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What makes a library an electronic/digital/virtual library? by Ann Marie Pipkin Library Media Supervisor Alabama School of Fine Arts.

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1 What makes a library an electronic/digital/virtual library? by Ann Marie Pipkin Library Media Supervisor Alabama School of Fine Arts

2 Definition A digital library is a library in which collections are stored in digital formats (as opposed to print, microform, or other media) and accessible by computers The digital content may be stored locally, or accessed remotely via computer networks. The term digital libraries was first made popular by the NSF/DARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative in 1994. The older names electronic library or virtual library are also used. --Wikipedia

3 Advantages No physical boundary Round the clock availability Multiple accesses Structured approach Information retrieval Preservation and conservation. Space Networking

4 Disadvantages Must have a stable information technology infastructure to access Data Migration

5 Strategic Plan 1.6. Make available extensive access to academic resources 1.6.1. Create an Information Age Resources Specialist position to provide leadership in the library

6 Strategic Plan 7.5. Provide and maintain advanced library information services in support of all academic and artistic instruction 7.5.1. Develop and maintain a library that includes information technologies and digital resources to serve the ASF A community on and off campus. 7.5.2. Develop and implement a plan to disseminate knowledge about digital library resources and services. 7.5.3. Teach Information Literacy skills: The ability to recognize the need for information and the ability to acquire, evaluate, and use information efficiently and effectively.. Provide library instruction programs for Information Literacy.. Teach Information Literacy skills in diverse contexts to students and faculty. 7.5.4. Develop and maintain a library portal with Internet access to all library resources

7 Three Year Plan - IRC Needs Assessment Resources Professional Development Instruction Public Relations Research

8 Physical Layout Computers 13 Student, 3 Administrative Wireless space Tables and electrical current Access close enough Media Room VCR/DVD/Laminating/Poster Maker/Copy Machine Equipment Use and Storage

9 Collection – Databases (Free) Alabama Virtual Library (AVL) Alabama Virtual Library APT Plus

10 Collection – Databases (research) Grove Art Online Grove Music Online Naxos Music Library Questia Turn It In.Com

11 Collection – Databases (production) Memories Builder (for CD yearbook creation) Microsoft Office Adobe Photoshop

12 Collection – e-books A book available fully electronically via a web-site on the Internet. e-Book readers have been developed for devices such as Palm Tops and PC's, including the notebook PC. While reading on a computer screen remains fairly controversial, buying every book one wants to read is becoming too costly for many readers.

13 Collection – e-books Gale Virtual Reference Library (e-books) Arts and Humanities Through the Eras Cambridge Guide to Women's Writing in English Chemistry: Foundations and Applications Contemporary Fashion Dictionary of Literary Symbols Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, and Ethics Feminism in Literature Gale Encyclopedia of Science Gothic Literature Modern American Literature New Dictionary of the History of Ideas Nutrition and Wellbeing A-Z Reference Guide to Short Fiction Writers Directory 2006

14 Collection – e-zines and e-journals An online magazine is a magazine that is delivered in an electronic form. An online magazine may be online-only, or may be the online version of an otherwise print- published magazine. Today, most online magazines are Internet magazine Red Mountain Review School Library Journal

15 Collection - Videos/DVD/Podcasts Videocassette vs DVD A podcast is a digital media file, or a series of such files, that is distributed over the Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal computers. A podcast is a specific type of webcast which, like 'radio', can mean either the content itself or the method by which it is syndicated; the latter is also termed podcasting.

16 Collection – Podcasting Resources Podcast Directory School Library Journal Library Success Wiki: Podcasting Library Podcasting Resources

17 Collection - Equipment Digital cameras, camcorders, laptops, scanners, color printers, LCD projectors, Smart boards Wireless/Bluetooth Adaptive technologies Screen readers Braille screens Voice recognition systems Hearing assistance devices

18 Cataloging Web-based Catalog Destiny MARC record for e-books/websites/ equipment Z-Marc Tag of the Month WWW site E-book Equipment

19 Digitizing the collection Digital Imaging Primer Best Practice Guidelines for Digital Collections Best Practice Guidelines for Digital Collections Digitizing Services IArchives Shoestring Digital Library

20 Access On-line catalog Wireless network Downloadable books JCLC Safety issues Digital Rights Management Libraries and the Internet Toolkit

21 Communication and Publicity Parent Workshops Newsletters Blogs/Wikis Wiki comes from the Hawaiian word wiki wiki, which means quick. A collaborative Web site comprises the perpetual collective work of many authors. Wiki is another name for group project Web-page ASFA JCLC Sharepoint

22 Instruction OLD WAYNEW WAY Print RichInformation rich in all formats Print & AV OrientedMultiple technologies CentralizedCentralized & decentralized Rigidly ScheduledFlexibly scheduled Quiet place used for Busy, bustling researchlearning laboratory

23 Instruction FROM:TO: library skillsinformation access curriculum related curriculum integrated format oriented information oriented physical access intellectual access(process stressed) on-line for fewon-line for everyone equity a concernequity a GREAT concern

24 Management Changes yearly Librarians have added e-mail, instant messaging and/or chat services to the telephone and in-person support that they have traditionally offered. Member of Tech/PD Committee Communication ID/Passwords Workshops/PD Management Links

25 Bibliography Beam, Pauline S., et al. "The Changing Library: What Clinicians Need to Know." Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine 73.6 (2006): 857-863. Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts. 15 May 2007.. Brisco, Shondra. Which Wiki is Right for You? School Library Journal. 1 May 2007, Reed Business Information. 16 May 2007. Digital library." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. 9 May 2007, 10:34 UTC. Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. 16 May 2007 =129484141. =129484141 Eash, Esther K. "Podcasting 101 For K-12 Librarians". Computers In Libraries. 26.4 (Apr. 2006): 16-20. Mates, Barbara T. Adaptive Technology for the internet: Making Electronic Resources Accessible to All (ISBN: 0-8389-0752-0, $36)

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