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Build Up Skills UK - BUSUK IEE/11/BW1/479/S12.604616, 11/11 - 05/13, 06.12.11 BUSUK.

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1 Build Up Skills UK - BUSUK IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, BUSUK

2 IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, Backed by the EU Commission taking place in member countries. Focused on the built environment. Project outcome - a Skills Roadmap to ensure the UK has an appropriately skilled workforce to meet the EU 2020 targets: Reduce energy consumption by 20% Reduce green house gas emissions by 20% Meet 20% of energy needs through renewable resources Build Up Skills UK (BUSUK) IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13,

3 IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, Backed by four Westminster government departments and all three home nations. Consortium roles: Asset Skills – Manages project and recruits Platform of stakeholders to inform and endorse research. Leads on Communications. ConstructionSkills – Conducts Research and develops Roadmap. SummitSkills – Manages endorsement process of Roadmap. Energy & Utility Skills – Evaluates project. BUSUK – Background IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13,

4 IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, Establish National Qualifications Platform. Conduct status quo analysis to take “snap shot” of sector skills and training at the moment. Use analysis and Platform to develop the Roadmap which illustrates barriers to training and skills gaps. Secure sector endorsement of the Roadmap. Use endorsement and evaluation of project to develop training infrastructure as part of Pillar 2 (to be confirmed). Developing the Roadmap IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13,

5 IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, Status Quo has revealed: Key areas of investment in terms of skills and knowledge. The UK Government needs a defined Green skills strategy. Employers are not sure whether consumers actually want these energy efficiency technologies and won’t invest in training to get the extra skills. Short-term survival is many employers’ current priority, rather than investment in training. Impacts IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13,

6 IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, An endorsed and accessible Roadmap to show: Barriers to learning for the UK built environment workforce. Skills gaps in energy efficiency training. Steps to implement training and policy solutions. Outcomes IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13,

7 IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13, UK Coordinator Richard Foxwell Website Contacts IEE/11/BW1/479/S , 11/ /13,

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