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WELCOME TO GRADE 11 GEOGRAPHY St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School Chantal Kot.

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1 WELCOME TO GRADE 11 GEOGRAPHY St. Benedict Catholic Secondary School Chantal Kot

2 Who Am I?  Mrs. Kot – youngest of 3 and only girl! Yes, I was tortured by two older brothers as a child… and sometimes still today!

3 Who Am I?  Have been teaching for 15 years  First 3 ½ years in Picton, Ontario (Geography)

4 Who Am I?  Following 3 years in the Middle East (UAE) (Geography and English, Social Studies Department Head, Girls Volleyball Coach, etc.)

5 Who Am I?  One year at Resurrection in Kitchener (Geography, English, History, Religion)

6 Who Am I?  Last 8 years here at St. Benedict’s (Geography, English, Religion) GO SAINTS!!

7 My Joy… Baby Maya

8 Skills for Success  I ask for help when I need it;  I participate appropriately in class discussion, even if I am not 100% sure of the correct answer;  I help others when needed, without disrupting the rest of the class;  I stay on task without being reminded;  I ask questions for clarification when needed;  I do my homework and hand assignments in on time;  I am a productive member in pair and group activities;

9 Skills for Success  I keep my binder up to date, neat and organized;  I make sure to ask the teacher and other students what I have missed when I am absent and get caught up as soon as I can;  I use the resources available to me when I need extra help such as:  Meeting with the teacher at lunch or after school  Attending homework club after school  Attending study nights provided by LINK before exams  Asking my parents/guardians for help with homework  Use ClassNet for class handouts, review, notes, calendar of events

10 What I can do to improve…  Be on task!  Be a leader for yourself and others!  Be an active listener and participant in class!  Be on time and present for class!  Be in uniform!  Be ready to work!  Be prepared by always bringing all of your required materials to class!  Be supportive of others!  Be a celebration of People!

11 Materials Needed for Class  3 Ring Binder for Geography only with lined paper  Pencil Case with:  Pens, pencils, white eraser, dry whiteout  Ruler  Scientific Calculator  Coloured pencils (pack of 12 or more if possible)  Memory Stick  Pencil sharpener with cap

12 How To Be Happy at Bennie’s!  Get Involved! Join a club, try out for a team, join lunch time activities provided for your interests  Avoid conflicts by respecting yourself, others, Catholic values (be kind, patient, understanding, compassionate, etc.) and school policies (uniform, class rules, computer use, self conduct, etc.)  Ask for help when needed from:  A teacher, guidance counselor, social worker, student success teacher, principal, LINK crew leader, parent, guardian, friend, etc.


14 Topics, Concepts and Skills for Grade 11 Physical Geography The Universe Around Us and Earth: A Vibrant Planet  Origin Theories  What Makes up the Universe?  Technology and Tools of the Astronomer  Consetellations  Disaster Connection – Asteroids/Meteors  Solar Nebular Theory  Earth Eras  Disaster Connection – Volcanoes and Earthquakes


16 Topics – The Ground Beneath our Feet

17 Topics: Water All Around  Glaciers and Fresh Water  Rivers and Erosion  Fresh water vs. Salt Water  Disaster Connection – Flooding, Fishing Crisis, Ocean Currents, etc.

18 Topics: The Atmosphere  Layers of the Atmosphere  Climate and Climate Extremes  Disaster Connections – Melting Ice Caps, Hurricanes, Tornadoes  Climate Regions around the Globe


20 Topics: All That is Living  The Biosphere  How People Impact the Environment  How the Environment Impacts People


22 Culminating Activities  Final Project  Final Exam

23 Types of Assessment  Assignments  Quizzes  Tests  Presentations  Homework  Participation


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