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Wheat Leaf Rust in Canada 2010 Brent McCallum. 2 Wheat Leaf Rust in Canada 2010 Wheat leaf rust, caused by Puccinia triticina, was first observed on spring.

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1 Wheat Leaf Rust in Canada 2010 Brent McCallum

2 2 Wheat Leaf Rust in Canada 2010 Wheat leaf rust, caused by Puccinia triticina, was first observed on spring wheat on June 9 at Winkler Manitoba. In commercial spring wheat fields little to no leaf or stripe rust were found, since they were sprayed with foliar fungicide. Unsprayed trap plots and nurseries had relatively high levels of leaf rust, ranged from 5% to 60% on the susceptible cultivar AC Barrie.

3 3 Table 1. Average percentage (%) of the flag leaf infected with leaf rust in surveys from 2001 to 2010 in Manitoba and Saskatchewan YearManitobaSaskatchewan 2001 10.03.0 2002 18.05.0 2003 2.52.0 2004 7.02.0 2005 20.022.0 2006 10.25.3 2007 15.74.9 2008 1.10.1 2009 trace 2010* 25.03.0 * Determined from AC Barrie in unsprayed nurseries and trap plots. Other years were determined from commercial fields.

4 4 Wheat Leaf Rust in Canada 2010 – Virulence Phenotypes identified on the 16 North American differentials LocationIsolates Virulence Phenotypes MB+SK34119 ON3818 QC99 PEI114 Canada39941

5 5 Manitoba and Saskatchewan RaceAvirulence/virulence formula (Lr genes)#% MLDS2a,2c,16,24,26,3ka,11,30,18 / 1,3,9,17,B,10,14a10129.6 TDBJ9,16,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,24,10,14a8725.5 TDBG9,16,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,24,104713.8 MFNS2a,2c,9,16,11,30,18 / 1,3,24,26,3ka,17,B,10,14a185.3 TBBG9,16,24,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,10175 MDPS2a,2c,9,16,26,11,18 / 1,3,24,3ka,17,30,B,10,14a154.4 MFPS2a,2c,9,16,11,18 / 1,3,24,26,3ka,17,30,B,10,14a144.1 MDDS2a,2c,9,16,26,3ka,11,30,18 / 1,3,24,17,B,10,14a72.1 MDNS2a,2c,9,16,26,11,30,18 / 1,3,24,3ka,17,B,10,14a72.1 MBPS2a,2c,9,16,24,26,11,18 / 1,3,3ka,17,30,B,10,14a51.5 TBBJ9,16,24,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,10,14a51.5 PBDQ2a,9,16,24,26,3ka,11,30,14a,18 / 1,2c,3,17,B,1041.2 TNBG16,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,9,24,1041.2 TNBJ16,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,9,24,10,14a30.9 MDTS2a,2c,9,16,26,18 / 1,3,24,3ka,11,17,30,B,10,14a20.6 PBJQ2a,9,16,24,26,3ka,30,14a,18 / 1,2c,3,11,17,B,1020.6 MCNS2a,2c,9,16,24,11,30,18 / 1,3,26,3ka,17,B,10,14a10.3 MFDS2a,2c,9,16,3ka,11,30,18 / 1,3,24,26,17,B,10,14a10.3 TDGJ9,16,26,3ka,17,30,B,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,24,11,10,14a10.3 Total341

