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Consumption of organic food in China Yuhui Qiao China Agricultural University 2014.11.16.

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1 consumption of organic food in China Yuhui Qiao China Agricultural University 2014.11.16


3 1. The status and development trend 2013  Rank 5 th of the world (37.5million ha in the world)  0.95% of national agricultural cultivated area Valid Certificates Certified Enterprises Organic area [Mio ha] Wild Collection [Mio ha] 995760511.2871.435

4 2. The market and trade  The output value:81.68 billion RMB, by the end of 2013  Sales : 200-300 million RMB (30-50 million USD)  the 4 th organic food consumption country (US, Germany, France)  0.29-0.44% of the food consumption market in China 2013The main export market: Europe & America

5 Organic products market pattern Main markets in large cities of : Beijing , Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Shenzhen etc. Main organic products : Rice, vegetable, grain and oil, meat products, eggs, milk and tea Main sources : Vegetables from suburb, mainly with home delivery and organic store Grains and oil mainly from northeast and northwest from supermarkets Meat and eggs mainly from local products Tea from southeast area Milk mainly from Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang

6 Where to buy organic products?  Supermarkets  organic or healthy food store  Home delivery from farm  Internet  fair

7 ( Han Zhanbin , 2012 ) Consumers awareness of organic products Food safety Awareness of organic products Survey in Beijing and Wuhan 519 samples

8 Organic labeling Consumers behavior of organic products Trust on Organic products ( Han Zhanbin , 2012 )

9 Consumers behavior of organic products Ways to know organic products Organic rice Price: 5 times 52% vs 48% Consumption of organic products

10 Impact factors to buy organic products Impact factorsConsumers buy difference probability consumers Education13% Income20.3% awareness11.9% age14% Organic products Quality20% Brand9% Access(easy to buy)13.14% price8.4% ( Zou Weihua et al , 2009 ) Target consumers : medium to high income young people Organic stores: easy to access Products: quality and brand are more important

11 Main problems  Confusion of different safety food concepts organic food, green food, hazard free food  Low awareness benefit and how to distinguish  Low trust bad image from public media, social environment

12 Ways to solve  Improve the quality and credibility of organic products  Build up trust (more communications like CSA)  Education of consumers to improve their awareness and how to distinguish  The positive publicity through various media for good image


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