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1984 9/11/20091 Not confidential. Please share freely. We aren't ashamed by this current fiscal mess. By the way, are you hiring?

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1 1984 9/11/20091 Not confidential. Please share freely. We aren't ashamed by this current fiscal mess. By the way, are you hiring?

2  Oil (bl): $25.65now $69.15  Gold (oz.): $385.00$1007  Dow Jones: 11249605  S&P 500: 1531042  NASDAQ: 2352080 9/11/2009 We sniffed 14K on the Dow and 5K on NASDAQ. Anyone believe we'll see 100K Dow and 20K NASDAQ in the next 25 years? 2

3  Total Graduated:270  Lost/No Email when we started this:200  Where did we go?  Western Washington: 100  Oregon16  Eastern Wa11  Other PNW (ID, MT, AK, BC)10  California 30  Other West USA12  Mid-West USA24  NYC area8  Other East Coast/South USA14  International (Asia/Pacific)23  Other International6  Deceased3 9/11/2009 Does anyone else remember our classmate who wore the PLO scarf every day? Al I recall is he was heading back to the Middle East when school was over. 3

4  Ronald Regan and Yuri Andropov were Time’s Men of the Year for 1983  Ironweed won the Pulitzer for fiction (a novel about drunk and starving in the depression…sound familiar?)  Amadeus won Best Picture Oscar  Hill Street Blues won Best Drama  Cheers won Best Comedy  #1 Billboard songs included Jump, Footloose, Hello, Let’s Hear it for the Boy, and Karma Chameleon? 9/11/2009 See if you're out of work and over 50 it is tough to get hired by the youngsters, no matter how experienced you are. Could it be our music choices? 4

5  Seahawks: just finished their 1 st playoff run going 9-7 and winning two playoff games only losing to Raiders for AFC Championship (Knox, Kreig, Easley, Largent)  Sonics: went 42-40 finishing 3 rd in West and losing in 1 st round to Mavs (Wilkens, Sikma, Freddie Brown, Gus, Steve Hawes)  M’s: last place again but had R.O.Y in Alvin Davis and at the Dome swept Tigers who won World Series that year  Seafair: won by Jim Kropfeld in Miss Budweiser  Mahre brothers take gold and silver 9/11/20095 All we're saying is toss an old Dawg a bone once in a while. We won't have our wits much longer so hire us while you can.

6  FB: went 8-4 in ’83 (lost Aloha Bowl) & 11-1 (T-1 st in Pac-10) in ‘84. The ‘84 team won the Orange Bowl over Oklahoma and the infamous Boomer Schooner.  Men’s BB: 24-7 (T-1 st in Pac-10) NCAA tourney team won 1 st two games in Pullman beating Duke 80- 78 in 2 nd. Lost to Dayton in Sweet 16. Schrempf, Welp, and Fortier. NCAA Final Four in Kingdome won by Georgetown.  Women’s BB: 17-8 (4 th in NORPAC) 9/11/2009 Did you know we had a classmate who competed for the US Olympic team in 84? I think his name was Duncan Atwood. Not sure how he did. Anyone remember? 6

7  Seafirst – in process of being sold to BOA in ‘83 primarily due to the Penn Square collapse of Oklahoma City fame (they got Seafirst and the Sonics!)  Rainier Bank – sold to Security Pacific in ‘87 then partially to BOA in ‘92 and partially to West One --> US Bank --> Key  Some who did not make it (year they closed):  Seattle Computer (1986)  Frederick & Nelson (1992)  Ernst (1996)  Rainier Beer (1999)  Lamont’s (2000) 9/11/2009 I called on Ken Paterson of Seattle Computer in 1985 for TI. He told me the DOS story and about how he got hosed by Microsoft and especially Bill Gates. He eventually sued many times and won several $ Mil. He now lives in Friday Harbor. 7

8 # employeesRevenue  Boeing84K/160K$11.1B/$60.9B  Weyerhauser40K/20K$4.9B/$11.4B  Microsoft860/91K$97M/$60.4B  Starbuck’s6/16K (stores)$1M?/$9.4B  Unemployment  Feb 84: 9.6%  Mar/Apr 84:9.3%  Today: 9.5% 9/11/2009Interrupt if you want to hear about my former co-worker who has a $20 Mil deck in his back yard.8

9  Hardest class: 5 alums agree Prob/Stats… Others say:  “Feel good fascism policy courses”  Management class that dealt in ridiculous generalities  What could Foster have done better?  50% respondents desired better career/networking support  One asked to be taught Lotus 1-2-3  Worst Financial Decisions:  Didn’t take the pre IPO Microsoft job (4)  Poor real estate timing (4)  Stock Market misses (4)  Seeing a Financial Advisor after graduation 9/11/2009OK. So some of us are getting old and cranky. But some still have a sense of humor.9

10  One classmate admits to having a tatoo…and visiting Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal, Machu Piccu, Angkor Wat, & Galapagos Islands  Favorite desert island classmate co-castaway: “someone who doesn’t eat”  We have an avid reader of the Vashon Island Beachcomber newspaper  Funniest classmate:  Bob Lazzarini (3) 9/11/2009 If the person who has the tatoo & visited all these places is here please identify yourself. We want to see the tat and hear the stories. 10

11  Glad we did…  Cranfield/Japan Exchange Program  Buck the trend and concentrated on HR  Not go into accounting  Made friends amongst classmates  Discover Seattle  Best thing our MBA’s gave us…  1 st job, career change  Understanding of how the world works  Skills to successfully manage own business  Ability to provide good home for spouse and raise kids  Great jobs and confidence to handle challenging situations 9/11/2009I guess the next big reunion number for us will be our 50th in 2034. See you then!11

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