6 6 Ontario RaceAvirulence/virulence formula (Lr genes)#% MBTN2a,2c,9,16,24,26,10,18 / 1,3,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a923.7 TDBJ9,16,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,24,10,14a410.5 MCGJ2a,2c,9,16,24,3ka,17,30,B,18 / 1,3,26,11,10,14a37.9 MCTN2a,2c,9,16,24,10,18 / 1,3,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a37.9 MLDS2a,2c,16,24,26,3ka,11,30,18 / 1,3,9,17,B,10,14a37.9 MBPS2a,2c,9,16,24,26,11,18 / 1,3,3ka,17,30,B,10,14a25.3 MBRK2a,2c,9,16,24,26,17,B / 1,3,3ka,11,30,10,14a,1825.3 TBRK9,16,24,26,17,B / 1,2a,2c,3,3ka,11,30,10,14a,1825.3 MBJS2a,2c,9,16,24,26,3ka,30,18 / 1,3,11,17,B,10,14a12.6 MCRJ2a,2c,9,16,24,17,B,18 / 1,3,26,3ka,11,30,10,14a12.6 MCTT2a,2c,9,16,24 / 1,3,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,10,14a,1812.6 MDGJ2a,2c,9,16,26,3ka,17,30,B,18 / 1,3,24,11,10,14a12.6 PCLR2a,9,16,24,11,17,30,14a / 1,2c,3,26,3ka,B,10,1812.6 PCQR2a,9,16,24,17,30,14a / 1,2c,3,26,3ka,11,B,10,1812.6 TBBG9,16,24,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,1012.6 TBDS9,16,24,26,3ka,11,30,18 / 1,2a,2c,3,17,B,10,14a12.6 TCRF9,16,24,17,B,10 / 1,2a,2c,3,26,3ka,11,30,14a,1812.6 TCRK9,16,24,17,B / 1,2a,2c,3,26,3ka,11,30,10,14a,1812.6 Total38

7 7 Quebec RaceAvirulence/virulence formula (Lr genes)#% MCGJ2a,2c,9,16,24,3ka,17,30,B,18 / 1,3,26,11,10,14a111.1 MCTP2a,2c,9,16,24,10 / 1,3,26,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a,18111.1 MFDS2a,2c,9,16,3ka,11,30,18 / 1,3,24,26,17,B,10,14a111.1 MFGJ2a,2c,9,16,3ka,17,30,B,18 / 1,3,24,26,11,10,14a111.1 NBBT2a,3,9,16,24,26,3ka,11,17,30 / 1,2c,B,10,14a,18111.1 PCQR2a,9,16,24,17,30,14a / 1,2c,3,26,3ka,11,B,10,18111.1 PCQT2a,9,16,24,17,30 / 1,2c,3,26,3ka,11,B,10,14a,18111.1 TBQH9,16,24,26,17,30,B,14a / 1,2a,2c,3,3ka,11,10,18111.1 TBRK9,16,24,26,17,B / 1,2a,2c,3,3ka,11,30,10,14a,18111.1 Total9

8 8 Prince Edward Island RaceAvirulence/virulence formula (Lr genes)#% MBNQ2a,2c,9,16,24,26,11,30,14a,18 / 1,3,3ka,17,B,10654.5 MBTN2a,2c,9,16,24,26,10,18 / 1,3,3ka,11,17,30,B,14a218.2 MHNQ2a,2c,9,24,11,30,14a,18 / 1,3,16,26,3ka,17,B,10218.2 MCSQ2a,2c,9,16,24,30,14a,18 / 1,3,26,3ka,11,17,B,1019.1 Total11

9 9 Common Virulence Phenotypes in Canada 20002001200220032004200520062007200820092010 THBJ5.714.6 TGBJ21.639.522.0 TDBJ*8.616.716.523.128.122.8 TDBG*44.550.154.322.915.811.8 TBBJ9.547.441.2 TBBG*14.810.2 MFDS5.1 MBDS54.118.530.213.410.0 MLDS8.418.920.626.1 KBBJ 7.2 others18.627.338.332.033.936.728.020.735.135.539.3 Isolates 36636229597330 420353381407310399 *Phenotypes which contain isolates that are avirulent to LrCen.

10 10 Virulence in Canada 2000-2010

11 11 A subset of 99 isolates representing all the virulence phenotypes were tested on five adult plant differentials and 12 additional seedling resistance genes Of the adult plant resistance genes tested there was no virulence on Lr22a, only six were virulent to Lr35, but most isolates were virulent to Lr12, Lr13 and Lr37. There was no virulence to seedling genes Lr19, Lr21, Lr29, and Lr32, virulence was rare to Lr25, and Lr28, intermediate to Lr2c, Lr3bg, Lr23 and common to Lr14b, Lr15, and Lr20.

12 12 Wheat Leaf Rust in Canada 2010 The epidemic was light in farm fields because they were treated with fungicides, but it was relatively heavy in untreated plots. Common virulence phenotypes were similar to previous years but MLDS increased from 2009 and was the most common. Populations from eastern Canada were more diverse than from western Canada.

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