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By Zuriñe, Inazio, Iñaki and Alba.. 160 61,5 108 46.

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1 By Zuriñe, Inazio, Iñaki and Alba.


3 160 61,5 108 46


5 History: Berlin is the capital city, and one of the sixteen states of the Federal Republic of Germany. It is the heart of the Berlin- metropolitan region, located in northeastern Germany. With a population of 3.4 million, Berlin is the country's largest city, and the second most populous city in the European Union.

6 Accommodation: We are going to stay at Bellevue hotel***. Room facilities: Bathroom, television and telephone. 39 euro night. The price include: room, breakfast and dinner.

7 First day: At 10:00 we are going to Lange Nacht der museum and Egyptian museum (12 euro). Then, we are going to go to a restaurant to have lunch. (7 euro). After that, we are going to walk around Berlin, and then we are going to go to the cinema to see a film about Berlin (3 euro). At 21:00 we are going to have dinner and go to bed. Second day: At 10:00 we are going to hide a tourist guide in Berlin (35 euro). At 13:00 we are going to have lunch in a restaurant (7 euro).

8 Souvenirs: Magnet Plüschbär BERLIN mit TS (4 euro), Magnet BERLIN Gummi (4 euro), Schlüsselanhänger Bär BERLIN mit T-Shirt (3,95 euro), Schlüsselanhänger BERLIN Gummi (3,5 euro), and Schlüsselband BERLIN schwarz-bunt (4 euro).

9 Total money: a) accommodation: 78 euro, b) museums: 24 euro, c) lunchs: 14 euro, d) film: 3 euro, e) torurist guide: 35 euro, f) + souvenir(s), g) 78+24+14+3+35+souvenir(s)= 154+souvenir(s), and h) total: +/- 160 euro.

10 Photos: The Bundeskanzleramt The Brandenburg Gate

11 The Haus der Kulturen der Welt The Olympiastadion

12 The Weltzeituhr (world time clock) The aerial view of central Berlin

13 Vienna is the capital of Austria with 8.3 millions habitants. It lies in the north-east of Austria near the eastern Alps and is divided by the river Danube. The distance to Munich and Vienna is about 440 km and to Prague about 290 km. Vienna has excellent traffic connections. The Vienna international airport is only 20 minutes from the city and can be reached by train or bus or the special CAT, the city airport train which is a high speed railway.

14 -100 B.C. the Romans founded a military camp called Vindobona in todays heart of the city of Vienna. In 1220 Vienna became one of the most important towns of the empire and the city wall was built in 1529. The Turks occupied with more than 100,000 soldiers the town of Vienna for many months, but they didnt succeed. -1679 a terrible plague epidemy raged in Vienna and left almost 50,000 victims. 1781 – 1791 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived and worked in Vienna and composed his most important opus. -1791 he died in Vienna and was buried on cementery St. Marx. -1814/1815 Congress of Vienna. -1828 – 1898 The regency of the famous empress Elisabeth, called Sisi, the real queen of hearts.

15 Vienna offers many things to visit like imperialistic monumental buildings and palaces, museums and opera houses. The Stephansdom is the landmark of Vienna and Austrias most important gothic building. The Kaisergruft is under the Kapuzinerkirche. Since 1633 members of the Habsburger dynasty have lain in this famous graves. The wife of the last Austrian emperor Karl I was buried here.

16 Walking around the Dorotheergasse, you can find many interesting shops for antiquities and the church Augustinerkirche. This was a private church of the Hapsburger, where they celebrated many weddings of the emperors family, for example, the wedding of 16 year old Sissi with emperor Franz Joseph I in the year 1854. The Hapsburg emperors reigned from the Hofburg during more than seven centuries. The castle, which was built in the thirteenth century, remembers the middle age, but it was modified by the family of the Habsburger as a magnificent residence.

17 Another center of attraction is palace Schönbrunn, the summer residence of the emperors family. The palace is one of the most beautiful baroque buildings in Europe. The enormous park offers an other house, a labyrinth and a famous zoo.

