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2 Minimum Graduation Requirements 18 credits in Grades 9 - 12 At least 4 ½ credits each year Athletics Requirement Swim Test Requirement Required Community Service Project for 12 th Grade

3 Arts 1 ½ distribution requirement English 4 Language 3 in one language History 2 ½ Mathematics 3 not including Algebra 1 Science 2

4 Academic Term Load Each Term – Minimum number – at least 4 courses (not including Health and non-AP Art courses) – Maximum number – no more than 5 courses (not including Health and non-AP Art courses) Exemptions require special permission.

5 Planning Credits Recommend: finish graduation requirements before 2 nd term of Grade 12 Strongly recommend: no more than 3 AP or Honors courses during any given term

6 Pass/D/Fail Option For students in Grade 12 May declare a term course or year course Pass/D/Fail Not for graduation requirements Cut-off Date: Friday of the sixth week of the term Student may not rescind the decision to take a course Pass/D/Fail

7 Outside Semester/Year Programs, p. 7 Students applying to approved outside programs need to submit 2 course selection forms Students meet with Dean of Academics to review program of study After decision is made to attend, parents must request in writing a Leave of Absence from the Head of School

8 Course Choice Overview for 10 th Graders Required: – T1 English (English 11: “The Writing Semester”), T2 English electives, p. 25 – continue Mathematics, p. 36 – continue Classical or Modern Language, p. 20 or 42 Options: – Art, p. 12 (distribution requirement) – Programming, p. 23 – Atlantic Communities III, p. 30. Possible to choose AP US History* or AP European History* in place of AC3 – Science, p. 50 *AP US History and AP European History are full-year courses

9 Course Choice Overview for 11 th Graders Required: – T1 English (Shakespeare electives, p. 25) T2 English electives, p. 25 Options: – Art, p. 12 (distribution requirement) – Programming, p. 23 – Atlantic Communities III or History electives, p. 30 – Continue Mathematics, p. 30 – Continue Classical and/or Modern Language, p. 20 or 42 – Advanced sciences or science electives, p. 50

10 Art Courses for Senior School Senior School Art courses: Technical Theatre, Truth in Comedy, Public Speaking, Acting, Intermediate or Advanced Photo, Video Production, American Film Experience, Pottery, AP Art History, AP Music Theory [Fundamentals] Music Composition and Production offered Term II next year. – alternates with AP Music Theory (next offered in 2015-16) Instrumental ensemble courses (full -year courses) – Global Music Ensemble – Jazz/Rock Ensemble – Orchestra AP art courses count as academic courses

11 Advanced Visual Arts Four-year sequential program: Studio Art I (term course) Fine Art Studio I (year course) Fine Art Studio II (year course) Fine Art Studio III (year course) Although not recommended, it is possible to enter the program at any stage with departmental approval.

12 The Classics Ancient Greek – Greek I - IV offered – Greek may be chosen as an 11 th or 12 th Grade elective

13 The Classics For students exiting Latin III: – Latin IV – AP Latin: Vergil and Caesar Fifth-level Honors course: – Latin V: Golden Age Literature Honors SAT Subject Test after Latin III, Latin IV, AP Latin

14 Computer Science Two Electives – Introduction to Programming Term 1 Pre- or co-requisite: Math 4 or higher No programming experience expected – Topics in Programming Term 2 Prerequisite: Introduction to Programming Project-based

15 English Term I (“Shakespeare”) electives – Grade 12 Heroic Figures in Literature Literature and Moral Ideals Love in Shakespeare’s Plays Shakespeare and Performance The Political Shakespeare Shakespeare’s World Term 2 electives – Grades 11 & 12 About PoetryDante American LiteratureDark Romanticism BecomingGreat Novels World Literature (2 new courses)Our Mythological Heritage Current American LiteratureRussian Literature Dangerous BooksWit and Wisdom

16 English May be taken as second English courses only: – Creative Writing Offered Term 1 Grades 11 & 12 – Reading & Writing Short Stories & Memoirs Offered Term 2 Grades 11 & 12

17 English It is possible to take two English courses concurrently with departmental approval SAT Subject Test in spring of Grade 11 – consult with teacher(s) AP English Literature, AP English Language – consult with teacher(s)

18 English Students should be comfortable with all three of their choices of English electives Changes in English electives are not permitted once the course is underway Students may not enroll in both American Literature and Current American Fiction as their Term 2 electives in Grades 11 and 12

19 History Atlantic Communities II Required year course – 10th or 11th Grade Atlantic Communities III Required course (Term I or Term II) – 11th or 12th Grade May be replaced by AP US History* or AP European History* *Departmental approval is required for AP US History and AP European History. Give second and third choices on course selection sheet.

