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Monash University Occupational Health & Safety Conference October 2014 John Todor Superintendent Victoria Police Specialist Response Division.

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1 Monash University Occupational Health & Safety Conference October 2014 John Todor Superintendent Victoria Police Specialist Response Division

2 Overview Why OH&S – What is it really about? Role of Specialist Response Division Response to Christchurch Earthquake –OHS considerations in planning –OHS issues on deployment Changing the safety culture Future OH&S challenges

3 Why OH&S – What is really about? It’s about people not stats. –Stats tell us if what we are doing to improve is working –People suffer Ouch, oh !@#% that hurt! !@#$ I didn’t realise it was going to cost me money! Whose doing the work while I’m not here? We want our people at work doing the work. We expect our people to go home at the end of their shift in the same (or even better) condition then when they arrived at the start.

4 Specialist Response Division Our role is to provide specialist land, aviation and marine police services in support of local police operations. We do what the local cops can’t do, We are predominantly second response and the last line of defence.

5 22/02/2011 1251 HOURS CHRISTCHURCH NZ WAS SHAKEN AND BATTERED BUT ITS HEART BEATS STRONG Superintendent John Todor Victoria Police Contingent Commander 23/2/11 ~ 11/3/11

6 4 th September 2010 Magnitude 7.1* earthquake hits Chc NZ’s 2 nd largest city** No fatalities Significant damage to CBD, eastern suburbs & infrastructure Regular aftershocks continue*** 40 km west of Chch 10 km deep * Population ~ Chch 376,000 ~ Canterbury 565,000 ** 5000 + aftershocks to date at least 2 more which have caused more significant damage*** Timeline

7 22 nd February 2011 Magnitude 6.3**** earthquake hits Chch Estimated over 200 people killed***** Several hundred missing Thousands flee 1/3 rd CBD destroyed Entire CBD cordoned off Eastern suburbs reduced to 3 rd world conditions 10,000 homes require rebuilding Infrastructure destroyed Around 8,000 people out of work 30% Canterbury police officers directly impacted****** 1 Unsworn officer killed Most other govt. agencies similarly impacted Significant increase: family violence, road trauma, burglary, suicide 10 km south of Chch (Lyttelton) 5 km deep **** 1 st June 181 deceased none missing ***** Total Canterbury Police Staff 1050 ****** Timeline

8 Timeline (NZDT) Tuesday 22 nd February 2011 1251: Earthquake hit Chc Wednesday 23 rd February 2011 0800: VicPol CCP received call from NZPol COP 0815: A/C SESD tasked by DC Ops to deploy 100 GD officers to NZ ASAP 0830: A/C OSD requested to supply total contingent 0900: Contingent Commander appointed 0930: Confirmed OSD can provide 100 GD personnel 0930: Command & Support team identified 1000: Command & Support Team briefed and tasked at VPC 1200: SPOC Teleconference interstate coordination commenced Thursday 24 th February 2011 1600: VicPol & NSWPol advance planning team arrived Chch Friday 25 th February 2011 1300: 110 NSWPol arrived Chch 1500: 116 VicPol 32 SAPol arrived Chch 1700: VicPol NSWPol & SAPol officers sworn in as Kiwi Constables^ 2100: 55 AFP sworn in 2200: AusPol Kiwi Constables hit streets of Chch ^^ ^ AusPol Cmdrs attest to Commissioner re worthiness of troops ^^ 1 st time in 170 years Australian Police Patrol in New Zealand

9 OH&S Considerations in planning OH&S reps, Union reps, Peer Support Officers USAR trained people – safety officers Rules of engagement – how does our system work overseas? Firearms & operational safety equipment Follow up on welfare

10 OH&S Issues on deployment Fatigue – shift lengths - rest days Dust Disinfection Emotional trauma (psychs) My personal challenges: –Accepting responsibility for OHS –Reinforcing the safety message and keeping it sincere –Compromising the safety message by working in the HQ






















32 Changing Safety Culture From Unavoidable to Unbelievable 2010: – Most incidents and injuries reported as “unavoidable nothing can be done” very few investigated. –Little appreciation by managers of their OH&S environment –Safe-T-Work rating C C C 2013: –100% of incidents and injuries investigated an action taken –Excellent understanding by managers of environment –Safe-T-Works Ratings A B B – first operational area to achieve A rating – told it can’t be done

33 How did we do it? Debunking Myths –We do the hard stuff that no one else can do! – The we should be able to do it better and do it safer, We are trained and equipped to meet the challenges –It’s the nature of the work! – Most injuries are back of house! –All our injuries are in training! – No they aren’t, and if they were, if we cant get it right in the training environment how we get it right in the operational environment – heightened sense of awareness in training –Who do we work for? - We take more notice of our external regulators than our own? (CASA-ADAS etc) –Micro management – or commitment and leadership?

34 The following is the official New Zealand Police list of those who died as a result of the Christchurch earthquake. As at 8 September 2011, the official earthquake toll was 181 victims. 115 people died in the Canterbury Television (CTV) building 18 people died in the Pyne Gould Corporation (PGC) building 8 people died on buses in the central city 28 people died in other areas of the central city 12 people died in suburban locations

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