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Isoniitun koulu The school of Isoniittu. © Isoniitun koulu2 Isoniittu in a nutshell comprehensive school grades 1st-9th established in 2006 402 students.

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1 Isoniitun koulu The school of Isoniittu

2 © Isoniitun koulu2 Isoniittu in a nutshell comprehensive school grades 1st-9th established in 2006 402 students 33 teachers situated in the village of Klaukkala

3 © Isoniitun koulu3 Environment

4 © Isoniitun koulu4 Location Isoniittu school is located on the eastern edge of Klaukkala village The school building is surrounded by big fields (Isoniittu) and a forest

5 © Isoniitun koulu5 Comprehensive school There are two parts in Finnish school system primary school (classes 1st- 6th) led by a class teacher 145 pupils

6 © Isoniitun koulu6 Grades 7-9 Lower secondary school (classes 7th-9th) taught by subject teachers and classes are supervised by a form teacher 257 pupils

7 © Isoniitun koulu7 Student association Student association is a group of students who arrange and organize events in school and it also takes part into Comenius project Led by two teacher members

8 © Isoniitun koulu8 Schooltime Lessons can be from 8.00 to 16.00. Schooldays are usually 6 hours long. There is a 15- minute break between lessons and lunch break is 35 minutes long.

9 © Isoniitun koulu9 Subjects In the 8th and the 9th grade students can choose additional subjects, which are music, computer science, arts, P.E, home economics, hand crafts.

10 © Isoniitun koulu10 Languages First foreign language is chosen in the 3rd grade and it’s usually English Every student has to study Swedish at least for three years because Finland is bilingual In addition students can choose either French or German

11 © Isoniitun koulu11 Breaks During the breaks pupils can go to a computer class or have a sport break

12 © Isoniitun koulu12 Breaks Or just hang out with friends inside or outside…

13 © Isoniitun koulu13 Rules All the pupils have their own lockers where they have to keep their things during the school day. Pupils are not allowed to wear shoes or hats inside Soft drinks and candies are not allowed during classes No school uniforms

14 © Isoniitun koulu14 School restaurant Students can have free school lunch in school restaurant every day Students can also buy a snack between 14.00-14.15

15 © Isoniitun koulu15 Our Headmaster Markku Tiilikainen The chairman of our student council Anna Tilli School personnel

16 © Isoniitun koulu16 Greetings from Isoniittu Hi, I’m Anna Tilli, the chairman of the student council. I’m in the ninth grade so this is my last year in Isoniittu. Next year I’m going to go to high school. These three years in Isoniittu have been filled with lots of studying, music and different events. I think the three years have been mostly positive. Now it’s great to start this international project and get to hear about your lifestyles. I hope we can be in touch and welcome to Finland. Best wishes, Anna

17 © Isoniitun koulu17 Modern technology

18 © Isoniitun koulu18 School hall

19 © Isoniitun koulu19 School building

20 © Isoniitun koulu20 Klaukkala Isoniitun koulu is located in the village of Klaukkala Klaukkala is part of Nurmijärvi municipality and there are 15000 inhabitants Klaukkala lies 30 km from Helsinki, on the northern edge of capitol area It has become a popular place to live because it is a rather peaceful area in rural atmosphere and yet all the services and working places of capitol area are easy to reach

21 © Isoniitun koulu21 Center Klaukkala is surrounded by fields and a forest and road to Helsinki runs trough the heart of village There is a tiny center with a couple of malls, schools, sports track, health center and blocks of flats Nearly everything has been built during the last 40 years so history remains to be made

22 © Isoniitun koulu22 Surroundings Center is surrounded by peaceful and relatively new living areas filled with detached and semi-detached houses

23 © Isoniitun koulu23 The church of Klaukkala Klaukkala’s church is modern copper-plated church It was built in 2004 The church lies 200 meters from Isoniittu school

24 © Isoniitun koulu24 Ice hall And village wouldn’t be a village if there wasn’t an ice hall Ice hockey is our national sport

25 © Isoniitun koulu25 Valkjärvi There is a beautiful lake of Valkjärvi on the northern side of the village Water freezes during the winter even though you can still find ice holes (avanto) where you can go swimming…and then run quite fast into the sauna.

26 © Isoniitun koulu26 Nurmijärvi Nurmijärvi is Finland's largest rural municipality in terms of population and one of the fastest growing in the Greater Helsinki area. Nurmijärvi's current population of 38,000 is expected to approach 45,000 over the next decade. Neighboured by Espoo, Vantaa, Tuusula, Hyvinkää and Vihti, Nurmijärvi is only 30 minutes away from Helsinki, and 25 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport, by motorway. The municipality was named after Lake Nurmijärvi, although this was partially drained for farmland in the 1920s and fully dried in the early 1950s.

27 © Isoniitun koulu27 Aleksis Kivi Finland’s national writer Aleksis Kivi (Stenvall) was born in the village of Palojoki in Nurmijärvi on 10 October 1834. Aleksis Kivi wrote the first important Finnish-language novel as well as plays and lyrical poetry at a time when Finnish was not used as a language of literature. The novel Seven Brothers (Seitsemän veljestä) was published in 1870 and is pictured in municipality´s herald.

28 © Isoniitun koulu28 Dictionary Moi – Hello Mitä kuuluu? - How are you? Kiitos – Thank you Anteeksi – Sorry Kyllä – Yes Ei - No Hyvää huomenta – Good morning Hyvää päivää – Good afternoon Hyvää yötä – Good night Näkemiin – Good bye Yksi, kaksi, kolme – One, two, three Mikä sinun nimesi on? – What’s your name? Minun nimeni on – My name is Olen neljätoista vuotta vanha – I’m fourteen years old Lumi – Snow Sauna – Sauna Kimi Räikkönen – F1 champion

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