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2 WHAT IS OUTBOUND? The concept of using the outdoors as a tool in management training was first developed in the 1940's by Dr. Kurt Hahn The outdoors has many lessons for city people which will enhance their personal thresholds as well as group thresholds. An established corporate training tool in Western countries, Out Bound Training is gaining increasing popularity in India

3 The crux of OBT lies in taking a group of people away from their normal environment into the outdoors, and placing a new, unfamiliar set of challenges before them, in the solving of which a whole lot of new equations are thrown up. The programme works on the principle that when a team is thrown together in wilderness or adventure settings, where they have to fend for themselves and meet challenges together, there is growth in many directions. WHAT IS OUTBOUND?

4 WHAT MAKES OUTBOUND EFFECTIVE In a tranquil and informal environment, up close with nature, people are found to become more introspective and uninhibited, paving the way for a complete and effective learning process. After spending a few days in an outdoor situation, team members tend to bond together in a way that is impossible in an urban office atmosphere.

5 WHAT MAKES OUTBOUND EFFECTIVE Additionally, in unfamiliar environments and unpredictable situations, stretched beyond their normal comfort zones, people tend to lose their inhibitions, shed their masks and become more receptive to learning. In the environment thus created, it becomes possible for a sensitive and experienced facilitator to identify strengths and trouble areas, and suggest new coping behaviour.



8 WILDERTRAILS DESIGN At Wildertrails, every outbound programme is carefully designed and executed to achieve specific organizational goals. Our outdoor specialists and HR experts, in consultation with representatives from your company, analyse and understand your organizational needs, and then draw up a programme designed to deliver specific HR objectives.

9 Wildertrails offers you the benefit of a specialized outbound team consisting of outdoor experts and process facilitators who are leaders in their field. Each activity is also customized to match your company's HR context, with the programme continuously building on relevant themes for greater effectiveness. The exercises are further fine tuned after interacting with the participants in the field, and each group is given activities best suited to their context. WILDERTRAILS DESIGN

10 Wildertrails is equipped to conduct programmes in all four zones. Wherever in India you are, we have a site nearby. We have sites easily accessible from: Delhi Mumbai Pune Bangalore Chennai WILDERTRAILS LOCATIONS

11 Wildertrails Wild Valley Camp, Germalam Wildertrails Wild Valley Camp is a scenic 14 acre campsite in the midst of a picturesque range of hills and forests. Part of a larger 200 acre holding, the camp is at an elevation of 3700 feet and is bordered by forests on 3 sides and a small rain fed stream next to the site. An added advantage is that the site is within five hours by road from Bangalore, two and a half hours from Coimbatore and about three hours from Erode. Combining just the right amount of comfort and a wilderness ambience, the tented campsite is great for the dynamics of outbound. WILDERTRAILS LOCATIONS - SOUTH

12 Yelagiri A pleasant hill station at an altitude of 3000 feet, Yelagiri is within 4 hours from Chennai and 3hours from Bangalore. Yelagiri is ideally located to provide the atmosphere for outbound when time is a constraint. Mamandur A forest camp in the Srivenkateswara Sanctuary, Mamandur is within 3 hours from Chennai. Located on top of a hill with a spectacular view of the forest around, this is a seasonal tented campsite. WILDERTRAILS LOCATIONS - SOUTH

13 Lonavala Camp Lakeside is a scenic site that overlooks a forest and a lake. Situated right on the banks of Lake Gibbs, not far from the Nethersole Dam., Camp Lakeside is about 65 km from Lonavala, and offers ample scope for a variety of outdoor activities like kayaking, rappelling, trekking etc. The tranquility of the site also makes it ideal for an outbound experience. WILDERTRAILS LOCATIONS - WEST

14 Nainital A picturesque site surrounded by breathtaking views of the greater Himalayas. Snow-capped peaks, rolling meadows and crystal clear air make for an exquisite outbound experience. Rishikesh A scenic riverside site on the banks of the River Ganges, with lush tree cover and a private beach, this is a tented campsite about 40 km from Haridwar. The tranquility of the site also makes it ideal for an outbound experience, and offers ample scope for a variety of outdoor activities like kayaking, rappelling, trekking etc. WILDERTRAILS LOCATIONS - NORTH

15 Wildertrails makes sure you get not only the right equipment for your activity, but the best available. Specialised static and dynamic ropes, harnesses, carabiners, ascenders, descenders, Life jackets and helmets, climbing mittens, etc. are all made available for activities that require their use. The equipment is carefully chosen and tested by our outdoor experts before it is approved for use in the field, ensuring total safety. SAFETY INFRASTRUCTURE

16 At Wildertrails, no effort is spared in ensuring the utmost safety of the participants. Our safety parameters are extremely high - with one safety officer assigned for every 7 participants, you can be sure that every single individual is under a watchful eye. Our safety officers are trained outdoor specialists with extensive knowledge of the activities, equipment and usage. SAFETY INFRASTRUCTURE

17 With a view to retaining the ambience and to enable participants to fully appreciate the wilderness experience, our camp sites offer facilities that combine basic comforts with a rustic atmosphere. The sites are fitted with amenities like electrified fencing, proper toilets with running water or camp toilets, tented accommodation with camp cots or sleeping bags and sleeping mats, lanterns and catering facilities to ensure a comfortable and safe stay. TENTED CAMPSITE

18 All Wildertrails camps are known for the quality of food served. Our cooks travel with us from Chennai to most sites, and make sure that a consistently high standard is maintained. Apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner, participants will also be supplied with light refreshments during activities - keeping them constantly hydrated, fresh for the coming challenges and free from the effects of fatigue. CATERING FACILITIES

19 The Wildertrails Corporate Outbound team consists of a dynamic, highly skilled and diverse group of people who have one thing in common - passion for their work, commitment, and high levels of motivation. The team brings together a rich mix of outdoor expertise, international exposure to business, keen understanding of organisational issues, specialised process skills, and extensive experience in conducting training programmes for leading corporate houses THE WILDERTRAILS TEAM

20 Our process facilitators draw from a rich pool of experience gained over decades of handling outdoor and indoor programmes targeted to meet a wide variety of corporate objectives. The outdoor team consists of people with in-depth knowledge of the outdoors and survival techniques. Our safety officers are highly skilled in conducting outbound activities - and are trained in proper equipment usage and safety norms. THE WILDERTRAILS TEAM

21 Or contact WILDERTRAILS PRIVATE LIMITED. 26, Thirunarayana Avenue, (Off New Avadi Road) Kilpauk, Chennai - 600 010. INDIA. Phone : 91 - 44 - 26442729 / 26454053 e-mail : NEED MORE INFORMATION? Visit


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