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English Class 3:30-5:00 Writing/Review/Grammar/Games.

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1 English Class 3:30-5:00 Writing/Review/Grammar/Games

2 Writing Complete the questions given to you on the paper.

3 Subject Pronouns TheyHe/She/It3 rd Person You 2 nd Person WeI1 st Person PluralSingular

4 Object Pronouns ThemHim/ Her/ It3 rd Person You 2 nd Person UsMe1 st Person PluralSingular

5 Possessive Adjective TheirHis/Her/Its3 rd Person Your 2 nd Person OurMy1 st Person PluralSingular

6 Possessive Pronouns TheirsHis/Hers/Its3 rd Person Yours 2 nd Person OursMine1 st Person PluralSingular

7 Simple Past Verbs Simple Past verbs are actions that are done in the past. Simple Past Verb Forms: Regular verbs- add ed Walk- walked One-syllable verb ends with a vowel-consonant combination- double the final consonant and add ed Bag- bagged, lag- lagged If the verb ends with e just add d Taste- tasted, Love- loved If verb ends with y, change y into ied Pity- pitied, Rally- Rallied

8 Let's try and solve some quizzes online!

9 Simple Past Verbs When do you use simple past verbs? C.A.S.H. Completed Actions A Series of Completed Actions Single Duration Habit in the Past

10 Completed Action This means any action that already happened, or an action that happened in the past. I ate a hot dog. Yesterday, I drove home. I taught English last night.

11 A Series of Completed Actions This means a list of actions that already happened. Yesterday, I taught English, drove back home, and ate dinner. Last week, I went to Arizona, saw a baseball game, and talked to my friends.

12 Single Duration You also use simple past verbs when talking about an action for a period of time. I played the piano for 3 years. I ate only mangoes for 2 days. I studied English for 3 hours.

13 Habit in the Past Usually an action that was done, but not done anymore. I played basketball when I was younger. I chewed on roaches when I was a baby. She smoked a lot when she was a teenager.

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