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THE NEW INDIAN CONSUMER Prepaying With 2014, June 19, 2014.

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1 THE NEW INDIAN CONSUMER Prepaying With Joy! @ReTechCon 2014, June 19, 2014

2 ENTERPRISE CLASS TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM The Leading End-to-end Merchant Branded Prepaid Card Solution Over 14 Million+ transactions annually Over 4 M Cards under management Deployed in over 250+ cities & towns Over 10,000 + Points of Sale presence Leading the Prepaid & Gift Card category. 90% of Gift Cards in India Managed by QwikCilver.

3 VERSATILE TECHNOLOGY One Platform, several solutions! Loyalty Programs Pre Paid Card Gift Cards E-Wallet Facebook Gifting E-Gift Card Food Court Corporate Incentives Promotions Reverse EMI Discount Card Employee R&R

4 THE QWIKCILVER TECHNOVATION Cloud based Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Entire solution managed centrally by QwikCilver Solution built on QwikCilver Platform – our IP Seamless integration at the physical & online POS Platform Flexibility - key to meet varying market needs Highly Secure


6 Enabling Omni Channel Presence for We enable Retailers to launch Prepaid & Gift Cards We manage their Gift Cards, e-Gift Cards, M-Gift Cards. We enable Online, Social, Mobile Prepaid Management We enable sale & redemption across all their channels Total Multi Channel Solutions! RETAILERS

7 World Payment Report 2013 Global Study by Capgemini Growth of Non-Cash Payments Continues Unabated Developing Markets Growth Continues to Outpace Developed Markets Consumers Continue to Embrace Non-Cash Instruments, New Thresholds Achieved Non-Cash Growth Trends Expected to Remain Robust Prepaid Cards Growing at Significantly Higher Rates than More Established Instruments

8 Transactions Vs Customer Engagements Capgemini in a recent report: “The Payments-acquisition value chain is splitting—with transactional components becoming commoditised and customer-engagement components becoming differentiators.

9 WHAT IS A GIFT CARD? Retailers Prepaid Currency positioned as a Gifting Product I Gives the recipient freedom to choose I Convenient I Modern | Smart| Gifting Flexibility to Corporate and Individuals Powered by QwikCilver

10 THE SALES MULTIPLIER FOR RETAILERS Prepaid Money I Advance Cash Flows| Every Card Sold = Two Customers| Locked-In Customers Sales uplift of 100% to 400% I Breakage A complete winner for any Retailer! GIFT CARD Powered by QwikCilver

11 EXPLODING POTENTIAL The GC/GV market is worth $ 402 Mn (2011) and is expected to grow to $2.3B by 2017-18 Some of the leading Retailers already do about 8 – 10% of top-line on Gift Cards / Vouchers Powered by QwikCilver


13 Gift Card Sales Value in Crs Volume in Lakhs 1677% 1563% Acceptance of Gift Card has increased as reflected in sales

14 Category wise GC Sales (Volume) Total Volume 23 Lakhs Period : Apr 13 - Mar 14

15 Category wise GC Sales (Value) Total Value Rs 249 Crores Period : Apr 13 - Mar 14

16 Category wise GC Redemption (Volume) Total Volume 18 Lakhs Period : Apr 13 - Mar 14

17 Trends in Gift Card Transactions 3687% Significant increase in Gift Card transactions over the years

18 Average Load Value Across Categories

19 Average Days to Redemption 47% of total redemptions are within a Month


21 Case info% Uplift A major luxury personal accessory retailer206% A major electronics retailer131% A well known department store857% A well known footwear retailer237% A well known kitchen appliance brand318% * Source: QC Internal transaction data Gift Card and Uplift in Spends

22 WHY TRENDS “Catch the next wave before it catches you”

23 T P Pratap Mob : 99025-50415

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