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January 27, 28, &29 2012 Dr. Lynda Earring Anne Hunter.

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1 January 27, 28, & Dr. Lynda Earring Anne Hunter

2  Attendance, Mustang pride, school start time, freshmen success coaches.  Parent involvement  Leadership  K-5 focus  Language and culture

3 Total 1 st Sem. Enrollment Current Enrollment KG Alt. Ed4836 K Reported data from NASIS

4 Elem Fall 2011 Gr. K Gr High School Fall 2011 Gr %83.07 Mid School Fall 011 Gr %91.61 Reported data from NASIS

5 %50%48.8%53.2%56.72%33.29% Reported data from NASIS

6 Grade level% of proficient students Yr06/0707/0808/0909/1010/11 AMO AMO Reported from Dakota Step

7 Math assessment by grade Dakota Step Grad e level % of proficient students Yr06/0707/0808/0909/1010/11 AMO AMO Reported data from Dakota Step

8 Survey given in Fall % of students answering survey indicated they preferred the 9:00 start. 14 or 24% Teachers who answered the survey indicated a start time of 8:15 17 or 29% indicated 8:30 and 28 or 47% indicated 9:00

9 63 % of students who answered the survey on uniform shirt wear were not comfortable wearing uniform shirt wear. However, 22% indicated they would like extra shirts, 85% indicated they would like other styles and 20% said they did not like the style they had. 89% who answered the survey were high school students

10 Average Daily Attendance (Fall) 1 st Time Freshmen

11 ADA Comparison of 1 st Time Freshmen

12 ActivityParent CountStudent Count AugOrientation50377 SeptPassport to Success126 OctPassport to Success158 Post HS Planning2232 P/T Conferences12155 PTC Porc170 Parent Ed.60 NovPassport to Success152 DecPassport to Success305 Total288485


14  No data

15  Using Spellbuddy an application for the IPAD, Middle School is piloting electronic Lakota Language learning through the IPOD.

16 ElemHSMS 1. Remember213.30% %1248% 2. Understand16.70% %1144% 3. Apply746.70%1420%14% 4. Analyze00%34.30%00% 5. Evaluate00%22.90%00% 6. Create00%57.1%00%

17  MAP test results, comparison of Fall and Winter Testing-handout.  Reading Series  Singapore math beginning at K

18  MAP fall testing indicated 42 or of incoming Kindergarten students school year were within one (1) grade level of Kindergarten. Therefore, offering a summer school specifically for those Kindergarten students who will attend Little Wound elementary in the fall.  Offering summer school for those incoming 1stxfreshmen focusing on Historical trauma, testing and protocol of being in high school.



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