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Qualifying An Argument Softening the Blow. If you qualify a statement, you add some information, evidence, or phrase in order to make it less strong or.

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1 Qualifying An Argument Softening the Blow

2 If you qualify a statement, you add some information, evidence, or phrase in order to make it less strong or less generalized (recommended). It is not good practice to produce lots of strong (or categorical) statements. These are statements which you appear to support one hundred percent. If for example you say It is undeniable that..., you are making a categorical statement (not recommended).

3 You might think that by making strong statements you sound confident. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your reader will probably think you lack wisdom (which is a euphemism for sound arrogant). It is far better to write in a cautious style than to commit yourself absolutely to generalizations.

4 Useful phrases The data suggests In effect It would seem Practically Apparently The evidence implies It may be inferred It is reasonable to assume It is no exaggeration to say that It would be safe to conclude

5 Here are some conclusions that were really written by freshmen Writing students. Decide whether they are: Unqualified! Qualified

6 In conclusion, Christ is the founder and the foundation of the church and the church began after his death in 33 A.D. and the name of the church is the church of Christ. Remember, if we are all worshiping God and it doesnt matter what church you attend, then why is there only one God, one Christ, and one Holy Spirit? There is only one church, the church of Christ. Unqualified!

7 The bottom line is, murder is wrong, whether it is committed with a knife or an electric chair. The right to play God should not be reserved by any person. There- fore, killing people should be banned in all forms. Unqualified!

8 Okay, down to brass tacksits all a money issue. The revenue generated from issuing seat-belt tickets is astronomical per year, per state. Thats the whole thing: a lot of highway repair is generated by seat-belt violations. My point is thisI know that a lot of people feel the same way I do. We need to all get together and create a lobby, like the bikers did to veto the helmet law. Talk to your councilmen, your governor, your senators, and get something startedthis can be won! Unqualified!

9 In conclusion, smoking should be banned in all areas (unless it is a smoking-only building) for many important reasons, all of which are health-related. Smoking can create not only horrible effects in people who smoke, but also in people who breathe in second- hand smoke. In restaurants that have already banned smoking, the atmosphere is much healthier and the smoke smell that most non-smokers hate is gone. Lastly, second-hand smoke alone kills about 53,000 Americans a year! Dont you think that those 53,000 Americans will appreciate your decision to ban smoking in public places? Qualified

10 In closing, the death penalty needs to be administered more often. If the terrorists who flew the planes on September 11th were still alive, would you want them to live, to eat, to sleep, and to use Americas resources? I would not tolerate it. This nonsense needs to be stopped. With the high costs of living and prison overcrowding, the only real solution is to punish those serious repeat offenders by means of death. Those who commit horrific crimes need to face the consequences, no matter how harsh they may be. Unqualified!

11 Although some people will be convinced that the minimal evidence that supports capital punishment deters murder, it comes at too great a price. The United States is a great country of freedom and justice. By keeping the outdated punishment of the death penalty, the United States is in company with a small group of nations that still use capital punishment, among them the former Iraq and modern Iran, both of which have a notorious human rights record. In this time of economic hardship for many states, it would seem logical to cut the death penalty from the budget and save nearly a million dollars for each person who is incarcerated for a lifetime rather than see them executed. By eliminating capital punishment, there will never be a threat of another innocent person executed by the government, which seems like something that should have been a goal a long time ago. Qualified

12 Abortion is nothing more than the murder of a helpless unborn child. Murder is illegal when committed upon a person. However, abortion, the murder of a helpless human, is perfectly legal. The child has the right to become a human being. Civil rights have been an ongoing problem in America. Why are the rights of an unborn person not a problem?... Abortion is legal in the United States, but should it be? Unqualified!

13 The End PowerPoint Presentation by Mark A. Spalding, 2008.

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