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/ 11 Internet Time Group 1 Manifestos High-impact alternative to white papers? by Jay Cross.

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1 / 11 Internet Time Group 1 Manifestos High-impact alternative to white papers? by Jay Cross

2 / 11 Internet Time Group 2 MANIFESTOS! Manifestos are digital pamphlets that focus on one topic. They are short enough to read in one sitting but packed with more information than you can fit on PowerPoint slides. The format is similar to slides, but they are designed to look good both on the screen and printed out. What makes them special is the thought that goes into the design, making them difficult to put down once you start. The content is generally a call to action or the author's insight into their particular area of expertise.

3 / 11 Internet Time Group 3 ORIGINS ChangeThisChangeThis created the manifesto format last year. You can read their story in, natch, the ChangeThis Manifesto. Their interest is political; mine is marketing.ChangeThis Manifesto Seth Godin had a hand in setting up ChangeThis. It does feel sort of viral, doesn’t it?

4 / 11 Internet Time Group 4 TRADITIONAL DEFINITIONS man·i·fes·to Pronunciation: "ma-n&-'fes-(")tO Function: noun Inflected Form(s): plural -tos or -toes Etymology: Italian, denunciation, manifest, from manifestare to manifest, from Latin, from manifestus : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer manifesto noun (pl. manifestos) a public declaration of policy and aims. — ORIGIN Italian, from Latin manifestus ‘caught in the act, flagrant’. man·i·fes·to (plural man·i·fes·tos or man·i·fes·toes) noun declaration of principles: a public written declaration of principles, policies, and objectives, especially one issued by a political movement or candidate manifesto noun [C] plural manifestos or manifestoes a written statement of the beliefs, aims and policies of an organization, especially a political party: In their election manifesto, the Liberal Democrats proposed increasing taxes to pay for improvements in education.policies

5 / 11 Internet Time Group 5 SIDEWAYS Most pdf documents are up and down, “portrait” style. Most computer displays are left to right, horizontal. That’s why the manifesto format flips 8 ½ x 11 documents on their side. Landscape Basic design rule: make the best use of the real estate you are given.

6 / 11 Internet Time Group 6 MANIFESTOS ARE FOR INDIVIDUALS Manifestos are a livelier way to publish information than white papers or books. Presentation software has its place: in front of a group. A PowerPoint printout reads like a large-type book printed for the visually impaired. Four-word bullet points never convey as much punch as a real, live sentence. White papers have a role to play, too. They provide in-depth coverage. Unfortunately, often white papers are ugly. And few people read them. Articles can be a great read but sometimes they’re too short to tell the full story. Also, getting an article published takes time. Manifestos are designed to be read by an individual. Rapidly. On screen or printed out. Why are we doing this? I am an author. For fun and for money. I think the Manifesto format will increase my readership. ChangeThis refuses to share its templates. That’s okay. I decided to develop my own. White Paper Manifesto Presentation One- Pager Article

7 / 11 Internet Time Group 7 POWERPOINT IS FOR LISTENING PowerPoint without narration is not worth a damn. People get as much meaning from a collection of inkblots or an essay in Urdu. Gettysburg Address

8 / 11 Internet Time Group 8 PDF = Pretty damned f…. “Reading a PDF is often like dancing with an awkward partner: you need to constantly shuffle left and right, up and down, trying to readjust to something that just doesn’t fit. The problem with most PDF documents is that they’re just scanned-in pieces of paper, meant to be read from top to bottom on a 8.5 x 11 sheet. Did we mention you can print manifestos, too? Just set your printer to landscape mode and you’ll have a beautifully designed manifesto ready for it’s spot on the coffee table.” Posted by Noah Weiss on July 19, 2004 Wise Words from Read & Pass, the ChangeThis BlogRead & Pass Proud of their copyrights WasteWaste

9 / 11 Internet Time Group 9 Context Content I want a container that’s on a par with the quality of my content. Container

10 / 11 Internet Time Group 10 QUESTIONS? This will become a standard FAQ. Any questions? This is an early draft. I’m exploring the potential of the manifesto format. What do you think? Drop me a note.

11 / 11 Internet Time Group 11 INFORMATION PAGE Jay Cross is a thought leader in informal learning, results measurement, corporate culture, and training. A veteran of the software industry and the training business, he coined the term "eLearning" in 1998. He is CEO of Emergent Learning Forum, an 1800-member advocacy group, and founder of Internet Time Group. The Group helps organizations learn and perform on Internet time. Carpe momentum. Internet Time Group helps organizations improve the performance of their people by speeding up their learning. We develop action plans, training programs, sales presentations, white papers, marketing campaigns, and development teams -- whatever it takes. Because we enjoy a vast array of relationships with experts in change management, conceptual graphics, eLearning, instructional design, marketing, collaboration, software development, knowledge management, and enterprise applications, we can assemble best-of-breed project teams at a moment's notice. 1.510.528.3105 Jay Cross

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