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Agenda Monday, March 23rd Do-Now Homework Do now

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1 Agenda Monday, March 23rd Do-Now Homework Do now
Please take a few moments to use each of the following terms in a sentence which demonstrates its meaning: Manchurian Incident Puppet State Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Agenda Do now Notes on japan builds an empire Homework Test revisions due Chapter 23 packet due

2 24.3 - Japan Builds an empire
The Road to World War II Japan Builds an empire

3 Growing Military Power
WWI Japan joins the allies Minor role in WWI Conquered German Pacific posessions Improved economy

4 After WWI Japan uses 2-party parliamentary government
Greatly increases # of Japanese who can vote Steps toward international peace Slowed territorial expansion Helped found the League of Nations Signed the 1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact to condemn war, promote diplomacy

5 Democracy in Crisis Recessions rocked Japanese economy in 1920’s
Conditions grew worse in 1930 with the G.D. Japan’s economy was reliant on international trade High tariffs elsewhere severely damaged J. econ.

6 Democracy in Crisis (continued)
Industrial decline  strikes, layoffs, political discontent Many Japanese blamed the democratic system of government Believed gov’t reacted too slowly, did too little Also evidence of corruption in Japanese gov’t

7 Rise of Nationalism Japanese Military V. Government
Dissatisfied with limits on the Japanese Navy & Army Angry at prevention of Japanese challenge at Manchuria Radical Nationalist groups rise in rebellion Perceive gov’t weaknesses Demand a return to tradition, end to multi-party system Demand an end to Western ways & powerful business in Japan Radicals assassinate business and political leaders

8 Japanese troops entering Manchuria in the wake of the so-called Mukden Incident during the Sino-Japanese War. After a bomb of unknown origin damaged the Japanese railway near Shenyang (Mukden), the Japanese Kwantung army guarding the railway used the incident as a pretext to occupy south Manchuria and eventually to set up a puppet government.

9 The Manchurian Incident
1900’s population Explosion in Japan 1930 neared 65million Growing by ~1million per year Japan lacked resources to support its population Land/space for growth and agriculture Markets and raw materials to power the economy

10 The Manchurian Incident
Manchuria appears a solution Iron ore and coal stores Vast undeveloped land Japanese Army stationed there Army takes action without gov’t approval Capture cities in Southern Manchuria Chinese Army retreats by sea Japanese civilian gov’t shocked and powerless to stop its army

11 Puppet State of Manchukuo
Manchuria is declared the independent state of Manchukuo Installs a new leader with Japanese advisors Japan sends over 1 million farmers, businessmen, soldiers in hopes of securing the new colony International reaction GB & U.S. protest violation of Kellogg-Briand Pact do not act, empty threats League of Nations orders Japan to end its occupation Japan withdraws from the league

12 An end to Japan’s Multi-party Government
1932 naval officers assassinate the prime minister 1936 more high gov’t officials killed Parliamentary system in danger Civilian governors fear for their lives Military gains influence, unchecked in power

13 War against China 1937 scuffle in Beijing turns into full-scale war
Japanese fire power overtakes Chinese manpower Japanese occupy Beijing and Tiajinin Threaten northern China Rape of Nanjing Japanese soldiers brutalize or kill more than 100,000 mainly civilians, including women & children


15 Nationalist Soldiers marching during the second Sino-Japanese War

16 Roosevelt’s Response “The epidemic of lawlessness is spreading”
Condemns Japan’s actions calls for a quarantine to protect peaceful nations Congress passes a series of Neutrality Acts Prevent US involvement abroad

17 International Response
Soviet Union also condemns Japan Sends arms, military advisors, war planes to China Britain sends supplies in to back China Transported over Burma Road China’s reaction Former enemy leaders of China unite to fight Japan

18 Japan’s expansion plan
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere Needed natural resources like oil and rubber to carry on war with China Announced wish to claim all lands from Manchuria south along the coast to the Dutch East Indies In expansion, Japan resembles Germany Overtaking resources from surrounding lands to fuel Nationalism

19 Japanese– German– Italian Alliance
September 1940 Tripartite Pact Japan moves troops to Northern French Indochina With the reluctant permission of Vichy France

20 Japan as a World Threat Signs non-aggression pact with Soviets
Poised to overtake Dutch East Indies Netherlands had fallen to Germany before

21 Writing What does Japan’s rise to power indicate about how economic conditions affect foreign policy? Use examples.


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