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An Emerging World Power

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1 An Emerging World Power

2 Imperialism One country’s domination of the political, economic, and social life of another country Three key factors Nationalism prompted rival European nations to build empires to compete for power The Industrial Revolution created high demand for raw materials, so nations sought new territories Both religious fervor and feelings of racial superiority inspire Europeans to impose their cultures

3 Forms of Imperialism Colony
A territory that an imperial power ruled directly through colonial officials Protectorate Had its own gov’t, but its policies guided by foreign power Sphere of influence A region of a country in which the imperial power had exclusive trading rights

4 America’s First Steps In 1853, Commodore Matthew Perry sailed a fleet of American warships into present day Tokyo Bay, Japan opening up foreign relations with them. In 1867, the U.S. purchased Alaska from Russia. Relations with Latin America improved. Queen Liliuokalani of Hawaii was overthrown by American planters and Sanford B. Dole was placed in power and asked the U.S. annex the island.

5 The Spanish American War
Causes: The rise of dictator Jose Marti in Cuba. Yellow press inflames public opinion. The U.S. warship the Maine exploded in a Havana harbor killing 266 Amer. soliders. (Remember the Maine!)

6 The Spanish Amer. War Cont.
Commodore George Dewey commanded the U.S. Naval fleet which was very successful. Future President Theodore Roosevelt led the “Rough Riders” at the Battle of San Juan hill. The War was an astounding American success. (3000 died only 380 in combat) The Treaty of Paris ended the War and gave the U.S. claims in Latin America as well as in the Philippines.

7 Spanish-American War Video

8 The U.S. & East Asia The Boxer Rebellion was an attempt by a rebel group to eliminate any foreigners in China. European powers wanted China to pay reparations for losses during the rebellion and this led to an overthrow of the emperor in 1911. In an effort to continue its “open door policy” America used some of the money paid out by China to fund scholarships for Chinese students in America.


10 The U.S. & Latin America The Platt Amendment placed Cuba as a protectorate under the U.S. Theodore Roosevelt developed his “big-stick” diplomacy when dealing with foreign countries and depended on a strong military to back it up. Roosevelt played a major role in the creation of the Panama Canal linking Atlantic & Pacific.





15 Panama Canal Videos

16 Diplomacy Roosevelt hand picked William Howard Taft to succeed him as Pres. Taft took an economic approach to foreign relations with his “dollar diplomacy.” In 1912, Woodrow Wilson was elected Pres. And instituted a foreign policy based on human rights, national integrity, and opportunity known as “moral diplomacy.”

17 Taft’s Tub

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