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09/27/061 NPP Deserve 30.09.2006 Heinämäki Village Association Petäjävaarantie 11 88600 Sotkamo Sakari Seppänen Treasurer of the association.

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1 09/27/061 NPP Deserve 30.09.2006 Heinämäki Village Association Petäjävaarantie 11 88600 Sotkamo Sakari Seppänen Treasurer of the association

2 09/27/062 Content Background Project 1:HOPE Project 2:Village plan Project 3:HEINIS, Renovation Project 4:HEINIS, Networking Project 5:HEINIS, Publicity

3 09/27/063 Background Location Our village is located in Sotkamo close to the leisure time centre Vuokatti. Starting point: Summer 2004: Sotkamo municipality provided property to our association for village hall Autumn 2004: Heinämäki association organises village meetings with local people 30.11.2004: Heinämäki village association has the 10 years celebration of voluntary work –Decision born: waking-up the village from the dream –Choosing new managing board –Decision: ESR – application to intermediary organisation (Kainuun Nuotta) –Starting the activity

4 09/27/064 Project 1: HOPE Financing:ESR/Kainuun Nuotta Budget: Granted 3400 € (applied for 6000€), invoiced 3262,81€ Objectives & activities First stage –Mapping the needs of the inhabitants and the interests for development activities using a village questionnaire survey –Mapping the existing entrepreneurial activity kyselyllä –Mapping the interest for the entreprenorial start using a questionnaire survey –Organising a special event for the villagers to present and discuss the results of the mappings Second stage –Drawing up village plan based on the surveys and distributing it to the villagers –Recruiting new members for the village association (marketing to the target groups) –Organising a special event for the villagers to discuss village plan Third stage –Distributing the village plan to the interest groups –Piloting the training and hobby activities

5 09/27/065 Project 1: HOPE / achievement Inhabitants –Permanent dwellings: 88 –Free-time dwellings: 37 –Summer cottages/apartments: 68 –Inhabitants (permanent): 250 Local village expertise and available services Dwellings/Real estate –Building houses, masonry, auxiliary work, electricity setting Kenttäsirkkeli Operating machines in forestry Operating machines (tractors), maintaining track network Catering, cleaning services Gardening and home economics products Firewood Snow shovelling Training/education: textile, car service, painting, information technology... Entrepreneurial and financing expertise Knowledge to impact society Project end results There is a need for a village centre in the village Applying for the school estate as village hall Preparing village plan Pasture season opening in the summer of 2005 The villagers are interested in the village activity Building knowledge on project work and accessing financing channels

6 09/27/066 Project 2: Village Plan Mission (why do we exist) –To positively influence the development of the region and to provide the inhabitants and the guests the needed services. Vision (what we want to be) –To become the region most wanted place to live and to bring spiritual and mental well-being to the inhabitants of the village. Willingness (to where are we going) – Objective is to have best village in the world. In the village hall are made available for the villagers –Centre for training and hobbies, –Service point for the inhabitants and guest of the village, –Training centre, –Recreation and leisure-time centre as well as –Place to stay over night for the village guests. Village plan has been prepared in September 2005. Sotkamo municipality stimulation money granted: 300 €

7 09/27/067 Project 3: Heinis, Renovation Financing:TE-centre Kajaani (75%) Budget: Public financing58 786 € Own financing3 753 € Volunteer work11 259 € Background: School estate and its land plot acquired as village centre. Objectives & activities Financing applied for renovation of the village hall Renovation started, completed in 2006

8 09/27/068 Project 4: Heinis, Networking Informational highway: It is available for the travellers an increasing offer of stopping places, where they can do their job, download information or switch to entertenment.

9 09/27/069 Financing:EU / University of Oulu, Deserve (100%) Budget:applied for and granted 7000 €, invoiced 4000 € Purpose is to network the village in the nowadays information society. Stages –First stage consists from the planning and building the telecommunication links and information network –Second stage is training of the user (during year 2006) Project plans and builds information network and grants access to it. This is done in the context of the broadband connection to global information networks, therefore information highway. Project 4: Heinis, Networking

10 09/27/0610 Project 4: Heinis, Verkottaminen

11 09/27/0611 Project 5: HEINIS / Publicity Financing:ESR/Kainuun Nuotta (100%) Budget: Granted 3233 € (applied for 6000€), invoiced ______ € Project develops appropriate information channels for this village. Activities: Contacts catalogue delivery Gathering contact information (GSM numbers and email adresses) of the villagers and main actors in the region Producing and printing contacts catalogue Village newspaper delivery Planning the concept of the village newspaper Producing content for the village newspaper (activating the villagers to provide information about different matters) Produce and print first village newspaper Distribute the village newspaper and the contacts catalogue to the households Collecting feedback on the publication Announcement Presenting the project to the villagers in a joint information event Project ended in April 2006.

12 09/27/0612 Questions? Photo: Cellar in the village hall yard

13 09/27/0613 Thanks for your interest!

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