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The Tide of the War Turns

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1 The Tide of the War Turns
Chapter 11 Section 3 The Tide of the War Turns

2 Battle of Fredericksburg
December 1862 Union charges several times at Confederates Some Union army units lose more than half their men Union- 13,000 casualties Confederates- 5,000 casualties

3 Battle of Chancellorsville
May 1863 Confederates divide their forces and surround Union forces General Lee’s most brilliant victory Also most costly Stonewall Jackson dies due to being wounded

4 Battle of Gettysburg July 1863
Day 1- Union established position on the high ground of the battle field

5 Battle of Gettysburg Day 2 Confederates attack Union positions
Attack vulnerable spots on the Union line of defenses If Confederates successful they could bombard Union lines anywhere on the battlefields

6 Battle of Gettysburg 350 soldiers from Maine stop repeated Confederate charges Maine was led by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

7 Battle of Gettysburg Day 3
150 Confederate cannons open fire on Union positions Lee ordered an all out infantry charge at the center of the Union positions 15,000 Confederates charge

8 Battle of Gettysburg Pickett’s Charge
Confederate Troops (5,000 serving under General George Pickett) marched across about a mile of open ground Union cannons shooting at them Only a few hundred Confederates reach their destination

9 Battle of Gettysburg Less than half the Confederates returned
Union: 23,000 casualties Confederates: 28,000 casualties The Confederates then retreat back to Virginia

10 Gettysburg Address 2 minutes speech written and delivered by Lincoln
Reminds listeners as to why the North was fighting

11 Summarize the main points of the Gettysburg address.
Preserve the Country’s commitment to the principles of freedom, equality and self-government

12 Why was the Battle of Gettysburg a turning point in the war?
It decided how each side would be able to operate for the rest of the war The North was now in charge in the east Lee was restricted to acting defensively only in the South

13 Siege A tactic in which an enemy is surrounded and starved in order to make it surrender

14 What were 3 effects of Grant’s siege of Vicksburg?
Confederate residents had to move into underground dwellings Reduced supplies and soldiers rations Forced a Confederate surrender

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