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US DataVault There are 2 kinds of people… revised 12/2005.

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1 US DataVault There are 2 kinds of people… revised 12/2005

2 In our world, there are two kinds of people, those who backup and those who wish they had. Painful but true, but backing up your data is a pain. Having to restore your data after a data loss event is awful, if everything goes well and impossible if it doesnt. The Gartner Group did a study in 2003 that indicated that 80% of businesses that experience a significant loss of critical data and were unable to restore it, went out of business within 12 months of the event. Part of that same study demonstrated that Tape Backup failed to restore 54% of the time. Thats 1 of every 2 tapes failing to restore your data. Most companies data backups span more than 2 tapes. Managing a Tape Backup Solution is very expensive when you calculate the man hours dedicated it, the capital equipment, the ongoing cost of media, offsite transport (especially if its third party), additional time for encryption time and the risk of restoration failure.

3 The backup paradigm has shifted With Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma we are slapped in the face with the fact that there are forces, over which man has no control, that can devastate entire cities and regions. We know that other natural disasters can be just as dangerous; earthquakes, floods, fire. After an event it can be just as bad with looting, arson, civil unrest and refugee issues. These latest events affected an entire region of the US, the crisis is ongoing. Many businesses who thought they had protected their business critical data with tape backup solutions are realizing that the solution on which they bet their business is scattered throughout the fields of Mississippi and Alabama, lying in the sun (melting) or under some foul mixture of water, sewage and chemical residue in New Orleans. Tape, in these situations, is unrestorable. You can no longer carry your Tape Backup across town for off-site security, it must go out of region to truly be secure. Your business can replace your premise, your fixtures, your PCs, servers and network, even your employees. There is only one thing that cannot be replaced, your business critical data. It is the only thing you create that is unique to your business. Whats the urgency?

4 Wouldnt it be great if there were a better solution for data backup? I want a backup solution thats: SIMPLE its here SECURE we have it, Blowfish 448 bit encryption COST EFFECTIVE yes, especially when compared to our competitors COMPLIANT for HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and GLBA OFF SITE stored in two redundant data centers AUTOMATED set and forget EASY TO RESTORE its live, just download it, from the file level, if you want NOT TAPE disk-to-disk, reliable, fast, durable media US DataVault has provided this solution to many customers large and small with zero failures to restore. Do you want to know more? Wouldnt it be great if…

5 Since 2001 US DataVault has provided Live Disk-to-Disk Automated Off-site Data Storage and Backup Services to businesses of all sizes. After seeing the aftermath of the attacks on our country on September 11, 2001 and the Corporate Scandals that prompted new federal compliance regulations for data. US DataVault launched a service that addresses many of the compliance and business continuity concerns faced by todays businesses. US DataVault developed a solution that brings Data Backup and Storage out of the Dark Ages of Tape Backup. With all businesses having the option of high speed or broadband internet, the US DataVault Solution makes sense as a the primary data backup vehicle for your business. US DataVault stores your business critical data live. Its available 24/7/365 and can be restored in its entirety or from the individual file level. US DataVault

6 US DataVault stores your business critical data in two of our 14 US Data Centers, our primary facility in Atlanta, GA (our NOC) and a secondary facility in Las Vegas, NV. All of our Data Facilities are Carrier Grade Facilities. Our Atlanta Facility is located in the third most lit building in the world and is the primary telecommunications peering point for the southeastern US. US DataVault has 640GBPS of available bandwidth, if needed. Security at our facilities is very tight, no public access, 5 layers of physical security (mantraps, biometric, authorized escorts at all times, by appointment only, armed security officers controlling all access and credential verification). Virtual security is even tighter. Our facilities share multiple power grids and have multiple redundant backup generators with 3 days of fuel on-site. In Atlanta, we are number four in fuel priority, just behind Mercy Hospital, in the event of an emergency. We chose our Las Vegas facility for our secondary site because like Atlanta it is in a geologically stable region, not generally affected by natural disasters, such as earthquake and hurricanes. Its also geographically diverse, so that any event affecting one of the centers would not likely affect the other. US DataVaults 19 US and European data centers are connected via private OC-48 fiber provided by our parent, HostAndStream, Inc. US DataVault

