 20:1 DEVOLOPING THE PEER EDUCATION PROGRAM: Recruiting Members Training Members Choosing a Model Planning the Education Signing up Fraternities

9 20:1 THE MODEL: Consent: Alan Berkowitz and Bret Sokolow Bystander Behavior: Alan Berkowitz The Men’s Program: John Foubert; William and Mary, Men talking to Men about Sexual Assault

10 20:1 CHALLENGES: Feelings about Fraternities Consent To Mandate or Not to Mandate Other Training Concerns

11 POSITIVE OUTCOMES: Fraternities receptive to 20:1 Majority of Fraternities Educated New Member Education Fall/Spring Consent Addressed in Meaningful Way Relationships Built

12 20:1 COMMENTS FROM FRATERNITIES: “Challenged Perspective on Consent” “Gained Awareness about Sexual Assault” “New Understanding about Consent” “Eye Opening Presentation” “Made me Think about Sexual Assault in a Different Way”

13 20:1 NEXT STEPS: Recruit New Members Develop Application/Mission Statement Interview Process Tier Education Program for Fraternities Public Service Announcements

14 20:1 MISSION STATEMENT: Founded in at Binghamton University, 20:1 is a group of fraternity men on campus that voluntarily educate other fraternity men and other men as well, on issues regarding sexual assault. Our main goals are to: bring about awareness of possible sexual assault situations, define and explore consent, explore bystander behavior, provide information on how to handle and support victims, and provide resource information, both on and off campus.

15 20:1 NEW MEMBER APPLICATION: Application for 20:1 Fraternity Sexual Assault Peer Education Group Name: ______________________________________Year of study: _______________________ Major(s): ____________________________________Phone Number: ______________________ Greek Affiliation:______________________________Age:_____________________ Local Address: What interests you about 20:1? (use additional paper if necessary) What prior experience do you have (leadership, mentoring, speaking, etc.) that you think will make you an effective 20:1 speaker? What do you think you can bring to 20:1? Do you have any past experience concerning sexual assault that might conflict with your capacities to be a 20:1 member? If yes, please explain. Use the back if necessary. Please list two people who can provide references (relatives not applicable). If you wish, you may also include a Letter of reference. Please also include a copy of your resume. Signature and Date at bottom I attest that the above information is true to the best of my knowledge and that I understand I could face judicial penalties for lying. Application due to Jack Causseaux, Office of Campus Life, by April 11, 2006

16 20:1 PROPOSED TIER EDUCATION PROGRAM FOR FRATERNITIES: Tier I: The Original 20:1 Program Tier II: Consent Training Tier III: Bystander Behavior This is a three-year Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Fraternities


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