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Food Safety Quality Management System Training Guide SQF Code Module 11.

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1 Food Safety Quality Management System Training Guide SQF Code Module 11

2 SQF Code Certification Levels The SQF Code is divided into three certification levels. Suppliers receive an SQF certificate for the level of certification achieved. 1: Food Safety Fundamentals 2: HACCP Food Safety Plans 3: Quality Management Systems

3 SQF Code Certification Levels Level 1 Food Safety Fundamentals: Entry level for new and developing businesses Level 2 Certified HACCP Based Food Safety Plans: Incorporates all Level 1 system requirements and additionally requires that a food safety risk analysis. Level 3 Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System: Incorporates all Level 1 and Level 2 elements and indicates that a food quality risk analysis has been implemented.

4 Route to SQF Certification 1 Learn about the SQF CodeLearn about the SQF Code 2 Select SQF ModulesSelect SQF Modules 3 Register in SQF Assessment Database (Reliance)Register in SQF Assessment Database (Reliance) 4 Designate an SQF PractitionerDesignate an SQF Practitioner 5 Select certification LevelSelect certification Level 6 Document and Implement an SQF SystemDocument and Implement an SQF System 7 Select a Certification BodySelect a Certification Body 8 Conduct a Pre-Assessment AuditConduct a Pre-Assessment Audit

5 SQF Code for Food Manufacturing SQF Code Module 11: Food Safety Fundamentals – Good Manufacturing Practices for Processing of Food Products Module 2: SQF System Elements

6 SQF Code Requirements Module Site Requirements and Approval The location of premises, buildings, operations and the land use must not affect hygiene & food safety. Any measures established to maintain a suitable external environment should be monitored and reviewed. The premises and operations on site should be approved by the relevant authority.

7 SQF Code Requirements Module Calibration The methods and responsibility for the calibration of measuring, test and inspection equipment used for key monitoring activities must be documented and implemented. Calibrated equipment must be protected from damage and unauthorized adjustment. Equipment must be calibrated to national or international reference standards.

8 SQF Code Requirements Module Management of Pests and Vermin Pesticides and other toxic chemicals must be clearly labeled, securely stored and handled and applied by properly trained personnel with an understanding of the hazards involved. Pest control contractors must be approved and qualified.

9 SQF Code Requirements Module First Aid There should be first aid facilities to treat minor injuries and arrangements provided when a patient requires more specialized care.

10 SQF Code Requirements Module Water Delivery The delivery of water within the premises must ensure potable water is not contaminated. Non-potable water must be controlled to prevent cross contamination between potable and non- potable water lines. Non-potable water pipes should be clearly identified Water Treatment Water treatment methods, equipment and materials must ensure water receives an effective treatment.

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