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An Post Mail Media Unit DM e-learning Platform IDN 2010 Amsterdam.

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1 An Post Mail Media Unit DM e-learning Platform IDN 2010 Amsterdam

2 About our target audience I know everything! Dont teach me! I want instant sales! Im busy! Dont disturb me! I want fast results!




6 Functionality SOLUTION Instant online help One stop DM Shop – Databases – Design templates – Image library – Cost calculator INFORMATION Why DM? Testimonials Campaign of the month Case studies Free publicity

7 The name game Results, Partner, Involvement, Easy, Free, Speed, Smart, Clever, Success, Profitable, Simple, Instant, Reliable, It works, I earn, Positive, Supportive, Focused, Tailored, Unique, Future, Value for money, Control, Up-to-date, New, No commitment, e- manage, Easypost, I send, source, the logical choice, Fast solutions, No-brainer

8 Meaning... Click to succeed! Impossible is possible Success in your hands All there, all here All in one Success is expected, if not predicted!

9 Final result WOW - Wonderful-Online-Working Just add WOW-effect… Delivers instant results… WOW is NOW.. Wanna know how? Click on



12 The WOW effect Motion sensors on the post-boxes and billboards in key cities and towns nationwide saying WOW DM Audio cards – the card says WOW when you open it Jetwash WOW on the pavements in front of post offices in key locations Rename public WiFi areas in airports to WOW, its free with an MMU landing page




16 The WOW effect contd. Bluetooth marketing – place-specific messages in public locations – conference centres, business quarters in major cities, banks, airports, etc – banner advertising on similar websites Social Media: Share your WOW effect Crop circles on the fields Trade press incl. clic2c




20 Have you been WOWED?

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