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NWPCSS Presentation 11/09/14 Dominic Kennedy – Framework Sales Manager.

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1 NWPCSS Presentation 11/09/14 Dominic Kennedy – Framework Sales Manager

2 Banner Update Overview Sales KPI/SLA Prospects Team Structure Sustainability Performance and Highlights Agenda

3 Banner Update

4 Company Overview Banner is an office2office plc group company, listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2004. Trading history dates back to 1786 A leading provider of managed procurement, secure destruction and managed communication services Specialise at removing cost from your contract in an ethical and sustainable manner. Securing long term supply relationships for our customers and shareholders Circa 50/50 public private split

5 Important News Update Offer Received for office2office plc EVO Business Supplies Limited – Endless / VOW / office2office Owned by Endless LLP - independent UK based private equity house Currently own VOW/Supplies Team – 2009 Investment Truline - Deliveries Buying Power - £800m Spicer/Officeteam – Consolidation Currently being investigated legally and requires shareholder vote Offer price 51pence – Premium 86.4%

6 Our Customers – Public Sector

7 RM781 – Out to Tender Sept 2014 - CCS RM917 – Tender Expected Oct/Nov 2014 - CCS Value Wales – Tender delayed / Expected QU4 NHS – Additional Value Banner NWUPC/CPC – Re Award to Lyreco Other Framework Updates

8 Framework Overview

9 Annualised trading circa £1.7M 2014 (Current £1.3M +) University of Nottingham - £270k – fully Live Herefordshire CC - £100k - Implementation Worcestershire CC trail but £200k – fully live Sheffield University paper £50k Leicester College student purchasing £40k 2 New Business BDM positions (New Business Education) North and South Mike Atkinson and Katie Bannikow Re Focus target HE Sector Local SME / Colleges Education Doncaster MBC £100k, Kirklees DC £120k - Joining Framework Edinburgh College £20k Trust Housing £20k with Implementation

10 Sales

11 NWPCSS Sept 13 to Aug 14


13 99% delivery within framework terms 97.5% Lines Stocked Bespoke lines for University of Nottingham and Open University Schools packs Academic Diary Direct Deliveries

14 KPI/SLA- May - July deliveries per orderorder values orders received number of shipments deliveries per order below £39 above £100 Value of Orders Placed No. of Orders Average Order Value No. of Lines Average Lines per Order 5,3075,7071.075372147%19%326,569.395,30773.523,4204

15 KPI/SLA- May - July order methods spend by category E-Procurement supplier website Fax E-Mail Other Pens, Writing & Drawing toners Office Stationery Paper Envelopes & Packaging Books & Pads Other 51%6%4%35%4% 14,963.900.00108,921.6384,935.8630,751.5816,493.7560,919.10

16 KPI/SLA- May - July environmental spend by categoryEnvironment spend totals Pens, Writing & Drawing toners - remanufactured Office Stationery Paper Envelopes & Packaging Books & Pads Other environment spend environment spend as a proportion of total spend 2,559.250.0031,932.6036,446.1321,447.985,185.9014,273.03111,844.8934%

17 KPI/SLA – May to July Orders Recieved – 5307 47% Below £39 – However significant orders in single buildings – 54% of these 19% Over £100 51% Orders Via EProcurement 22.4% Environmental Products 41% Recycled Paper

18 NWPCSS KPI Sept 2013 – Aug 2014






24 Framework Prospects

25 Prospects Falkirk Council £300k – Awarded Calderdale MBC - £50k Edinburgh Council - £150k Cardiff University - £200k Worcestershire Borough Councils – 7 - £100k University of Worcester - £100k Hackney College - £50k University UK - £10k Solihull College £25k Solihull Council - £150k Birmingham Councils £300k University of Dundee WIDER PUBLIC SECTOR COLLEGES NHS TRUSTS

26 Team Structure

27 Dominic Kennedy Framework Manager Mark Airey Sales Manager North 7 - BDM Regionally Based 1 New Business BDM Jason Smith Sales Manager South 8 – BDM Regionally Based 1 New Business BDM

28 Added Value

29 Closed Loop Banner is the only supplier within Europe to utilise its customer’s waste paper and to recycle the waste into a 100% recycled sheet of photocopier paper and thereby officially “closing the loop.”

30 Closed Loop 46,000 t waste collected 20,000 collection points 27 Gov Departments using the Waste/Closed Loop paper Other Closed Loop Products FILES, FOLDERS, NOTEPADS ETC

31 Sustainability Performance and Highlights

32 Performance and Highlights 100% deliveries via Recycla box 22.4% Globe and Tick Products – 0.2% reduction 41 % Recycled Copier Paper -26% Growth – 12% Closed Loop 59% Sustainable Sourced Virgin Copier Paper 24.2t Carbon Footprint – 5.7t increase however due to new customers Renewed interest for closed loop paper – 12% Volume

33 NWPCSS Sustainable KPI 2013



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