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PROSYSTEM – wall dehydration system

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1 PROSYSTEM – wall dehydration system
Anti-damp system

2 Wet and damp walls... ...degrade your property!
QUALITY AT THE LOWEST PRICES PROsystem HS - Prevents and cures capillary rising damp • Saves energy and reduces heating costs • Preserves the value of your property • Avoids renovation and repair costs • Makes homes far more comfortable - improves quality of life • Removes a potential health hazard ... see for yourself - dry walls last longer!

3 Why use PROsystem? • Manufactured, independently tested and approved to EU standards (EN , EN ) • Low energy consumption - works with mains adapter with batteries as back-up power source • Silent operation • Quick and easy installation - does not require construction work nor insertion of anodes or wiring into the wall structure • Dries out and protects your building: prevents deterioration and enhances its value

4 Capillary rising damp occurs in buildings without a damp-proof course, or where it has been breached or has deteriorated. The main building material (brick, mortar, stone, etc.) is porous, and the surface tension of ground water causes it to rise through tiny capillary pores within wall building materials, and also to spread downwards into basement rooms. Water, along with dissolved salts, can rise from ground level up to as much as 2m (over 6 feet) or more. The water and dissolved salts start drying up on the surface of the wall, and the results are salt deposits and chemical decomposition of the plaster and the wall. Frost quickens this process. Refurbishing plaster and so-called de-moisturising plaster alone cannot dry up damp walls. It is the surface tension of water molecules that enables capillary rising damp to rise into walls caused by the difference of polarity between walls (+ pole) and damp soil (- pole). When the PROsystem unit is turned on, it sends weak low-frequency electro-magnetic waves into the walls, which reduce the surface tension of water molecule clusters. This causes them to aggregate, and to pass downwards out of the walls into the ground. The rise of more water is also thereby prevented.

5 Evidence of Rising Damp
• Unpleasant musty smell of dampness • Mould formation • Plaster falling off walls; flaking paint • Penetration of lime and nitrates • Salts appearing on wall surface • Shiveringly cold rooms





10 PROsystem functions through walls and partition walls within the given radius, but it does not function through large metallic barriers such as steel tanks, metallic garage doors, etc. The period required for dehydration may be anything from 4 months to 2 years (only in rare, extremely severe cases it might take longer than 2 years), depending on the percentage of water content within the walls, wall thickness, building material, water-permeability of the soil, air temperature, etc. In most cases, after about 6 months the water content within walls is reduced by 30% to 50% of the initial readings before PROsystem installation. The mouldy odour disappears within 45 days of PROsystem installation.

11 Batteries: 2 x 1.5V / UM-2 Alkaline
T E C H N I C A L   D A T A Model Radius Area Dimensions Weight Energy consumption Prosystem HS-11 11 m c. 400 m2 150x80x64 mm 0,335 kg 4,5 Wh Prosystem HS-17 17 m c. 800 m2 4,9 Wh Prosystem HS-27 27 m c m2 5,8 Wh Prosystem HS-67 67 m c m2 6,8 Wh Batteries: 2 x 1.5V / UM-2 Alkaline

12 3-YEAR WARRANTY The manufacturer gives a three-year warranty for any kind of malfunction resulting from mechanical failure or a construction fault within the device. The warranty does not apply in cases of intentionally caused damage, careless treatment of the device, force majeure damage, or damage caused by fire, flood, water-burst, etc. The warranty does not cover damage to the equipment caused by tampering by unauthorised persons.

13 For more information and for the price list turn to NEPREMIČNINE SV, Tomaž Poredoš s.p., Prešernova ulica 2, 9240 Ljutomer, P M F

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