18 9.00 a.m. After a hearty Viennese breakfast (Zopf, fruit and juice), we start the day with a tour on the Imperial Palace (Hofburg). 7 10.45 a.m. Time to go shopping. We are going to go the Dorotheergasse until 12.00 a.m.

19 12.00 a.m. Time for a little break? We are going to have lunch (some packed sandwiches). 12.30 p.m. After taking energy, we are visiting Kaisergruft. 4 2.00 p.m We are going to relax going to the enormous park of the Schönbrunn Palace.

20 4.00p.m The people who want to go into the palace, can do it (6,5) and the ones who dont, they are going to see the gothic building (free). After that, they will have free time. But every body must be at the hotel at 6 oclock to have dinner. After dinner, you have free time to have a shower or relax. From 7.00 p.m. to 9.30p.m. You can go to see the town at night. Then you have to come back to the hotel.

21 This hotel is in a very good location, in the heart of Vienna, next to the historic hub. Hotel Cristal has 55 rooms, all of them are traditionally and individually furnished with all kind of modern comforts. From 44 Hotel Cristall, three stars. (the breakfast,the sandwiches and the dinner are included on the price).


23 Prague is the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic. Situated on the Vltava river in central Bohemia, it is home to approximately 1.2 million people. PRAGUE

24 HISTORY Prague was founded on the IX century. In 1918, after the first world war,it became the capital city of Czechoslovakia. In 1993, after the division of Cezchoslovakia, it became the capital of the Czech Republic.

25 CULTURE Prague is a traditional culture centre in Europe, hosting many cultural events. Significant cultural institutions: National theatre. The Rudolfinum. Prague State Opera. National Museum. Náprstek Museum. Clementinum. National Gallery.

26 HOTEL Pension Beetle Information: Location:Smilovskeho 10 Apartment - 4 beds 46 WEB: Phone: +420 222 515 093, +420 602 455 579 E-mail:




30 Prague Day 1 We are going to arrive in Prague around the evening.We are going to have dinner and then, we are going to sleep. Day 2 We are going to get up early to enjoy the whole day. First of all, we are going to visit Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, then we are going to have lunch. After that, we are going to visit St. Vitus Cathedral and a lot of more things. In the evening we are going to go to Vienna.






36 HISTORY From its beginnings, Bratislava has ranked among the most prominent cities of Central Europe. It has played an important role in the spheres of economic, politic, administrative, cultural, national, and social transformations and in decisive historical events. Bratislava history´s name´s: Braslavespurch, Brezalauspurc, Istropolis, Pozsony, Posonium, Pressburg, Brezizbuch, Bresburch, Presporok.

37 Bratislava (see below for othernames) is the capital of Slovakia, and the country's largest city, with a population of some 450,000. Bratislava is the political, cultural and economic centre of Slovakia. It is the seat of the Slovakpresidency, and government, as well as home to several universities, museums, theatres, galleries and other national economic, cultural and educational institutions. Most of Slovakia's large businesses and financial institutions have their headquarters in Bratislava. The city's past has been characterized by the strong influence of various peoples, includingSlovaks,Germans, Hungarians, Czechs, Austrians and Jews. Bratislava still retains its cosmopolitan spirit. It hosts many festivals and trade shows (such as Incheba) and it is famous for its night life and leisure facilities. INFORMATION

38 ACCOMMODATION Apartment: KUPELNA Small but very cosy apartment, located on the groundfloor of a safe building positioned in center of the Old City. The National Theatre and the Hviezdoslavovo square... Capacity: max 4 persons Price: from 58 / night

39 Bratislava First day We are going to go to Bratislava at 6 o´clock and. We are going to pay a tourist guide for 9 hours (15euro). During the walk we are going to visit the Presidential Palace, New Bridge Observation Deck, Bratislava Castle, Devín Castle and the opera. At 11:00 we are going to go back to the hotel.

40 Second day We are going to get up at 9 o´clock. We are visit: New Bridge UFO, Slavín War Memorial, Slovak Radio Building, Freedom Square and Petržalka Housing Estate. At 18:30 we are going to have dinner to a restaurant and at six o´clock, we going to fly to Gasteiz (35 ).

41 PHOTOS Bratislava castle



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