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The Six Simple Machines

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1 The Six Simple Machines
What they do And What they are For

2 What is a Simple Machine?
Simple Machines make Work easier Six Simple Machines: Lever, Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw, Wheel and Axle, and Pulley

3 The Lever

4 Simple Machine – Lever Rigid Bar free to turn about a fulcrum
Three Parts: Resistance Force or Load, Effort Force, Fulcrum Three Classes of Levers: First, Second, and Third

5 Simple Machine – First Class

6 Simple Machine – First Class
Fulcrum located between Resistance and Effort Forces Resistance and Effort Forces are in opposite directions Examples: Seesaw, Crowbars, Scissors, Claw Hammers

7 Simple Machine – Second Class

8 Simple Machine – Second Class
Resistance Force is between the Effort Force and the Fulcrum Resistance and Effort Forces are in same direction Examples: Wheelbarrow, Bottle openers, and Nutcrackers

9 Simple Machine – Third Class

10 Simple Machine – Third Class
Effort Force is between the Resistance Force and the fulcrum Resistance and Effort Forces are in same direction Examples: Broom, Shovel, Fishing Pole, Baseball Bat, and Tongs

11 The Inclined Plane

12 Simple Machine – Inclined Plane
Sloping surface allowing the lifting of heavy loads with less effort than directly lifting the load Examples: Simple Ramp, Escalator, Stairs, Ship Plank, Ladder

13 The Wedge

14 Simple Machine - Wedge Form of an Inclined Plane tapering to a sharp edge Can be used to split, fasten, or cut Examples: Ax Head, Screwdriver, Nails, Doorstop, Chisel, Plows

15 The Screw

16 Simple Machine - Screw Form of an Inclined Plane wrapped in a spiral around a cylindrical post to fasten things Two parts: Body and Thread Examples: Drill Bits, Jackscrew, Fan Blades, Propellers, Screw, Nuts & Bolts

17 The Wheel and Axle

18 Simple Machine – Wheel and Axle
Wheel connected to a rigid pole Modified Lever and center of axle serves as Fulcrum Examples: Door Knobs, Handle Bars on Bike, Wheels on car, Roller Conveyor

19 Simple Machine – Wheel and Axle
Gears are modified forms of Wheel and Axle Wheel has teeth along circumference Effort Force exerted on larger gear to turn the smaller gear Examples: Bike Sprockets, Can Opener, Machine Gears

20 The Pulley

21 Simple Machine - Pulley
Grooved wheel turning around a fulcrum to lift heavy objects Rope or Chain used in groove Can be fixed, movable, or combination of both Examples: Flag Pole to raise Flag, Hoisting a Sail, Open Curtains or Mini Blinds,

22 Work Defined as a Force acting through a distance W = F * d
Measured in Joules (J) after British Scientist James Prescott Joule

23 Work Work is done only when Object moves, and
Object’s motion is in the direction of applied Force How does a Simple Machine make Work easier?

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