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Methane as a vehicle fuel in Europe Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Matthias Maedge Deputy Secretary General NGVA Europe.

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1 Methane as a vehicle fuel in Europe Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Matthias Maedge Deputy Secretary General NGVA Europe

2 European Association for gas in transport Zagreb, 28 November 2014 LNG Main objective is the promotion of Natural Gas & biomethane as fuels for transport We represent more than 150 manufacturers and associations (21 Board members) 2

3 Croatia new EU family member (11 MEPs) LNG Source: Fleishman Hillard Zagreb, 28 November x 5x 2x 1x 3

4 Reduce the EU transport systems oil dependence in order to diversify and secure energy supply. Reduce EU GHG emissions in line with the Climate and Energy Package, 2030 framework (40-27) and the 2011 White Paper on Transport. Improve the air quality in urban areas in order to meet EU air quality obligations. Enhance the competitiveness of the European industry, boost innovation and generate economic growth. The European alternative fuels strategy Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: European Commission 4

5 372,400 84, , ,100 1,719, , ,200 Australia Asia South America North America Europe 147,700 6,300 16,200 25,100 9,400 31,200 World Middle East Africa Worldwide gas reserves (Unit = 10 9 m³) + new discoveries in Asia & Africa Conventional NG Unconventional NG World3.350 billion m³ Europe Total472 billion m³ NGVs~ 2 billion m³ Reserves World513 years Europe179 years NG consumption & reserves (2013) Zagreb, 28 November ,400 Source: BP statistical review, BGR, graph works NGVA Europe 240, ,100 5

6 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Natural Gas as a competitive alternative Source: LNG spot market 6

7 Natural Gas pipelines and terminals Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: GIE LNG terminals keep expanding… - 20 operating - 7 under construction - ca. 30 new projects 7

8 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 ACER (Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators) study (30/10/2014) Source: 8

9 Gas in transport is the way forward Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: European Commission, NGVA Europe Available, reliable, economical, integration of renewable sources Reduced emissions of NOx, Particles, GHG and Noise Only real alternative to oil available today! 9

10 Vice President & Commissioner in charge of transport, Siim Kallas: “Gas will play a major part as the most attractive option to replace oil-based fuels such as diesel. While the technologies are already mature, it is the lack of infrastructure that is holding up a broader uptake of gas as a vehicle fuel.” „NGV Brussels 2014“ (8-10 July) Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: European Commission, NGVA Europe Director General of DG MOVE, J. Aguiar Machado: “The transition to alternative fuels is urgent. Natural gas has a very important role to play, as does biogas.” 10

11 28 October 2014: Directive on deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure (2014/94/EU) Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: European Commission Detailed provisions for CNG and LNG: - CNG in cities and densely populated areas by CNG & LNG at least on TEN-T core network by (150 km km indic. distances). - LNG in sufficient TEN-T seaports by LNG in sufficient TEN-T inland ports by Common technical standards by Consumer information: "1 petrol litre equivalent" for better comparability of fuel prices shall be used. Member States have to develop National Policy Frameworks until 18 November 2016 LCNG station, Gasrec, UK CNG station, Bohlen & Doyen, Germany 11

12 Overview of deadlines Zagreb, 28 November Source: European Commission

13 European standards CNG/LNG filling stations Zagreb, 28 November 2014 European standards for natural gas supply shall contain interoperable technical specifications with a single solution for each of the following: LNG refuelling points for maritime and inland waterway vessels compatible with ISO/TC 67 (31/12/2017) LNG and L-CNG refuelling points for motor vehicles compatible with ISO/DIS (31/12/2016) CNG refuelling points for motor vehicles compatible with ISO/DIS (31/12/2016) LNG connectors and recetables for motor vehicles compatible with UN ECE Regulation 110 and referring to ISO/DIS (31/12/2016) CNG connectors and recetables Improve compatible with UN ECE Regulation 110 and referring to ISO 14469, parts 1 and 2 (31/12/2016) -Member States (CEN 1025/2012) approval on 23rd Oct. -Will be submitted to the ESOs by end November. -NGVA & members shall play an active role to support the process in compliance with ISO PC

