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High School CollegeMedical School Profession Kendy Oláguez, MA Proj. Director, Pre-College & Research Initiatives UIC Hispanic Center of Excellence Yolanda.

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1 High School CollegeMedical School Profession Kendy Oláguez, MA Proj. Director, Pre-College & Research Initiatives UIC Hispanic Center of Excellence Yolanda Campbell, MPH Assistant Director of Student Development UIC College of Medicine Urban Health Program

2 Introduction Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE) To improve the medical care of Latinos in Illinois by providing programs that strengthen the pipeline and increase the number of Latino applicants pursuing health careers; enrich the education of Latino students, with an emphasis on producing linguistically and culturally- competent health practitioners; and build partnerships with others that share the same vision. COM Urban Health Program (COM-UHP) The mission of the University of Illinois College of Medicine Urban Health Program (COM-UHP) is to recruit, retain, and graduate underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students, specifically African American, Latinos, and Native Americans, into the health professions [...] with the goals of eliminating health disparities and advancing health equity. The COM-UHP is located on all four College of Medicine campuses and serves over 3,000 individuals annually, including over 1,000 high school students.

3 Have you ever asked yourself… I.What does a doctor really do and what does it take to become a doctor? II.What can I do as a H.S. student to get prepared to become a doctor? III.What opportunities exist for me to get involved and further experience the field first-hand? IV.What should I take into consideration as I think about college and how will I pay for college? V.While in college, what would make me a competitive applicant for medical school? VI.What does life look like after medical school?Overview

4 I.Becoming a doctor….


6 H.S. (4 years) Diploma College/ University (4-6 years/ 90 credits) Undergraduate Degree: varies Medical School (4 years) Medical Degree Residency (2-7 years) Fellowship Training (1-4 years) Fig. 1 Pathway to a Career in Medicine I.Becoming a doctor…. 11-16 Years to Become a Doctor

7 II. What you can do NOW! A.Build a good academic foundation & school rapport 1.Consider the courses you are taking focus on math, science, and writing take advantage of advanced classes/programs (i.e. Honors, IB) & Advanced Placement coursework monitor progress in classes and maintain a strong GPA start early and prepare for standardize tests (ACT/SAT) 2. Get to know your teachers and counselor/post-secondary coach! Visit your counselor at least every semester Visit the post-secondary office and take advantage of the opportunities (i.e. college visits, internships, scholarships)

8 II. What you can do NOW! B. Develop & implement strong educational habits 1.Time management skills 2.Study habits 3.Test taking skills 4.Written and verbal communication skills

9 II. What you can do NOW! B. Build your resume 1.Get involved in extracurricular activities at your school to develop your leadership skills 2.Volunteer outside your school in the community, medical setting, lab or shadow your doctor 3.Participate in academic enrichment programs VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Quality vs Quantity Quality vs Quantity Dedication Dedication Don’t over involve yourself Don’t over involve yourself

10 III. Opportunities for YOU!!! A. Your experience in a medical career can begin today! There are numerous programs and opportunities for you in Chicago and across the country: 1.Visit to learn about research and summer programs opportunities 2.Visit the UIC College of Medicine (COM) to learn more about the Hispanic Center of Excellence’s (HCOE) and the COM Urban Health Program’s health preparation programs

11 III. Opportunities for YOU!!! B. Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE) Fig. 2 HCOE Health Professional Pipeline

12 College of Medicine Urban Health Program CHICAGO - Med Day - Bridging the Gap - UHP Health Professions Conference - Summer Research Opportunities -Campus Visits ROCKFORD Pipeline Project PEORIA Manual High School Enrichment Program Undergraduate Student Development (Advising, Post-baccalaureate Program, Summer Prematriculation Program, Recruitment, Med school application assistance) Medical School Student Development (Academic support, Career and Leadership Development) Community/Faculty and Alumni (Health fairs, professional development workshops) III. Opportunities for YOU!!! Fig. 3 COM UHP Pipeline Programs

13 IV. College is around the corner, consider this… A. Selecting a college/university that is right for YOU!! 1.Community College vs. University 2.Size (small/medium/large) 3.Location: In-state or out-of-state 4.Public or Private 5.Residential or Commuter 6.Cost 7.Support systems (personal and academic)

14 IV. Financing your education 1.Start saving today for tomorrow! 2.Know your financial options 3.Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 4.Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) Federal State Institutional Scholarships

15 V. Preparation during college A. Selecting a major: major in something you’re passionate about, you’re not required to have a science major 1.Some colleges offer a B.S./M.D. Program (last 6-9 years) B. What makes a competitive medical school applicant Academics/college standardized test (MCAT) GPA – varies by medical school (AP credits are not calculated into the GPA) Required Course work: Biology, chemistry with labs, organic chemistry, physics, calculus, social sciences (psychology, sociology) Some schools may require statistics, biochemistry, other courses Recommend not taking more than two science or math courses at a time (especially during the first two years) Demonstrated motivation for medicine/passion Exposure to medicine through shadowing, employment and/or enrichment programs Leadership Outside of the classroom activities - Volunteer/Community Service/Extracurricular activities (don’t over involve yourself) Strong Letters of Recommendation (connection with professors) Research (not required but strongly encourage) Professionalism/Reputation

16 V. Preparation during college C. Who can advise me about preparing for medical school? 1.Pre-med or pre-health advisor can help you: Facilitate your medical school application Select courses to satisfy requirements Find tutoring if needed Plan academic schedule Prepare for interview Arrange for letters of recommendation **If a pre-med or pre-health advisor is not available, contact your academic counselor or career counseling center or talk to a professor** 2. Other support services on campus (i.e. UIC COM-UHP, HCOE, AAAN, LARES, etc.) IMPORTANT: Do not let anyone discourage you from your desire to become a doctor! Find someone who is invested in your success!

17 V. Preparation during Medical School A. Items to consider for your preparation: 4 years Academics (Classroom/clerkships and standardize tests (USMLE Step 1 & 2) Exposure to medical specialties Leadership Volunteer/Community Service Research Interpersonal/Professionalism/Reputation Support systems (personal and academic)

18 VI. Life after Medical School Residency (specialty) training (2-7 years) Fellowship training (1-4 years) Standardized test USMLE Step 3 Remember it can take 11-16 years to become a doctor after high school

19 Kendy Oláguez, MA UIC Hispanic Center of Excellence in Medicine 312-355-2529 Yolanda Campbell, MPH UIC College of Medicine Urban Health Program 312-996-7166 Resources Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Aspiring Docs website: University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) COM UHP: HCOE: LARES: AAAN:

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