20 History Senior School History electives: Term 1 Electives Asian Studies Comparative Religion (NEW) The Holocaust and the Individual (GRADE 12 ONLY) AP Human Geography 21 st Century Democracy Military History Term 2 Electives Constitutional Law (NEW) Asian Studies Islam and the Middle East Introduction to Urban Studies Introduction to Economics (GRADE 12 ONLY)

21 History Students who take AC2 in Hopkins Summer School must take AC3 during the regular school year Students who take AC3 in Hopkins Summer School must take a term elective in History in Grs. 11 or 12 Must indicate a second and third choice for all History electives, including AP selections SAT Subject Test after AP US History

22 Mathematics Course numbering system: – Regular (3, 4, 5…) – Enriched (13, 14, 15…) – Accelerated (… 24, 25, 26) Refer to Table on p. 37 to determine next course in sequence Departmental approval required for Enriched, accelerated courses

23 Mathematics Consult teacher about next Math level Honors electives offer post-Calculus mathematics: Math 31, Math 32 Honors Math Seminars: designed for those students who have successfully completed our Honors electives Math SAT Subject Tests: Level 1 (Math 5), Level 2 (Math 15, 25)

24 Modern Languages: Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish Two “streams” for French and Spanish for levels 4 and 5 – “Language”: focus on culture, history, conversation, writing – “Literature”: focus on analyzing and writing about literature French – French 5 Language: AP course – French 5 Culture and Conversation (non-AP) – Possible to go from French 4 Literature /Cinema to AP French 5 Language – Honors courses: French 6 Honors, French 7 Honors Seminar Spanish – Spanish 5 Language and Spanish 5 Literature: both AP courses – Spanish 5 Culture and Conversation (non-AP)

25 Modern Languages: Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish Chinese and Italian – AP courses at level 4 – Honors courses at levels 5 and 6 SAT Subject Test at level 4: November administration recommended

26 Science Physics – More conceptual college preparatory course – Less complex mathematical analysis – Includes hands-on lab experience – Does not prepare for AP Physics C course – With Math prerequisite and departmental approval, Physics students may take AP Physics 2 – Also offered in Hopkins Summer School (departmental approval)

27 Science NEW: AP Physics 1 (replaces Physics Accelerated) – Algebra-based – Math 15 is pre- or co-requisite – Includes hands-on lab experience – Prerequisite for AP Physics C (calculus based) or AP Physics 2 (algebra based) – Prepares students for AP Physics 1 exam

28 Science Senior School Science electives: – Anatomy and Physiology, term 1 & 2 – Contemporary Issues in Biology, term 2 – Forensic Science, term 1 – Introductory Biochemistry, term 1 & 2 – Psychology, term 1 & 2 – Applied Physics, term 1 – Modern Physics, term 2 – Special Topics in Physics, term 2 (discontinued after 2014-15)

29 AP Science Courses Biology, Chemistry, AP Physics 1 (formerly Physics Accelerated), Physics (C), and Environmental Science Departmental approval required Check prerequisites Four 55-minute classes, three 75-minute classes with labs

30 Scheduling Process Blue course selection forms are due to adviser on Thursday, February 13 Fill out entire form. Remember 2 nd /3 rd choices. Request accelerated and honors sections, even if student is already enrolled in one. Department will make final decision

31 Scheduling Timetable May 1 – May 25: Conflicts with student schedules resolved June 18: Student courses sent home with grades July 1: Deadline for all schedule inquiries

32 Hopkins Summer School Apply as soon as possible Students wishing to earn Hopkins credit for Summer School courses must submit a “Summer Study Proposal Form” by June 6 Hopkins Summer School – Catalogue online at or contact Kevin Cronin, Summer School Director at ext. 540


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