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Bell Work: Vocabulary coup d'état Napoleonic Code.

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1 Bell Work: Vocabulary coup d'état Napoleonic Code

2 Bell Work: Vocabulary guerrilla scorched-earth policy

3 Hero of the Hour – October 1795 defended the National Convention savior of republic made general of army 1796 – led army: against Austria & Sardinia had many victories attacked Mamluk-held Egypt to promote trade, but lost

4 Coup d'état – November 1799 blow to the state Napoleon (w/army) seized power & declared dictator Still fighting Austria! And Prussia And Great Britain

5 Meanwhile, in France, Bony restored order constitution strong central govt national banking system lycées concordat Napoleonic Code stopped injustices limited liberty restored slavery in Caribbean (huh??!!)

6 Invaded Egypt, 1798 conquered Mamluks in 3 months pursued by British navy under Admiral Horatio Nelson British burned French navy – Napoleon stranded slipped back to France & pretended to be hero (1805, scene 8 and scene 11)

7 Developed plan to conquer world tried to re-conquer Haiti, ,000 troops died of yellow fever abandoned New World sold Louisiana Territory to USA, 1803 made money for European conquests angered Britain

8 Crowned Emperor December 2, 1804 scandalous event!


10 Battle of Austerlitz: Austria – Dec. 2, 1805 ingenious plans; unpredictable invited attack split opposition (WH PPT, Battle of Austerlitz)

11 Battle of Trafalgar: Oct. 21, 1805 on sea near Gibraltar only defeat as Emperor vs. Lord Nelson superior British navy (Bony couldnt compete!) (1805, scene 21)

12 Conquest of Spain, 1808 brother made emperor troops were ruthless devastated Spain (see Goyas paintings) attacked Portugal; failed to conquer

13 Mistakes (overconfident? cocky?) Russia Duped by Czar Overcome by weather Lost 97.5% of troops (412,000!) Waterloo, 1815 Final battle Tactical errors

14 Exiled twice: Elba – March 1815 escaped & reorganized St. Helena – Oct died in exile – 1821 arsenic in blood system (?) why not executed?

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