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English Class 3-11-08 Spelling Test/Grammar/Reading.

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1 English Class 3-11-08 Spelling Test/Grammar/Reading

2 Test Time Spelling Test Pronouns Test

3 Subject Pronouns TheyHe/She/It3 rd Person You 2 nd Person WeI1 st Person PluralSingular

4 Object Pronouns ThemHim/ Her/ It3 rd Person You 2 nd Person UsMe1 st Person PluralSingular

5 Possessive Adjective TheirHis/Her/Its3 rd Person Your 2 nd Person OurMy1 st Person PluralSingular

6 Possessive Pronouns TheirsHis/Hers/Its3 rd Person Yours 2 nd Person OursMine1 st Person PluralSingular

7 Simple Past Verbs Simple Past verbs are actions that are done in the past. Simple Past Verb Forms: Regular verbs- add ed Walk- walked One-syllable verb ends with a vowel-consonant combination- double the final consonant and add ed Bag- bagged, lag- lagged If the verb ends with e just add d Taste- tasted, Love- loved If verb ends with y, change y into ied Pity- pitied, Rally- Rallied

8 Simple Past Exercises Change the following verbs into simple past verb form Ask -> ????? Bake ->????? Blot ->?????? Copy ->????? Chew ->????? Dry-> ??????? Face ->??????

9 Flood -> ????? Fire ->????? Grin ->????? Irritate->????? Load-> ????? Nod->????? Punch ->????? Race->??????

10 Reading Time

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