14 Fuel pricing and range for 10 € fuel costs Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Cost advantage of natural gas today not transparent Ass:Fiat Panda 0,9 Natural Power (average consumption and fuel price German example) Figure: Fuel prices Germany April CNG price 0,70 € on litre eq. basis. 14

15 Energy Taxation Directive Zagreb, 28 November No agreement on proposal to introduce harmonised taxes on fuels at EU level. Motivation tax CO2 and energy content: only 15% of the tax related to CO2. Need for lower taxes on natural gas and biomethane to trigger investments and use: 16 EU Member States tax NG below set minimum recommendation of 2,60 €/GJ (EU average 2.15 €/GJ, weighted average 0.75€/GJ). NG vs Diesel: average Diesel tax 11,60 €/GJ => Council proposal 11,09 €/GJ

16 European NGV Market development Zagreb, 28 November 2014 LNG NGV growth million NGVs mid 2014 (market share < 1%) Croatia: +52.8% Belgium: +51.6% Finland: +26.6% Greece: +29.2% Czech Rep.: +26.5% Hungary: +20.6% Netherlands: 11.7% Slovakia: +9.9% Poland: +5.7% Spain: +5.2% Sweden: +5.12% Italy: +4.3% Source: NGVA Europe statistical update mid

17 NGV development last decade - 18% NGV growth/year - 18 Mio NGVs worldwide (thereof 7% in Europe) NGV market share by World: 65 million NGVs = 6% market share -Europe 10 million NGVs = 5% market share (conservative NGV Global/NGVA Europe est.) Worldwide NGV market development Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: NGVA Europe, Worldwide share in vehicle market 17

18 CNG vehicles – low emissions champions Zagreb, 28 November 2014 New Audi A3 TCNG. Cleanest combustion engine with e-gas Skoda Octavia g-tec. Downiszing & turbo chgarging + CNG is ideal Fiat 500 L & Mercedes-BENZ B-Class Family Vans km range (upt to 500 km on CNG) Golf VII TGI Best selling car of its class 18

19 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Vehicle type Reference model VW city car Up! Electric E-Up (60 kw) Gas Eco Up (68 PS) Petrol Up 1.0 (75 PS) PriceEuro26.900, , ,- Consumptionper 100km 12,7 kWh3,0 kg6,5 L Energy costsEuro / Km 3,433,039,69 CO2g/km Insurance costs Basic Part Full Full Euro 237,- 65,- 406,- 248,- 51,- 319,- 231,- 53,- 264,- Monthly costs Based on Km/Year Based on Km/Year Based on Km/Year Euro 578,-/94,- 611,-/114,- 649,-/140,- 276,-/91,- 306,-/111,- 340,-/136,- 289,-/140,- 343,-/188,- 403,-/240,- Leasing Advanced Payment Rate Euro 5.380,- 347, ,- 112, ,- 92,- Total cost of ownership electric vs CNG 19

20 CO2 emission targets passenger cars Zagreb, 28 November 2014 LNG 20

21 NGVs & CO 2 WTW emissions Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Petrol Diesel LPG CNG BIO-CNG (20%) BIO-CNG (100%) Ethanol (Basis: Wheat) Biodiesel (Basis: Rape) Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Basis: EU-Mix) Hydrogen Fuel Cell (Basis: Wind energy) E-Mobility (Basis: EU-Mix) E-Mobility (Basis: Wind energy) -97% -39% -24% Best CO 2 potential > 130 octane Fossil fuel: Biogenic fuel: Electricity: CNG *Basis: (Petrol, naturally aspirated engine), Fuel-consumption: 7l/100km THG-Emission WTW in gCO 2 äq/km Source: DENA, JEC 21

22 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Renewable electricity stored in the gas grid with power-to-gas technology. 22