7 North American Network Map

8 European Network Map

9 The US DataVault Backup Pro software is: Secure – Blowfish 448 bit encryption, Veritas maximum is 256 bit, Computer Associates is 168 bit Compact – US DataVault Backup Pro has a 12MB footprint on your device, other backup software companies products are as large as 600MB. Reliable – This software is in its 10 th version and has been around for more than 5 years. A very solid track record with very solid and demanding customers that cant afford to take chances. Intuitive – USDV Backup Pro software is simple and easy to use. It was designed to work with Windows so you dont have to learn a cumbersome, complex new application. US DataVault Backup Pro version 10.0 has been designed and built specifically for the wide range of needs and performance required by our customers. US DataVaults Backup Pro Software

10 You download and install our USDV Backup Pro software on your server, it only has a 12MB footprint. You setup the software. You choose the folders and files you wish to back up. You begin to upload your data (keep in mind that the initial backup may take some time, the speed is governed by your internet access bandwidth) This first installation and setup generally takes 30 minutes, after that you simply schedule the backup for when you want it, its automated. You will receive an email message giving you the status of each backup when complete. Thats easy. To restore you simply go to the interface and choose the entire backup or maybe just the file you accidentally deleted a few days ago and click restore. The heart of the solution is the software. The software and solution is typically delivered within 24 hours of ordering via email. How is it done?

11 US DataVault is priced very competitively and often we are asked how we can deliver an enterprise class product at our price points and remain in business. The next few slides illustrate how. US DataVault is debt free We control our own all fiber OC-48 network through 14 carrier grade facilities throughout the US with an additional 5 in Europe. We don't have a large marketing budget, as some of our competitors do, in the millions per year. We tightly control our overhead expenses through automation and through a global network of certified contract engineers, so we don't carry a huge personnel load, only management and administration. We acquired our network infrastructure 4 years ago when the dot.coms went bust and our parent, HostAndStream, Inc., was able to pick up this infrastructure for, quite literally, pennies on the dollar US DataVaults Competitive Advantage

12 We produce our own product, in house. We don't sell someone else's data storage services, as many companies do We don't use the facilities of the large retail commercial data center providers, such as, IBM, Sungard, AT&T, etc. We have our own space in more secure and higher grade data facilities. Our parent, HostAndStream, is a carrier, so we get wholesale rates on all infrastructure items and services we need. US DataVault sincerely believes that our pricing represents the true market value of this industry, although most competitors can only offer their wholesale rates at $5 per GB, our highest retail pricing bracket is $5 per GB ($25 for 5GB). Our competitors are eVault, LiveVault, AmeriVault, maybe a few others. Most of our competitors do not offer this service on an all-inclusive price basis, they tend to nickel and dime their customers with seat licenses, server number restrictions and transfer limits. US DataVault doesn't have to do that, we have our own facilities and make our own bandwidth. US DataVault doesn't have to charge customers for individual licensing, instead there's an unlimited license for this software that's built in to the all-inclusive price. This license covers any servers, workstations, remote users, locations, etc. that each customer has, it's licensed per customer not per device or location. US DataVault Competitive Advantage

13 Customer Service – Often the only differentiator, we pride ourselves on having never lost one customer due to customer service or solution issues. Infrastructure – We have the most robust and redundant solution infrastructure in this industry, because we control ours, our competition relies on third party providers. Competitive Advantage – As illustrated in the previous slides, US DataVaults pricing is in line with our costs in order to foster a long term relationship with our customers. Software – Our US DataVault Backup Pro provides our customers the best backup software solution with an outstanding level of security at no additional cost. Redundancy – US DataVault stores your data in two Data Facilities at no additional cost to you. What makes US DataVault the best?

