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Ch. 22 sec. 3 Hoover Struggles with the Great Depression.

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1 Ch. 22 sec. 3 Hoover Struggles with the Great Depression

2 Facts about Herbert Hoover 1 st president born west of the Mississippi River – from Iowa Orphaned at young age rags to riches story Stanford University Mining Engineer

3 Herbert Hoover Elected President in 1928 – promised every American family would have A chicken in every pot and two cars in every garage.

4 Hoovers reaction to stock market crash Hoover tries to reassure American public Wanted Americans to remain optimistic and go about business as usual

5 Hoovers philosophy of government Man of strong principles Belief in RUGGED INDIVIDUALISM – idea that people should succeed through their own efforts

6 Hoover reaction to depression Opposed any form of federal welfare or DIRECT relief (would weaken peoples self-respect) Individual charities and local organizations should provide relief Federal govt should limit their role and not take too much power

7 Hoover Quote about Government Every time we find solutions outside of government, we have not only strengthened character, but we have preserved our sense of real government.

8 Hoovers actions Asked business leaders to work together to create solutions, avoid cutting wages or laying off employees Asked private charities to help out more NONE OF THESE SOLUTIONS WORKED

9 Publics reaction to Hoovers leadership Frustrated citizens create new terms: –Hoovervilles –Hoover Blankets –Hoover Flags –People blamed Hoover for their circumstances

10 Hoover starts to be more active… Creation of Boulder (Hoover Dam) – create jobs Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) – provides $$$ to banks & businesses to pump $ into the system to trickle down

11 The Bonus Army 1932 – over 10,000 veterans and families arrived in D.C. supporting a bonus bill to WWI veterans Senate voted down the bill, Hoover called on the marchers to leave but they stayed Hoover finally sends a force of 1,000 soldiers in to remove the veterans: people gassed, shot and injured – most Americans stunned by the incident & Hoovers image suffers more

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