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Presents Webinar at on the theme of How to be an online Teacher.

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1 Presents Webinar at on the theme of How to be an online Teacher

2 Discussion Schedule and Tone 40 mts of presentation and followed by Q&A and freewheeling discussions Informal, conversational and little personal The main idea here is not to impart knowledge but to discuss practitioners realization and experience in a new domain Please rate this webinar : whether the speaker is practising what he is preaching

3 Online Teaching It is as serious as any teaching of any time It is not an alternative of in-person teaching Effectiveness of Online Teaching depends on Topic / Theme Teacher Students / Colleagues / Peers / Audience Technology

4 Teacher : First Steps The genuine need to teach Great Editor and Aggregator Connecting cross-experience and experience with codified information Psychologist Balance of generalist and specialist talents Intense personal experience Non-egoist Non-suspicious Enlightened self-interest ( Theme : Teaching Freelancers / Teaching People language skills / Teaching other language/culture related skills / Self Development)

5 Orientation – Test Have you ever talked with yourself in front of a mirror ? Have you ever hummed a tune / song alone – in an enclosed, noise free environment ? (e.g. Bathroom singing ) Have you ever spoken in Skype/Gtalk with a colleague, client or friend ? Have you ever argued / quarrelled over telephone ? Have you ever spoken sweet nothings over telephone ?

6 Orientation –Test Results If answer to any 2 questions in the previous slide is yes, You have a positive orientation to be an online teacher......

7 Technologies Skype Telephone Webinar set of products (only audio) Webinar with HDTV Moodle Mix of many

8 Teaching – Steps Concept Design Preparation Delivery Environment Post-Delivery Issues

9 Teaching – Concept What ? - Selection Who benefits ? – Segment How do they benefit ? – Cost-Benefit Analysis Cost = 1 hours or more time and / or $ 10 to $ 100 Benefit = ?

10 Design Segment s overwhelming psychological need Segments valuation of time, money, attention Free or Paid Course Decision Time Duration

11 Delivery Language Selection Formal / Informal Textual / Visual / Mix Engagement Focus Accent Textual information / spoken information ratio Slow / Moderate / Fast Repetition

12 Environment Home Office Studio Connectivity – Back-up Connectivity – Time to Switch Rescheduling Plan in case of force majeure Payment Return Plan in case of cacellation / rescheduling Producer Green-Room Team Recording Editing Noise, Phone Calls, pop-ups, pet barking or plane flying overhead !

13 Post Delivery Issues PPT (Material) Video (material) Feedback Wrap-Up Speech / Further sales pitch Testing recording Setting up Policy of Feedback processing and acting on that feedback

14 Self – Reference for Teacher Why do I want to teach ? (being a freelancer) To teach because I like teaching I have to share the experience I need to give back what I did not have Residual Income Name, fame and being an authority I have many ideas I think these ideas are important I have free time I would like to give it a try... Diversification Motivated by others (for example : this webinar)

15 What do I want to teach ? The teacher needs to have intense personal experience in the theme. In such a case, you dont have a strategy to communicate, you just converse The theme needs to be such that the teacher has substantial things to say above information, statistics, report, hearsay, research data and so on The teacher knows the path of success and path of failure with regards to the theme The experience will help someone and a bit of it can only be found here – Uniqueness....

16 What the attendees will get ? Write this down Write this point wise – say min 5-6 points Ask the segment whether that is really they are interested to get Ask what you forgot... [ Example : Send this to 5 persons in the segment and see what they say about each point ]

17 Outreach Marketing and Permission Incentive Sales Pitch Pricing Derivative Products

18 The Real-Time experience – webinar The recorded version (video + text + audio) The textual version The Audio Book Value-Added Experience One to one course In person Updating

19 Updating : Product Halo Basic Product (Webinar / Video) Value Added product (One to one / Direct / In person) Blog / Review /Social Network / Platform reputation Continuous Learning and spreading....

20 Wordsmith University : Business Model Combined Marketing with you (teacher) Payment Collection Carrying force majeure risk Network Externality Effect : Platform Reputation Integrating Product Halo Helping in product creation (webinar, access and recording followed by editing) Marketing in segment – Free Video and Resource access (coming soon) Network Externality Effect Multiplier Focussing Product Halo ( Books, Blogs and Inter-linking)

21 Conclusion Our Charter read in 2011 If anyone has anything to teach and anyone is interested to learn that, our platform can do that : any language, any topic, any time, to and from anywhere....

22 A product halo example Teaching Online : Perception in Reality – a 1000 word essay on the theme at Freeelancers Freelancer Freeelancers Freelancer perceptions-and-reality/



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