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Puget Sound Nursing Informatics October 10, 2014.

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1 Puget Sound Nursing Informatics October 10, 2014

2 What is an HIE A Health Information Exchange (HIE) is a centralized database of Patient information that can be SHARED across the medical community.

3 Why Improve the quality of care for patients in our community

4 San Juan Rehabilitation Center Fidalgo Care Center Shuksan Healthcare Center MIN-NS Network Skagit Regional Clinics Full Integration Island Hospital & Clinics Full Integration Skagit Valley Hospital Full Integration 4 Counties Public Health Behavioral Health Skagit Radiology Integrated Data Feed Mira Vista, Josephine, Life Care Centers of America, The Bridge, NWRC, Infusion Solutions, Cascade Rehabilitation, Orcas… Whidbey General Hospital Full Integration UW ACN Boeing Over 1 million clinical records and millions more demographic records PH Labs United General St. Joseph OneHealthPort EDIE Northwest Pathology

5 HOW MIN-NS WAS BUILT Purpose built  Well equipped and experienced disruptive innovators  Team operates independently as a Community Resource  Built a foundational technology infrastructure  Continuously aggregate patient information into a Community Record of Care  Serve it to Providers and Care workers

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7 Patient Search Results

8 MIN-NS Benefits  24/7 HIE access and secure direct mail via web browser  Posting of files, reports, and photos via secure file sharing.  Electronic document transmittal and referral for specialty care.  Reduce overlap of records and eliminate fax-transport – more efficient workflow

9 Community Record of Care  MIN-NS HIE builds individual patient records from an electronic flow of multiple sources  MIN-NS Portal provides a community care record available to any participating member of the care team  Repository of longitudinal records for many patients supports population health management.  Citizens with multiple EMT and ED visits  Citizens with behavioral or substance abuse issues  Other populations  Online forms, uploaded Advance Directives, Public Health reporting available

10 Where we are now  Patient information will come to you in many ways  Via Medical Devices  Continuity of Care documents/Transitions of Care  Need to communicate in Secure manner – Direct Secure Mail  Need to attach records and nurse notes to downstream provider  Transfer of Patient to ED  Care Transitions with SNF/Home Health  Care Coordination with PCP’s  Population Health  Mobile Devices on the floor

11 Thank You Dave Anderson Director of Integrations

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