14 Some key differences between US DataVault and the main competitors US DataVaultE-VaultLiveVault Price for 5GB account per month $25 $85-$139 setup fee$119 - $150 setup + hardware starting at $5,000 above 100GB Encryption448 bit Blowfish128bit256bit AES Tech Support24/78am – 5pm24/7 Supported PlatformsWindows, Linux, Unix, Sun Solaris, Mac OSX, HP-UX, Novell Windows Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux Dedicated SoftwareYes – US DataVault Backup Pro v10.8 Yes – Unknown AgentNo – Web Based Additional Hardware NONE Yes above 100GB # of data centers where data is stored 2 11 Ability to connect to data centers via Point to Points / Frame Relay YES no

15 As you can see in the previous slide, there are many differences between US DataVault and the competition. The main one is, of course, the price, but more important is security. E-Vault only encrypts to 128bit. Though LiveVault uses 256bit, they use a web-based interface that is at risk to potential hackers. As you know, many viruses and spywares specifically target individual computers which keep track of every website they visit and log the usernames and passwords used to access visited websites. This is a HUGE security issue. US DataVault emerges as the only viable and secure solution that will meets all backup requirements that most businesses insist on. Some key differences between US DataVault and the main competitors - continued

16 Everyone is a potential US DataVault customer. Businesses who are under any type of government compliance regulations (HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, etc.) are primary candidates for US DataVault services. All of our services meet or exceed the compliance thresholds. Small and medium businesses –Most SMBs do not have a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. With US DataVault there is no capital expense or hidden fees, its all inclusive. Healthcare – For obvious reasons, US DataVault is a lifeline to healthcare companies, especially small and medium doctor groups, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, medical billing companies, medical labs, etc. There is a medical record crisis occurring right now due the loss and destruction of medical records by Katrina. The patients in the affected areas with chronic conditions or just typical patients have lost their medical histories and they have to be reconstructed from memory (not good). US DataVault can prevent this from happening, if the data is with us. Who is a US DataVault customer?

17 Financial – US DataVault has SOX compliant service for financial and publicly traded companies. Our system is designed for the audit demands financial entities are often subject to. With US DataVault, the data is live and doesnt need to be raised from the dead, like tape. During an audit, an administrator can simply go into the US DataVault server and download the requested information from as far down the directory tree as the file level. No searching for tapes, no cumbersome guesswork, no failures to restore. When you are paying auditors $400 to $500 per hour this is a critical service in order to reduce your costs and improve the efficiency of the audit. Who is a US DataVault customer?

18 Financial (continued) The Federal Reserve is currently reviewing regulations regarding off-site requirements, due to Katrina (again) and is discussing the implementation of a study it did in response to the attacks on September 11, 2001. The results of this study would require all financial institutions, falling under Federal Reserve regulations, to store their data at least 200 miles away from their premise. This is to preserve the survivability of everyones financial records and access to their accounts. There currently are not enough facilities to provide this service to all financial institutions. US DataVault has 19 secure carrier grade data facilities, of which we are using 2 for primary data storage. We have the capacity to serve this market. (note: Our other facilities serve our network and infrastructure customers. We have the ability to provide data storage at all of them.) Who is a US DataVault customer?

19 We want you to feel confident in US DataVault and our services. We are committed to providing the best service possible. Always feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have. General Information or Assistance: US DataVault at AB&T Telecom 7905-A Cessna Ave. Gaithersburg, MD 20879 Email: Phone: 301-948-8161 Sales: Glenn Taggart, Emmet Tydings, Chris Kennedy or Ray Eversole Email: Phone: 301-948-8161 Direct Remember, if ever you have a question or problem or just need assistance, just email US DataVault is a wholly owned Division of HostAndStream, Inc. AB&T Telecom is a Premier Channel Master Agent for US DataVault Contact Us

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