23 Reducing CO2 emissions from HDVs Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Commission Communication published in May, legislative proposal for 2015: + Principal sources of biomethane Source: European Commission, CNH 23

24 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 CNG buses & garbage trucks – a European success story (main countries units) Source: NGVA Europe statistical update mid 2014 CNG buses: CNG trucks: CNG buses: CNG trucks: (incl. 320 LNG) CNG buses: CNG trucks: CNG buses: CNG trucks: 176 CNG buses: CNG trucks: 755 (incl. 70 LNG) Others (HD NGV): Netherlands (1.070, inlc. 300 LNG), Greece (720), UK (700, inlc. 630 LNG), Czech. Rep. (600), Norway (540), Poland (450), Portugal (440), Slovakia (325), Bulgaria (320), Lithuania (300), Switzerland (300), Austria (220) Mercedes Econic NGT, Athens Iveco Bus CNG, Barcelona 24

25 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Air pollution & Noise – CNG and LNG improve the quality of life Source: NGVA, CNH, EEA -95% vs EUR VI limit (10 mg/kWh) EUR VI CNG/LNG -5 dBA noise + 25

26 NGVs in the focus of research: Horizon 2020 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 €70 billion for research and technical development Open calls CALL ‘CLEAN VEHICLES’ Future natural gas powertrains and components for cars and vans Future alternative fuel powertrains and components for heavy duty vehicles CALL ‘SMART CITIES AND COMMUNITIES’ Alternative fuels for Smart Cities Source: European Commission 26

27 CEF: CNG/LNG infrastructure funding More info: Zagreb, 28 November 2014 New legislation: Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013 Focus on decarbonisation, pollution and noise reduction, safe and secure infrastructure (incl. CNG/ LNG) Develop core and comprehensive networks Create cross-sector synergies & synchronise investments Projects must involve one or more Member States €26 billion available for funding period Ongoing call 11 September February

28 0,1 % sulphur limit marine fuel as of 1/1/2015 Zagreb, 28 November

29 1 Liter Diesel CNG and LNG trucks Diesel vs. CNG / LNG CNG 5 litre LNG/LBG 1,8 litre 200 bar LNG opens the way for the medium and long distance road transport -162ºC at 1 bar -125ºC at 10 bar Two technologies are available for heavy engines: Dedicated, using 100% natural gas Dual fuel, using diesel injection for ignition and natural gas as the main fuel Zagreb, 28 November 2014 SourceNGVA Europe, LNG Blue Corridor 29

30 LNG trucks for long distance transport Zagreb, 28 November 2014 The LNG Blue Corridors Project Large scale project to demonstrate the LNG as a real alternative for medium and long distance transport, as complementary fuel first, and substitute of diesel in the future partners from 11 countries Heavy Duty vehicles running on LNG - 14 new fuel stations - Total investment: M€ - EC funding: 7.96 M€ - 4 years 30

31 LNG Roadmap of the LNG Blue Corridors Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: LNG Blue Corridor 31

32 Current European LNG vehicle fleet > 200 > 25 < 10 None Spain 318 trucks Sweden 69 trucks Netherlands 291 trucks Italy 7 trucks UK 638 trucks Source: NGVA Europe, LNG Vehicles 50 LNG filling stations UK leader, then NL & Spain Turkey 2 trucks Switzerland 1 trucks Belgium 33 trucks Finland 1 truck Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Poland 11 buses 32

33 LNG Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Source: NGVA Europe 33

34 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 Comprehensive set of actions to support methane as a vehicle fuel Directive 2014/94/EU deployment alternative fuels infra- structure R&D: Horizon 2020 Demonstrati on of HDV running of liquefied methane CEF transport: TEN-T regulation & guidelines

35 Zagreb, 28 November 2014 NGVA Europe Secretariat Address: Avenida de Aragón Madrid, Spain Brussels Liaison Office: Avenue de Cortenbergh Brussels, Belgium 35

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