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France Takes an Interest in North America

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1 France Takes an Interest in North America

2 Canada – what does it mean?
What do you think the word 'canada' means? oc

3 France Joins the Race France joins the race to find an ocean passage to Asia in the middle of the 16th C King Francois I wanted to find it before anyone else They thought the best way was to search for a way through North America

4 Jacques Cartier King Francois I sent Captain Jacques Cartier to find a passage through North America In 1534, Cartier set out for North America across the Atlantic with two ships In 20 days, he arrived off the Newfoundland coast They sailed around the island and entered an inland sea – the Gulf of St. Lawrence

5 Contact! One day when Cartier and his men were exploring, they came across a group of Mi'kmaq The Mi'kmaq were in canoes, whereas the French were in huge ships The language and clothing of both groups were vastly different How do you think each group would have reacted?

6 SOAPSTone! We will read the primary source together and discuss some of the following questions. We will also fill out the SOAPSTone chart. Think-Pair-Share: Q: What does this source tell us? Q: Why are sources like this and the petroglyph important to historians?

7 Gaspé In July 1534 Cartier and his crew landed at a place he called Gaspé In Gaspé they met a group of Haudenosaunee and their leader, Donnacona They had travelled from their home to fish in the Gaspé Peninsula Cartier took two of Donnacona's sons, Taignoagny and Domagaya with him back to France Why did he do this?

8 Vive le Roi de France! Think-Pair-Share:
Title: Jacques Cartier at Gaspe, 1534 This painting by Charles Walter Simpson painted in 1927 shows Cartier raising the cross for France. It was typical of European explorers to claim lands they visited on their travels. Think-Pair-Share: 1) Is this a primary or secondary source? How do you know? 2) What issues do you predict may develop between the First Nations peoples and the Europeans who eventually came to live in North America?

9 Donnacona's Reaction “When we had returned to our ships, the captain [Donnacona], dressed in an old black bear skin, arrived in a canoe with three of his sons and his brother Pointing to the cross, he made us a long harangue, making the sign of the cross with his two fingers; and then he pointed to the land all around, as if to say that all this belonged to him, and that we ought not to have set up this cross without his permission.” Q: What do you think of this speech? Who do you agree with? Why? Q: What vocab word is Cartier exhibiting?

10 Return to North America
In 1535, Cartier returned to North America with three ships and 110 men He brought Donnacona's sons back with him The sons helped guide the French up the St. Lawrence River They went as far as Stadacona, where Donnacona's people lived

11 Scurvy! Cartier and his crew decided to stay for the winter
They built a small log fort near Stadacona where they lived They did not have enough fresh fruit or vegetables, which led to scurvy Many of the crew became ill and died Luckily the Haudenosaunee had a cure, which they taught to the French Without their help, it is unlikely the French would have survived the winter

12 Land of Riches The Haudenosaunee told Cartier about a land northeast of their village It contained fruit trees, metals and gems In the spring of 1536, Cartier forcibly took Donnacona and nine other villagers back to Europe Why did he do this?

13 Cartier's Third Visit In 1542 Cartier returned to North America
He wanted to set up a colony along the St. Lawrence Only one of the Haudenosaunee Cartier had taken had survived Cartier lied to the Haudenosaunee and told them they were living in Europe From records, it appears that the Haudenosaunee did not believe Cartier's story The Haudenosaunne were now hostile toward the French After another horrible Winter, Cartier and the would-be colonists returned to Europe Cartier took samples of what he thought were gold and diamonds

14 Homework Assignment Choose ONE of the following:
Option 1: Why was Cartier's exploration in North America important for France? Create a web diagram to illustrate your answer. Should have at least three main points with added details Option 2: Take on the role of Cartier as he raised the cross at Gaspé. Write a diary entry from his perspective on why he felt justified in raising it. Should be at least one paragraph (3-5 sentences) Option 3: Take the role of Donnacona as Cartier raised the cross at Gaspé. Write a response outlining why you felt justified in objecting to Cartier's action.

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